Arm Pain After COVID-19 Vaccine Is Common

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March 4 update: Allergy researchers at Mass General Hospital created a registry for healthcare professionals to report  immediate and delayed reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations. On March 3, the researchers published a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine describing a series of 12 delayed injection site reactions including swelling and rashes that they say require further investigation. The researchers wrote that one patient received antibiotics although they were not necessary. Several others were treated with steroids or anti inflammatories. The letter included some photos and said that the reactions cleared up within a median of six days. Patients were encouraged to receive their second dose. Half of them did not experience the reaction the second time. A quarter did, but to a lesser degree.

MedShadow was the first to launch its COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Tracker, even before any COVID-19 vaccines were authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Its goal is to report on the adverse effects in clinical trials, help our readers make informed decisions and know what to expect when they get their shots. Experts said early-on that some of the side effects may be severe enough that you should try to plan to stay home from work after receiving the vaccine. One of the most frequent adverse effects the companies reported in Phase III trials (91.6% of Moderna patients and 84.1% of Pfizer patients) were “injection site reactions,” arm pain after the COVID vaccine along with swelling, redness and other symptoms near the jab.

“The most common symptom patients are getting from these injections is pain. That’s about 70% of the time,” says Peter Gulick, MD, an associate professor of medicine at Michigan State University. He adds that his own arm was sore after he received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, but not after the second.

Now, as more and more people are getting their shots, we’re hearing details and personal stories, and a trend is emerging. Our vaccine side effect tracker has amassed more than 100 comments, many of which describe varying degrees of arm pain after the COVID-19 vaccine, along with redness, itching and swelling at the injection site. These reactions, isolated to the arms that received the shots, have worried people.

On Jan. 10, Michelle wrote in our tracker, “Please help. I received the Moderna vaccine on Dec. 30 (healthcare professional). Today is Jan. 9. I have a baseball-size rash, hot to touch, not painful, that started last Tuesday (six days after injection). At first, my arm was a bit sore, but nothing more than [like after] the flu vaccine. I have drawn a circle around the mark to see if it is increasing in size; it has been increasing each day. I went to [the doctor] dr and they told me they don’t know what is causing this, but [they] put me on an antibiotic. I am scheduled for a second vaccine on Jan. 25. Not sure if I should still get this.”

Others quickly shared  similar experiences. According to an article in USA Today, “COVID arms,” or symptoms of injection site reactions, seem to be especially common among those who have received the Moderna vaccine, a trend also demonstrated among our commenters.

Three doctors who have received the vaccines and are administering doses to others told MedShadow that pain, swelling and other reactions to the vaccine in the arm are nothing to worry about. They’ve been able to safely give patients with these reactions both doses of the two-shot vaccines. However, in rare occasions, these reactions may be the result of an infection that requires antibiotics.

What Injection Site Reactions Are and Why They Happen

Scientists divide adverse reactions into two categories: local and systemic. Injection site reactions include any change — swelling, redness, pain, itchiness and even swollen lymph nodes in the armpit or collarbone — to the shot that is isolated to one area of your body near the jab. Alternatively, headaches, fatigue, fever, muscle pain and chills are systemic reactions. 

Even when you get sick with the flu, symptoms like fever, cough and runny nose are not caused by the virus itself, but by your immune system’s attempt to dispel the virus from your body. Despite that fact that the COVID-19 vaccine cannot actually infect you with the virus, it does cause your body to mount an immune response — that’s the point — so many of these side effects are normal and suggest that the vaccine is doing its job.

You don’t usually get arm pain in response to a respiratory infection, but most of the time, these injection site reactions too “are our body’s immune reaction to the vaccine itself. The vaccine triggers an inflammatory response. That’s what it’s supposed to do,” says Kartik Cherabuddi, MD, an infectious disease expert at the University of Florida. “And in some people, it can manifest itself in this way,” as arm pain after the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In a small number of cases, the symptoms may be a sign that the act of breaking the skin to administer the vaccine has introduced a bacterial infection.

A Delayed Response

Most injection site reactions occur within the first hour or day after receiving the vaccination. However, Cherabuddi adds that he and his team have been seeing “another phase that’s starting about five to 10 days later.” This delayed-reaction phenomenon is also echoed by commenters on our vaccine tracker, as recorded by BT, below

On Jan. 16, BT wrote, “I had [the] Moderna vaccine eight days ago with no issue until this morning. When I woke up with an extremely swollen injection site that is red, warm and very hard, and it was initially itching, now just aching. Would appreciate knowing when your swelling went down and if you noticed any other side effects.”

Whether your reaction developed within a day or was delayed up to 10  days, Cherabuddi says, “We’re seeing these reactions resolved in a couple of days.” 

While the injection site is painful, he, Gulick and Clarence Lam, MD, MPH, an interim director for occupational health at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a Maryland state senator, all suggest that over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and Tylenol are safe and may help. You can also get some relief by applying a warm compress to the site.

If the reaction at the injection site lasts more than a few days with no sign of improvement, it’s time to contact a healthcare provider. She or he may prescribe steroids to reduce the swelling. However, these drugs also dampen your immune response, and thus may limit the vaccine’s efficacy. “[Steroids] could help if the response is particularly strong, but it’s probably not necessary in almost all instances,” says Lam.

If your provider believes you have a bacterial infection, he or she may prescribe antibiotics or drain fluid from the swollen area. Cherabuddi emphasizes that one sign you have a bacterial infection is that the reaction expands over several days. “An untreated infection will [continuously] get worse,” he says. “If it just stays the same for the next 24 to 48 hours, then you don’t need an antibiotic.”

Should I Still Get my Second Shot?

If you’ve experienced systemic adverse effects, like welts, hives, lip and throat or blood pressure changes, that might suggest an allergy. Cherabuddi says then it’s best to speak with an allergist before getting your second dose. If you’ve noticed an injection site reaction or flulike symptoms that cleared up, the physicians recommend getting the second dose. “We still want people to get the second dose, because [the vaccines] have been shown to be far more effective with dose two,” adds Lam.

Gulick, who has received payments for consulting with pharma companies on HIV and hepatitis C drugs, suggests that if you’ve experienced “a lot of pain and swelling after the first shot,” plan ahead to take an over-the-counter painkiller like aspirin immediately after receiving the second shot.

If the local reaction is still present come time for your second dose, you can postpone it. Cherabuddi says that in a few patients who were still recovering from arm pain after the COVID-19 vaccine’s first shot, he recommends waiting a little bit longer than the prescribed 21 or 28 days between doses, “just to let this [area] settle down, let the redness, achiness and swelling subside.” But, he adds, that in all the cases of injection site reactions he’s seen so far, patients have been able to safely get the second dose.

“In almost all instances, [these temporary side effects are] part of the body’s normal immune response. And while it may be concerning on the face of it, I think the reassurance is there that for individuals that have had this response, it shows that the vaccine is working,” says Lam. “Your body’s actually doing the work it’s supposed to do.”

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405 thoughts on “Arm Pain After COVID-19 Vaccine Is Common

  1. Article was extremely helpful. I have two 83 year olds in my household who will get the Moderna shot on Monday, Feb 8 so this is timely, informative and very helpful.

    1. Moderna #2! Site below injection site turned red at day 4. First shot no issues!
      Curious if anyway knows how long the redness and soreness lasts????????????????????????

      1. Hi! After the 1st Moderna shot, in about 10 days, a red circle appeared on my arm. It was about 2 1/2″ in diameter. After the second Moderna shot, which I just received 3/11, the injection site became red and painful the second day. The next day it continued to be read and painful (the area increasing a bit. It started lessening on Sunday and now on Monday, it has hardly bothered me, except when I look at it. It seems to be absolving itself. I never felt ill or had a fever or headache after either shot……just the red arm.

      2. I had pretty much the same thing. Only a sore arm with the first shot, but the second shot, got aches throughout body and a headache on the day after the shot. I have a bruise at the injection site. On the third day, got a red area on the upper arm, but not at the injection site, that is warm to the touch and a little painful, but not itchy.

    2. About seven days after first Moderna shot I developed upraised rash on upper thighs, wrists, elbows, tops of hands, and ankles; nothing at injection site. Only wrists, hands, and ankles were itchy. No fever, and rashes were completely symmetrical, mirror images on each side of my body. Started to fade after about a week. Injection site pain was minimal, but has now resurfaced a week before second injection. Will be curious to see what develops after second dose!

    3. Moderna:
      Pain in injection area 3 1/2 weeks later. I have not gotten the 2nd Moderna shot. Should I ?

      1. I am also having the same issue at 3 weeks and can still see the injection site..never scabbed over..small hole.

    4. Just been reading all comments on this web site and now feel I am not alone had my 1st jab on28 jan and due 2nd on 16 April but have been feeling so unwell feeling tired and having same arm symptons that have been reading which didnt appear till 2 weeks later such painful arm and all my neck and glands up and aching had shivers and flue like systems am getting really fed up keep taking paracetamol never had flu injection as keep good health and not looking forward to having my 2nd jab was feeling ok before the jab everyone I talk to about it say they feel fine but actually after reading all the comments on this site see that I am not alone and this lockdown doesnt help being on ones own will be 77 on 21st June

  2. Yes it was. Just need non political information so can make a good decision on taking shots. We are in our 70’s and good health but have horror stories about shots so trusting this site for good info.

    1. I’ve heard the horror stories of people dropping dead after the vaccination. But the same horror stories are true with the flu vaccine. You have to see stats that so far, 480 million or so have received the vaccine and are fine. I imagine the death rate is very low like 0.000000000002%?
      No idea really. But think it’s worth the gamble. I’m alive after Moderna#1 so that’s good, right? I said to the nurse after she injected the vaccine into my arm, “ Have you witnessed or heard anyone dying
      here ?” She laughed saying “no”.
      I think you’ll be fine.

    2. I am 71 years old and just received my second Moderna shot this morning. After the first shot I did not get sick or have a sore arm. This time I do not have a sore arm or do not feel sick. Get the vaccine. It is much better than contracting Covid-19. My sister was in the hospital for 7 days in January. I have never heard of anyone dying from the shot.

  3. After dose 1 of vaccination (Moderna), felt fine most of the day, then very tired the next night and woke feeling not well – not terrible, but a little nauseous, a little achy, worn out. Better by the next day. 8 days later, in the evening, the injection site was hot and raised. My arm shows bruising next to that. 2 more days later, the inflammation at the injection site comes and goes, as does the itching. Bruising is healing. Witch hazel and a topical calendula gel have helped soothe the relatively minor discomfort. This article was helpful in normalizing these symptoms and clarifying that they don’t contraindicate scheduling my second dose.

    1. Does anyone know if Ice relieves pain or just heat? Usually for an injury with a contusion, ice is used at first to reduce swelling. After the swelling has gone down as far as it’s going to go down, then heat is used for pain, redness. Did Anyone else hear to use heat day 1 of covd shot ?

      1. I’m sure you’ve already made your decision, but use ice. My mother’s doctor told her to use ice, as a med student that made sense. I’m trying to analyze the logic behind the heat compression for an inflammatory problem that naturally brings heat to an area. I am sure he has a reason, but again my mother’s doctor said a cool compress. And I agree.

  4. I experienced the “baseball” arm on day 9 after my first Moderns vaccine shot. I was alarmed because most information available including Moderna’s said most issues resolved within 7 days of receiving the shot. The redness did spread through day 10 and slowly subsided. Then, 3 days after receiving my 2nd shot, I woke up with hives and itching down the side of my neck and my arm to the elbow ( somewhat like a strip) on the front side of the injection site. It’s 2a.m. So I’m Googling. I immediately took 1 low dosage benedryl tablet and applied “Ivarest” (similar to calamine lotion) to the hives. After an hour, the hives and itching seem to have calmed down. I will post an update if this does not resolve itself within a day or if it worsens.

    1. I was looking this up and found your comment. Exactly the same thing for me on day 9. Little to no soreness after say 2 and then out of nowhere, woke up through the night as I was laying on it, I guess. It is red, hot and sore to the touch an itchy. Wonder what the second shot will bring. Probably will take Benadryl, just in case.!

  5. “I’ve never had a reaction to a vaccine like that,”
    The second dose of the different than first dose 🙁 after 5 hours of my all body hurting ,fever 102 ,shaking chills, severe headache, nausea, ringing in my ears and a sore arm after getting booster dose of the Moderna vaccine.

    1. I got my 2nd shot of Phizer yesterday in the LEFT ARM. No reaction whatsoever, no fever, no pain in THAT arm… strangely though…I got the shot in the LEFT arm, no soreness or very little in that area, BUT next day my RIGHT ARM had a distinct pain in the same area of the shoulder muscel where I got the actual shot in the LEFT ARM. It lasted about 2 hours then totally went away. Is that called “Referred pain”?

      1. Roger, I had the Pfizer about 2 hours ago and the shot was in my left but my right arm hurts. Weird, isn’t it? I actually felt the pain travel from one shoulder to the other in the back part.

      2. I received the first shot (Moderna) in my left arm. Within two hours, I started to have a bit of pain in my right arm. So strange!! No other symptoms yet.

        1. Hi,
          I got my pfizer shot on my left arm on Sat. Today is Tuesday and I feels like my hand is broken. WTH? Typing hurts, so that is all

          1. I got my first phizer 5 weeks ago and my hand is puffy and swollen. Feels hard to bend. Sometimes it throbs like pins and needles. I am on predisone for it. I have taking predisone now for 3 days and it’s still no better. The bend of my arm I think a gland is swollen as well. Still feel pain at injection site. Did your pain ever go away?

    2. I received my 2nd Pfizer January 13th, and my arm continues to hurt. There is no swelling, redness, rash, or itch. It’s a dull deep pain that affects movement, wakes me at night, and resolves during the day after “stretching”. It extends from the injection site down toward my elbow.

      1. I had my astra zenica jab on the 28 of Jan and I still have a deep ache around the area I was injected.

        1. I had my 1st Astra zenica on 2nd march, its now 8th April, my arm is still sore and tender to touch, althoe i carnt seem 2 find any swelling or redness, concerned and confused is this normal

      2. Tara, I have this same pain! It feels like I injured the arm. I think my shot was administered too low, down below the deltoid. Wonder what they hit. They guy didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

      3. I received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine and my arm has had a deep ache now for an entire week that radiates down my arm and makes my hand and several fingers tingle as if asleep. I can’t sleep and finding it hard to function because of the really uncomfortable pain. There is no redness or heat, and the actual injection site does not hurt. Help!

        1. I just received my 2nd vaccine and I have the same achy pain running down my arm from the injection site to my wrist. It feels more like nerve pain than muscle pain. As the ache runs down my arm it gets tingly as if I’m losing feeling in my arm. Nothing exterior either. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one!

          1. Same! It’s been 2 weeks and my arm has pain from my elbow shooting to my fingers. It comes and goes… and I was also wondering if they hit a nerve while administering it. My forearm is really sore as well. No other reaction… just his arm pain. Anyone else?

          2. Same here! I had my first shot ten days ago. The next day after the shot, my injected arm started aching a deep, strong ache that roughly runs down the triceps, through the elbow then down the top muscle of my forearm. It has not let up since it started, and I’m now living on Tylenol as a result. Similar to Allie, I wondered if a nerve had been damaged. But now, I am seeing here that there are other people with the same reaction and symptom.

          3. I am having the same reaction to the Moderna 3 weeks later. Very uncomfortable to sleep at night, like pins and needles running down your arm. Hope it gets better, not looking forward to the 2nd vaccine.

          4. Got my vaccine 30 March (Astrazeneca) and the next morning felt so tired, like spaced out but a few hours later started to get what I can only describe as nerve type pain going from my shoulder down to my elbow and depending on which position my arm is in down to my wrist. I do suffer from nerve issues and take medication for it but I have never had any issue with my arm. Worried the injection has hit a nerve.

          5. I have had the same nerve-pain a few days after my second Pfizer covid shot. It is mostly in my wrist 2 fingers and goes up my arm to my elbow. It’s constant pain that makes me nauseated. I’m wondering if after time any one that has had this same issue with the shot if the pain lessened or eventually went away?

          6. Hi Natalie, did you get the second shot? I’m supposed to tomorrow and I’m still dealing with arm pain, I’ve been taking Advil for 6 days. Pain has been here for 11 days, trying to gage what people are doing. Thanks!

        2. I got Pfizer shot yesterday at 2:45 in my right arm. My arm started hurting around midnight. It hurt enough that I did not sleep on that side at all last night. This morning my right arm has a deep ache and tingly feeling up and down and around to my back shoulder blade and the weirdest thing is that it is radiating up to my cheek and my right ear is completely “congested”. I slept with my left ear down all night so it couldn’t be from fluid settling on that side. It is so strange!

        3. I am having the same achy pain down my entire left arm, not just at the injection site. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the shot or if it may be heart related.

        4. I have the same thing! I got the first Pfizer dose on March 20th… 8 days later my arm I got the vaccine in started killing me from shoulder to shoulder blade, down to my elbow, and radiating into my hand. The nerve issues went away after a few days.. but 9 days later I still have this pain. It feels like a sports injury, like the tendons in my biceps are torn and my shoulder is killing me… im taking so much Advil, and it helps a little. I am supposed to get my second dose in 5 days- UGH not sure what to do… I have no rednesss, or heat, or rash.

          1. I’ve had the same thing pain at night in my shoulder so severe it wakes me and numbness in my elbow and fingers – started three days after first moderne shot –

        5. Hi Nancy, did you get the second shot? I’m supposed to tomorrow and I’m still dealing with arm pain, I’ve been taking Advil for 6 days. Pain has been here for 11 days, trying to gage what people are doing. Thanks!

      4. I have a similar issue Tara! I had my second Pfizer on Feb 18th. The main difference for me is it does not stop during the day. It does come and go, some days it is not there. I have been concerned that something went wrong with the injection and hope that I got the proper vaccine and am protected!!! I wish there were more information on this!

    3. I had my 1st Pfizer on March 8th in my left arm and had no problems then had my 2nd dose on March 29th in my Left arm and started with pain in my Right arm the next day and still have it! Left arm is still fine! Just thankful I was able to receive the vaccines!

    4. My upper arm is sore. It has been two weeks and two days. Feels like a needle going in it. Painful. Moderna

  6. Itching developed at the injection site on day 8 after my February 2 Moderna 1st vaccine. Itching continues today with red patch approximately 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Also, on three different occasions since the vaccination, I have experienced a kind of “giddiness” in my chest/breathing. It lasts 20 or 30 seconds and then passes. Not sure that it is related to the shot, but I have never before experienced this sensation.

    1. Hi-such a relief to find this forum. I think I am the only here who had the J&J vaccine (on 3/11). I remember a lot of pain when I initially had the vaccine administered contrary to what others said. Totally fine within a day. A little sore when I did my exercise classes but went away in a few days. Now 15 days later I started to have moderate pain that started this morning at the injection site to such an extreme tonight that it is reaching from the shoulder to just before my elbow. I have given birth to 3 kids, had 2 surgeries and have never experienced such intense debilitating pain. Cannot sleep. Needless to say. 800mg of ibuprofen and ice has not even touched it. I am going to the ER in the AM. I am even struggling to type this post. And I am a marathon runner training in for a May marathon so not even such health or age play a role in this. Thoughts???

      1. Ellen,
        I had a similar experience. I was totally fine after my JnJ. 12 days later my arm hurt so bad. It felt like my rotator was tearing and my fingers were twitching when I typed. that was about 10 days ago. It has gotten a little better and I can move my arm around for the most part. Every once in a while pain shoots all the way down my arm. I hope you are well.

      2. Just letting you know something similar happened to my mom once with a flu shot. It turns out the person giving it had injected straight into her rotator cuff, which caused lasting pain for a long time. Maybe that’s it?

        1. I’m experiencing the same thing and having pain along the axillary nerve. It’s been about 18 days for me. I’m an athlete (marathoner & triathlete), which affects my training and sleep. From what I understand, the pharmacist injected the vaccine into the nerve. It’s considered an axillary nerve injury. It sounds like it will heal on its own but will take time. I would go to PT or sports massage therapist to help with the motion of the arm. Hope this helps!

      3. I am having very similar response. Got the JJ vaccine March 5 and it hurt at the time but pain went away quickly. All seemed fine for 2 weeks until March 19 had significant pain at injection site when touching it and couldn’t raise arm to the side without significant pain. My shot was very high in shoulder almost at the very tip of shoulder and I know immediately the person had messed up but happened so fast couldn’t stop it. Now over 2 weeks since pain started and 4 since the shot still have the pain. I have been icing it and taking 600mg ibuprofen for the past 5 days and I think it’s improving but it’s hard to say. One minute I think it is and the next I’m not so sure. I have a strong fear that as high as it was given to me that I know how SIRVA which can last months years or event forever. If the ice and ibuprofen don’t show some real improvement in the next few days I’ll be seeing an orthopedist getting mri etc.

  7. Please repost your day 9, 10, 11 etc symptoms. I’m at day 8 of Moderna #1 and same, itching, skin very warm to touch, very slightly swollen shoulder at site.

    1. I read your comment. I am on day 8 and woke up this morning with itching and slightly warm at the injection site. Anything else you can suggest or to get rid of the itching. I am using a cool cloth on the site.

  8. Received 1st dose Moderna on Feb 2nd. I mentioned to my wife in the 15 min observation area there was a pain in the elbow of the arm that got the shot (left arm). It’s bothered me some off and on with elbow pain, but I can treat it with Methyl Salicylate and/or ThermaWorx joint relief foam. Today, the pain was there in the morning, and I applied ThermaWorx. Felt good til supper time. I had to move things into the garage for our upcoming winter storm (Houston) and now my arm is practically disabled (ALL elbow pain – just in the arm receiving the shot 10 days ago. I applied methyl Salicylate and it’s starting to feel a bit better, but still not really useable for even picking up a 15 oz package of pretzels. I’m going to wrap it with an elastic support and hope it gets better tomorrow. There is a slight shoulder pain now also, but it’s just on the edge of being noticeable. No hives, no redness, no swelling … just elbow pain. I thought it might be my rovustatin (cholesterol) giving me joint pain, but then I looked up MODERNA ELBOW PAIN and read this page just a few minutes ago.

    1. George.. I have the same elbow pain. I am now on day 10 after the 1st injection.. still dealing with the elbow pain (and weakness). Did your pain finally subside? if so, how long did you deal with it?

    2. Also developed elbow pain on about Jan-13, 10 days after first Moderna vaccine. It’s on the same arm that I received the vaccine in. I was also having difficulty grasping even small items. I still have the elbow soreness today, Mar-2, although it seems to be getting less and less, but very slowly.

      1. Today is 14 days.. pain is still there.. MAYBE getting better as the day progresses, but in the morning it is the worst. I THINK they may have hit a nerve when administering the vaccine. (at least that’s what I hope). I am due for my 2nd vaccine in 2 more weeks. Janie, did you get the 2nd in the same arm?

        1. I did receive the second shot in the same arm because I didn’t want to have constant pain in both elbows.

        2. Had the red, itchy, inflammed, minimal pain in arm at injection site just as described on day 9. Day 14 (yesterday) my shoulder and arm are so painful I could hardly use it. Taking anti-inflammatory, which helps… what the heck! Of note I am on auto-immune spectrum for celiacs, and I bled a ‘drop’ w injection.

          1. Interesting! I am also in the celiac boat and bled a bit after getting the jab. I had been doing fine… no real pain or anything outside of swollen lymph nodes in my arm pit. Now today on day 8 I’m having itching and warmth at the injection site.

      2. I’ve been struggling with ELBOW PAIN and weakness in my right arm since I received my first Pfizer vaccine on February 6 too. I was surprised to see these others that are feeling the same type of pain.
        It hurts to pick up anything significant in size. I hope it goes away soon.

        1. I’m having pain in my elbow I got the shot in. It was fine for a couple days after the first Pfizer shot, but day three is when it started. It’s locking up, and then pops which is painful. Thinking maybe I did something else to it (hyperextended it?) and just a coincidence it occurred three days after the shot? Also read, that when an elbow locks and pops that usually, it means cartilage has come off the joint and is floating in the elbow cavity. So…yeah…

    3. I received Pfizer on Feb 1. That evening the pain in my left arm was so severe that I had to immobilize it in a splint. I still had pain in the arm when I went back for #2 on Feb 22. I had the shot in the left again because I did not want to be completely disabled if this happened to the right arm. I was afraid to tell them about the pain because I didn’t want them insisting to do it in the right or denying me the shot. I figure losing the use of my left arm is a small price to pay for survival, right? It is now 6 weeks later and I still have this pain in my left arm. It sort of feels like a rotator cuff injury. I have been wondering something and now seeing the comments about the elbows, I’m more suspicious I may be correct. Last year after yardwork, it felt like I had sustained an overuse injury to the left rotator cuff. I never went to the doctor, because, Covid. It seemed to slowly improve. Now I am thinking that the localized inflammation from the vaccine has settled in the previously injured left rotator cuff, causing this pain. Either that or the injection itself has caused some muscle necrosis. But with other people having elbow pain, I am thinking that it’s inflammation, that these people had prior subclinical issues with their elbows which was woken up by the inflammation caused by the vaccine. Once I feel safe to get an MRI and go to ortho, I’m thinking maybe a steroid injection of the shoulder will do the trick.

      1. I had my Pfizer jab on 29th jan ,and im also suffering from a sore left arm ,I had pain there previously and thought it was a rotator cuff injury,this pain would come and go depending on what i was doing ie stretching for things , but since about 10 days to 2 weeks after my first jab the dull aching pain is there constantly, due my 2nd jab on 4th April,after reading post on here think maybe i should be getting this checked out. i have no other symptoms just the pain.

        1. Hi Matt, I am having same issues… I got my first dose and (8) days after it stated… I am now on day 10 of this, and due for my second shot on April 10th. Did you end up getting the 2nd shot?


      2. I too am having rotator cuff pain in my shot arm. I came to this site just to see if anyone else was experiencing odd pains.

        1. I too have been having rotator cuff pain on my left arm where I had both of the shots (Pfizer). Though I didn’t have much of a reaction to the first shot other than a sore arm on the following day or two, since I’ve had my second shot two weeks ago, I have been dealing with this constant pain – and at times, numbness – along with an occasional crawling feel on my upper back/neck area. Not to mention a small bruise that has only started to disappear today! I am wondering if my chronic Bursitis and Tendonitis on the same shoulder/arm may have to do anything with any of these symptoms.

  9. I had my first moderna shot 2/2 after 5 min I could taste the vaccine then it went away. Arm hurt a day or two – on 2/10 my arm swelled where I got shot and was very red. I took benadryl and applied ice . Was better next day but still there, red and ached. today 2/13 redness moved around arm still achy . Not sure if this is normal but after reading comments seems so. Concerned about second shot.

  10. I received second dose of vaccine today. I can taste the chemicals.
    My blood pressure dropped very low, have very swollen arm, neck pain and
    stiffness: fatigue.
    I felt wonderful before the vaccine.
    There was no reaction to the first application of the
    vaccine. Autumn

    1. I had my first Moderna vaccine on January 13 and my second dose on February 10 I didn’t really have any issues after the first dose but after the second I woke up the following day with a lump in my armpit about the size of half of a baseball. It was swollen lymph nodes. Today is February 20th and both of my arms are aching from the elbow to the armpit and have been about three days. The muscles just feel so tight and tired. Is anyone else experiencing this?

      1. I had my first shot of the Moderna 2/13. The injection site hurts a little when I press on it. My arm is very achy at the injection site and it’s been 10 days.

      2. I had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine Jan 16 and Feb 6. About a week after the first dose, the muscles in my shoulders, arms, and hands became painful and weak to the point of feeling useless. Particularly this occurs at night. This has remained constant now 3 weeks after the second vaccine. I have gone to PT and hopefully this will help. My doctor recommended Ibuprofen but I’m concerned about articles that say they may slow the immunity process. I’m headed to a Rheumatologist as soon as I can get an appointment. I had no issues prior to the vaccine.

        1. I had a very similar experience . I had the first Pfizer vaccine on January 13….One week later, I began experiencing severe pain in both arms…especially at night. Then my both hands hurt and I couldn’t make a fist…As of March 1, I still have the pain…My doctor prescribed prednisone, but I do not want to compromise my immunity. I hope the pain goes away…I’m getting discouraged. Until I found this site, no one told me these pains are a delayed reaction to the vaccine. Thank you !!!!

          1. I’m experiencing the same pain in my left arm where I got you first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday March 4th. After the shot I felt fine last night my left arm felt like nerve pain like when you hit your elbow on a hard surface going down my arm to my fingers. I took Motrin last night this morning i can still feel the pain but not as bad as last night. I’m glad I found this page there is nothing on the web about arm pain anywhere. I hope this goes away and I hope everyone who is experiencing these symptoms it goes away for you also.

        2. Your comments are exactly what I experienced but never read about . I had my first dose on January 13 and still am experiencing pain…sometimes very severe both my arms and hands. My doctor said these symptoms were not caused by the vaccine and prescribed prednisone. I did not take it because of preserving my immunity. I hope it goes away soon.

        3. I had the exact same reaction but it was from the second shot of Moderna. Shoulders, arms and hands became painful and week. Also had pain in the arm pit and swollen lymph nodes. This is day four after the shot and still painful. Taking ibuprofen.

        4. Hi Rebecca, 48 hours after the first dose, my muscles started to twitch, within 72 hours, the muscle cramps started. I found it hard to even carry a shopping bag or press the gas pedal. The fatigue was profound. Finally, six weeks later, I am beginning to improve. I required low-dose prednisone and even two hyperbaric oxygen sessions. So happy to be feeling better though.

        5. I am 2 weeks post second shot of pfizer, and my arms hurt. Specifically, I have burning and sensitivity in my palms. They are sore to touch. Pain and sensitivity gets worse in the evening/night. I had no prior health issues at all. Did your rheumatologist resolve this?

        6. As someone with RA (in remission), and a generally inflammatory system I would suggest increasing Omega 3s (fish oil, flax seed) in your diet, fresh pineapple (bromelain), and no gluten, fried foods (hydrogenated oils) or high fructose corn syrup for a few weeks to help your body reduce inflammation. I’ve had one shot of a Pfizer vaccine a week ago. Initial stiffness/soreness in arm, then better… last night (7 days since my shot) my vaccine shoulder was hurting terribly. Couldn’t lift my arm this morning. Ice helped. That shoulder was a little sore pre vaccine, so this is probably the result of an inflammatory response… but Ow! Still thankful to get vaccinated, though!

        7. So glad I found this thread.
          I had my first Pfizer shot on 3/4 and experienced injection site soreness and a bit of stiffness the following day but nothing more. However, I just receieved my 2nd dose on 3/20 and WOWZA that one has caused a lot of discomfort of my left shoulder/collarbone/arm. Initially (night 1 and day 2) I was fine. On day 3 (Monday) I started experiencing muscle spasms that became so painful I debated a visit to the ER around 9pm. 11 pm I suddenly had abdominal distress and I started getting clammy sweats along with bouts of diarrhea. I’m now at day 5. My arm still hurts from my shoulderblade to my collar bone and it feels like a rotator cuff injury, which clearly it is not. I have taken 1 aspirin and 2 tylenol daily which helps with the pain but not the spasms which are actually worrisome. I may wind up asking my GP for a muscle relaxer or resort to something like Voltaren to help with the pain. Definitely some armpit/collarbone lymph node swelling.
          I’m not necessarily sorry I got the shot but I really don’t think anyone realized just how many “arm” side effects this particular shot is causing.
          Hang in there folks – we’ll all hopefully get better with a little progress daily. The minor discomfort for me is a nuisance but it beats the Covid virus threat to a degree. Stay smart & Stay safe 🙂

      3. Hello Tina. I received my second dose of Pfizer vaccine on Friday, March 5th. About one hour later , I had a mild throbbing frontal headache. The right side of my neck felt stiff. My left arm became sore at the injection site within two hours after the injection. I drank water to ensure that I would not dehydrate. I also took two Tylenols to ease my headache and sore injection site pain/soreness. I took a shower and went to bed. The soreness in my left arm, and headache persisted through out the night. I also experienced mild fever and chills during the night.
        The injection site soreness and mild headaches persisted throughout the day on Saturday, March 6. I took one Tylenol tablet in 6 hour intervals during the day.
        Upon taking a shower on Saturday night I discover an egg sized lump beneath my left armpit. It was not there prior to the Pfizer vaccination. It occurred as a result of the vaccination. My lymph nodes under my left armpit are swollen. I will seek medical assistance if this persist and or grow worse over the days ahead. I recently read that swollen lymph glands are a side effect of the Pfizer vaccine.
        Please keep me updated on your progress. I will do the same with you.
        Thank you,
        Charles E. Smith

      4. I received my first shot Jan 28 2021 two weeks after the shot my armpit started swelling and down my arm . The muscles from my shoulder to my wrist get hard and swollen at different times and really hurst. April 01 2021

    2. Hi Jon. This is exactly what I am experiencing. I had no problems after first Moderna shot but on my second, the soreness in my arm has progressed to this. I am glad yours went away.

  11. Minor pain after the shot which hurt more (not that bad) but before night it hurt a LOT. It wasn’t a constant pain but when I lifted my arm which had the shot the pain was excruciating. I could move the arm involved from the elbow down, up and down and back and forth with no pain at all, but lifting from the shoulder caused great pain and involuntary shaking. I took 2 Advil and the pain started to recede and within a day was gone. I am certainly glad it went away. I am going to ask for the second shot on the opposite arm, just in case.

    1. Pfizer: This is exactly what I experienced. It is very painful to move my whole arm (not painful to the touch, which I find interesting). I can’t lift anything. I wonder if it’s because I took it too easy. After the shot I went to bed and rested, because I was light headed. ..then got addicted to a show and stayed. Whoops. Now my arm is very painful to move (morning after shot) and sleeping was difficult. I’m hearing I shouldn’t take Advil so not sure what to do. I can’t drive like this at all.

      1. I have had one Pfizer shot which left me intense pain in my arm which set in after 4 hours literally could not lift it it went away in 48 hours . The first night I had a slight fever that woke me up and also Tingley feeling almost electrical . Now day 6 I am having an arthritis flare in my hands ( I have rheumatoid arthritis) . I also have asthma and have noticed breathing problems during the day when I wouldn’t normally have them but that seemed to have subsided , I registered on vsafe to report the symptoms to the cdc

    2. I had my first Moderna shot on February 6th and afterwards had a sore arm for a couple of days and was tired .
      I has the 2nd shot on March 2nd and by bedtime my arm was killing me. Continued to hurt during the night, I woke up the next day and couldn’t move it without intense pain. For the next three days my arm was useless. It has improved since then, but still can’t raise above my shoulder without pain. It’s been 17 days since second shot and I still can’t raise it above shoulder height without pain. It’s like having a frozen shoulder. I did notice that the injection was very high on my arm. No other symptoms except fatigue, but that could be from not sleeping well. Grr…

      1. Ist Moderna in Jan, Isiah ATM pain for a few days. 3rd week had severe shoulder & upper back pain, chills & told them before my 2nd shot on Feb 9 & I’ve had severe arm pain ever since. I take 3 ibuprofen 3 times each day which is only thing that helps. My entire shoulder hurt for 3 weeks but my arm pain continues to radiate down to my thumb, index & thumb pad of hand. It prevents sleep as it feels like nerve or bone pain. I still have the arm pain today. Have seen my pcp, he prescribed prednisone but it caused high blood pressure, my rheumatoid arthritis doctor also thought it to be related to vaccines. No one seems to know anything definite but. It’s getting old. Hope you feel better.

  12. My mother received her 1st Moderna vaccine on Thursday, February 11th. Her reactions have been very very painful. She has not been able to move or lift up her arm, she has a fever of 100, today she vomited quite hard and has very severe back pain. I would appreciate anyone’s advice to help her recover from the vaccine side effects.

    1. I took it yesterday and since then I been having arm and back pain. I also feel so nauseous and been throwing up. Let me know if her symptoms got better. Did she take the second shot?

    2. Juliette, how is your mom doing. I’m having severe pain in my arm from first injection, aches all over my body and chills, I can barely move my arm and it hasn’t been 24 hours yet

    1. I am experiencing exact same symptoms. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks now, arm pain seems to be subsiding. Arm pain started at two weeks, peaked at three weeks. Hopefully continues to subside.

      1. One week out and still pain at injection site, nothing like the excruciating can’t move pain arm pain first 2 days. Tylenol helps and Aleve helps. I can move arm and swelling is gone. On Monday I will let my family doctor know what is happening.

      2. I am male age 81. Got my second Moderno three weeks ago. My left arm, where I got shot, is still sore. It does not hurt all the time, but seems to be related to which position I have my arm in. I have no pain in my right arm or shoulder. Had no other symptoms with first or second shot. There is no visible swelling or rash.
        I do have some arthritis and wonder if the vaccine activated my immune system in a way that woke up the arthritis on my left arm/shoulder. I am not overly concerned, but this should be healing by now. It does limit my range of motion like a baseball arm.

        1. Talked with my doctor. She said use warm compress and take aspirin and use the arm. Well, gosh we all knew that and have been doing that. No attempt at an explanation. Unfortunately as is usually the case diagnosis sucks, but if problem identified the result is good. Lots of art in the diagnosis part.
          I knew I would not get an answer, but had to ask anyway!

    2. I had the research pfizer shot in October of last year. I had my second shot. I had pain every since the first shot . My shoulder and arm hurt bad. Going to get mri next week of shoulder .

      1. Can you please tell me what the MRI showed? I had my first Pfizer vaccine Feb. 19. 7 days later I started having shoulder and arm pain in my arm that had the shot. I’ve tried many things, nothing helps.

        1. Hi Stacey. Has your arm and shoulder pain resolved? I had the Pfizer vaccine on February 19th as well, and developed shoulder pain 4 days later. Another person on here, Sarah, had Pfizer on Feb 19th too, and is experiencing the same thing as us. I am in Orlando, FL. I’m wondering – could there have been a “bad batch” of the vaccine during our timeframe? Are you in my area as well? I have reported my symptoms to Pfizer with the lot number. This just seems so bizarre.

      2. Hi Shelly, What did your MRI show. I am almost 4 weeks since second Moderno and my arm/shoulder continues to be sore. Also, id anyone who had the arm soreness and has recovered please advise the rest of us.

    3. I’ve also had a painful arm after my first shot for a month. I just had my 2nd shot a week ago and my arm is very sore. If I try stretch my arm back, it really aches.

    4. Had 2nd vaccine on February 27. All was well till March 8. Woke with pain in left shoulder, continuing under armpit into breast with shooting quick pain. Comes and goes. Appears slightly swollen. Not sure if I need to go to doctor or wait it out

      1. Hi, ive been very similar to yourself. I had my first astra zenica vacine on 26th jan. Ever since i have terrible pain radiating from the injection site down my arm, with feelings of numbness . In addition i get really sharp but quick stabbing pain radiating towards my breast. . Ive been searching all over to see if this was just me so im so glad that ive found this thread. Definately going to see my gp now.

  13. I had the Moderna shot Feb. 15th..Injection site arm pain like someone punched me..and am a little tired..No rednessness or swelling..yet..I did take advil right after the injection..I will take tylenol today as well..

  14. I had the Moderna shot Feb. 15th..Injection site arm pain like someone punched me..and am a little tired..No rednessness or swelling..yet..I did take advil right after the injection..I will take tylenol today as well.. at 78 yrs old I was very anxidty ridden about taking the shot, because I had a bad reaction to the flu shot..So I wound up not taking the flu shot for at least 10 years..Never got the flue again..

  15. I received the Moderna vaccine on 2/9 and everything was ok until yesterday, 2/16. The injection site began feeling hard and today, 2/17 it is more swollen and itchy with some minor discomfort due to the swelling. I’ve applied ice to it for a bit to cool the site off a bit. Now that I’ve read that this is not uncommon I’ll just try some advil. Second shot is due in 3 weeks.

  16. I received my 1st Moderna shot on 2/8. I didn’t feel any pain until 2/9. I developed a small lump under the skin, but nothing major. On 2/17, the area began to itch. I know have a large, raised, warm area at the injection site that itches. Today it doesn’t itch as much and the swelling is going away. This forum helped me understand the delayed side effect and encouragement to get the 2nd shot. I am using the same arm. I need the good arm to stay good!!! (lol)

  17. 5 weeks on and I still have a very painful injection site. I have recognised most of the symptoms already mentioned here. I had the 1st dose of the Oxford Astrica Zeneca vaccine and wonder what ingredients might be common to the Moderna product?

    1. I had Oxford on Tuesday the 16th and only side effect has been arm pain which has steadily been getting worse. I hope it doesn’t last five weeks!

  18. I got my 1st Moderna shot on 2/17 and a few min later I had a weird taste in my mouth, but then it went away. The injection site was sore but not bad. Went to sleep and woke up to both arms aching. Today is 2/19 both arms are still achy above the elbow.

  19. I feel relieved after reading comments about arm/shoulder pain. I (54 y/o) received my Moderna vaccination on 2/15 and felt no arm pain until the next morning. 5 days later arm, shoulder, still very painful, sore, but no obvious redness or swelling. Simply difficult to lift or move arm into a comfortable position even with use of Tylenol and/or Aleve. Hoping to feel relief soon and wishing you all the same

    1. I am on day 16 after 1st Moderna vaccine. Very painful muscle ache from elbow to shoulder.
      Feel better after reading all the comments although seems a bit long to have symptoms.

      1. I had first Moderna vaccine and it was very painful, then swelled and was red with itching for many days. After second vaccine had much smaller amount of pain, slight swelling that went away in a few days. First vaccine felt a little fatigue. Second, had fever, chills, tired and little nauseous that last about 36 hours total. Good luck

      2. Arm pain and weakness started Feb. 24, 10 days after second Moderna shot in that arm. Still painful 1March, not sure it’s shot related!

    2. Had my 1st Pfizer vaccine without any complication had my 2nd on 2/10 8 days after I woke up with an unbearable pain arm, shoulder, elbow, no swelling or redness. Tylenol , Motrin or Aleve with minimal relief. Difficult to raise arm hope to feel well soon.

      1. Did your symptoms ever resolve??
        I am having the same thing after my second dose. I am 11 days out and my arms are both sore and this morning I could barely move my left, the arm I had the 2nd dose in.

        1. Pfizer- no problems with the first shot. Second on on March 4. Slight pain during injection, extreme pain that night and could not sleep. Day 8 still painful – now in the front of the shoulder and lacking full range of motion without pain. Not sure when to see a doctor. I too am appreciative of this article. It’s the only one I have found discussing this issue.

          1. I received second dose of Pfizer vaccine 10 days ago-on 3-15. I was sleeping for two days and then I felt fine. On day #4-I started having underarm pain-no obvious lymph node swelling and the pain extended into my shoulder and my rib cage in back. It is definitely causing me major discomfort and I have called my doctor and he said to have blood work. He thought it was an immune response to the vaccine. Waiting for results and then may need to follow up with scans. I am in pain, but since this is all so new, thank you all for being on here and helping me feel like I am not alone. Take it easy and call your PCP if in doubt.

    3. Received 2nd dose of Moderna 2/25 , tired and arm sore for a couple days, 10 day later I woke up in the middle of the night, pain is still there and cant raise my arm until the Aleve kicks in. Hope this improves. ready to call my doctor

  20. Day 5 after 1st Moderna shot I had developed a dull, sore-to-the touch area above the vaccine site – near the back of my underarm. Still there 8 days later. I’ve been itchy on hands but not sure what that is as I suffer from contact dermatitis.

  21. I had my first vaccine January 8 and felt a ache start across my upper arm starting from the area of the shot. Later that day my arm was sore like I had played pass it on. That soreness is still there and I get some showing pain gong across and down my arm because of it I had my second vaccine Feb 5 in the same arm . I did not want both arms feeling like this 😫

    1. can you please email and tell me if you did better with the second shot? I’m hoping so. I don’t think I will be able to get back to this forum. Thank you

  22. I appear to be one of the unfortunate few who are allergic to the Moderna vaccine. One day after my vaccine I noticed a rash on my torso, back and neck. I took photos then took Benadryl and Allegra. It helped a bit. I had a telemedicine appointment today and after seeing my photos said I was having a non severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. He prescribed steroids. I am only 4 days out from my vaccine and would like to know when this rash will subside. My airways are not affected. I am allergic to penicillin and quite a lot of antibiotics which makes me difficult to treat, I’ve never had a reaction to a vaccine and always get a flu shot. I’m VERY disappointed in my body’s reaction and am not sure it would be prudent to get the second shot. I hope this helps someone.

  23. Received my second Moderna vaccine on 2/18. By that evening, my arm started to hurt. Had a terrible night. By the next day, I had difficulty using my arm. I could not lift it without assistance from my other hand. I cannot lift my arm higher than my forehead and I can’t stretch it out in front of me or shoulder height to the side. It has been 55 hours since I received the shot, and I am a little worried.

  24. first Moderna shot had a rough night aches and pains. Cleared up day later. 2nd shot worse pain ever in my shoulder, could not sleep for 2 days. Extremely weak can hardly raise arm without using other arm to help. Hopefully it will come back to normal in a few more days. Taking Tylenol to ease pain.

    1. I had my Moderna shot 36 hours ago. Slight pain in my arm, especially if I raise it. I took tylenol and indica edibles so I’m feeling pretty good. Thc is legal where I live. I’m also going to pick up some arnica which is supposed to help with inflammation and swelling. CBDs might help too, they have edibles and lotion.

  25. Got first shot on Jan. 27. Arm pain for a couple days that went away. Then a few days later, it came back. I cannot sleep on my left side nor lift my arm higher than horizontal without pain. I am 71, live alone, and need both my arms to function. Very concerned about getting the 2nd shot in 2 days. I also only weigh 90# and they are unable to provide the ideal 5/8″ needle ideal for someone of my size.

    1. I hope you did better on the second shot. Would you mind emailing me and letting me know. I am very concerned about getting it in the same spot but I feel that I have to. I can explain if you email. Thank you very much

  26. I’m 9 days post 2nd shot of Pfizer and my arm is slightly swollen (my wedding ring is tight) and my arm feels like it’s coming off being asleep all the time. I was worried it was a sign of a heart attack until I saw this thread. Hopefully it’s just a lingering minor reaction. I also had a small rash on my torso that appeared a few days ago, so that must be as well. I honestly didn’t expect there to be lingering issues after the first few days.

  27. I had the Oxford jab on the 18th of January and my arm still hurts is this right as it’s been over a month

    1. Same deal: arm still hurts 3.5 wks after first Moderna jab. Not pain, per se, just ongoing soreness. Am scheduled for 2nd jab in 4 days.

    2. Hi I had Astra Zeneca 26th jan my arm still hurts. Only now and again but am aware of a soreness upper arm. I am concerned about having the second jab. Not sure if I should consult someone .

  28. I had my first Mordena shot Feb 13. First day was fine. The second day arm was very sore at injection site. It hurt to move my arm. Pain seemed to subside but on February 23 the arm began to become sore to touch, red, very warm and itches. I am glad to read that I am not the only one to get this reation. I intend on getting my second shot but don’t know if I should have it in the same arm of switch. Any suggestions?

  29. Got my first Moderna shot 2weeks ago. Felt like someone wrenched my arm off. It lasted a few days and 10 days later my arm is hurting again. Feel better after reading it seems to be a common reaction but hoping it will go away and also worried about the second shot

  30. Had a strange side-effect after first Moderna vaccination. Received that vaccine in my left arm and it was sore but bearable. Two days later, my right arm was sore in exactly the same place.

    Yesterday, I received the second vaccination and when I went to bed, my left arm was sore from shoulder to elbow but not bad. In the middle of the night I woke up with strong aching in both arms from shoulder to elbow. Got up, took an Ibuprofen and went back to sleep. This morning when I awoke, it was just my left arm where I received the vaccination. The right side was just fine. There has to be some kind of connection to nerves in exactly the same place on both sides. Will check with my Primary Care Physician when I see her for annual physical.

      1. I got the 1st Moderna shot in my right arm 7 days ago. Yesterday my left arm started intermittently going numb and tingling, still that way today, but not as bad. Tingling seems to be affected by the pisition of my arm.

  31. After second dose of Moderna vaccine I have had very swollen and tender lymph nodes under that arm for two days immediately afterwards but they seem to be resolving now.

  32. Had my 1st Moderna shot on Feb 1st
    No problem
    Day 2 my arm was extremely sore and into day 3 it started to disapated
    No problems till tonight
    Arm is sore again at vaccination site
    No swelling or redness but it has been fine since day 3 and am due for my 2nd shot in a few days on March 1st
    I am right handed so the injection was given in left arm
    In addition I started feeling like I am comming down with something like Sinusitis
    Took an Alegra D which helps with the congestion and sinus headache and sire throat is going away
    Am wondering if the 2 are related?
    I t is not uncommon for me to get sinus issues particularly in the winter but what concerns me is that my arm became sore again along with the sinus symptoms
    Will see if the soreness subsides in a few days
    Now am concerned about getting shot #2 in a few days
    It is a wait and see I guess
    Better than getting Covid

  33. Had Moderna vaccine #1 on 2/11/21. I was fine until 2/20/21 when a hard, warm red circle appeared on the injection arm. It has continued to spread, now on day seven and has become painful and swollen. I contacted my doctor a few days ago and was told to use warm compresses and take Benadryl. I did that for two days and then did extensive reading online about Covid Arm. It said use ice for swelling and Benadryl. Nothing has helped, so I contacted my doctor again, asking to be seen. No available appointments and after a second call to him today, a prescription of steroids was phoned in to my drugstore. I have to start that medication tomorrow because it is a timed medication. So, I’m still in worse pain tonight. I’m taking Tylenol for pain. I fear this is an infection and I possibly need an antibiotic rather than steroid, due to the area keeps getting larger and larger and more painful. Also, I read that taking steroids should be the last resort, as it can also interfere with the vaccine working.

  34. Two hours after receiving my first dose of he Moderna vaccine on Feb. 5, I experienced excruciating pain in my ribs below the arm where I received the vaccine. The pain was so severe that I could not breathe a full breath or speak easily. I was taken by ambulance to the local ER, and they said they did not think my pain was a reaction to the vaccine. The following week, my close friend had a similar reaction in her lower spine. I have seen nothing about severe rib or spinal pain in the articles about the Moderna shot. I am scheduled for the second shot March 5 and am very concerned.

    1. Susan,
      Another Susan here.
      I also have just begun to have bad pain in my ribs near my shoulder below the site of the vaccine. I got my second dose on March 12 and the first effect I felt was a mild pain in that same rib area but not a big deal. The next day, I had the more common reactions of nausea, headache, slight fever, chills, soreness at the vaccine site. I felt pretty awful for about 36 hours and then recovered very nicely. However, the rib pain stayed and now, the third day after my 2nd vaccine, the pain in my left rib is very pronounced and getting worse. I researched this a bit and also did not find anything related to rib pain. I’m wondering if now a few weeks after you started experiencing the rib pain if you’ve had any improvement. Best wishes to you for good health.

      1. Today I had my first Moderna shot in my left arm. Within a few minutes I had a burning sensation up the left side of my neck, along with a little dizziness. Both subsided within about fifteen minutes; headache came next and took some ibuprofen and within an hour it was gone. What I wasn’t anticipating was the rib pain. I feel like I have done hundreds of sit-ups. I, too was Googling and your thread is the only place I have seen it mentioned. I am wondering, how is your rib pain at this point? I hope you are doing much better and the pain has subsided. Thank you for sharing your experience.

        1. I got my first moderna shot 3/26 and am experiencing rib pain. Both sides. I have no other symptoms, but my ribs are killing me. It feels like I did a vigorous core workout.

  35. Received both shots of Pfizer (2/2 and 2/22). Minor ache after 1st shot, that’s all. 2nd shot injection site felt tingly immediately. Later same day, major swelling and severe pain around injection site. Second day injection site red, hot and itchy rash and still very swollen and painful. Rash grew to 2in diameter by 3rd day, continued Benadryl, applied OTC hydrocortisone cream. By 4th day itch subsided, redness fading–but rash and hot feeling flares up from time to time, but then fades after applying cool compress. Also experiencing tingly feeling (almost like arm is falling asleep) in arm, shoulder area which comes and goes. Today is 5th day and although rash at injection site is fading, there is still significant swelling, and a small itchy spot now on my back. Still taking Benadryl and applying hydrocortisone cream. Pain is less, last night was first night I could roll over onto that arm. If doesn’t improve I’ll talk with my primary care dr.

  36. Had 1st dose of Moderna on 2/8 mid-day… that night, felt fine but was fatigued and left arm was sore around the area of the injection. Soreness lasted a couple of days but all the other symptoms dissipated and was fine 3 days ago, on 2/24 (2 1/2 weeks after the shot) , I started to itch on the back of my shoulder on the left side and it felt numb in spots. I thought I may be getting Shingles so I sent the doc a photo of the rash but he didn’t know what it was. Also had pain in my neck on the left side and the point of my shoulder by the socket. Today, the itchiness stopped pretty much but I started feeling sore in the spot where I’d received the vaccine, in my upper left arm. As the day progresses, the pain is more pronounced. I realized it was at the site where I’d gotten the shot. The giveway was the pain at the injection site….

  37. Seven days after my 1st Moderna shot I had a rash and itching at the injection site. Now ten days later I have itching and a lumpy rash on BOTH arms.

  38. I had the Moderna shot 28 days ago and the area around my elbow and inside of my lower arm has a tingling sensation and slight soreness that has not gone away.
    If feels similar to my arm falling asleep. Most of the pain is centered around the inside of the elbow area.
    I am nervous about the second shot, but am doing it and then calling my doctor to see if I developed some sort of infection in that arm. Don’t know.

    1. Nancy, it sounds more like a nerve rather than an infection. Did you go to the doctor? And what did they say? Any chance for a treatment to help remedy the situation?

  39. Day 16 after the Astra Zeneca vaccination and I still have conspicuous bruising at the injection site and a painful arm. I can only assume this is a local immune response. As this is all very new, it would be helpful if others could provide updates on their progress. Thank you.

    1. I had the AstraZeneca – 1st dose – on the 15th February. had headache that night, and felt drunk/hungover/leaden for a day beyond that. Just very slightly hurting at he point of injection for a day or two. THEN – 10 days later, my whole upper arm became painful and achy – although no redness, rash, or swelling. 6 days on and there is no improvement = constantly uncomfortable

  40. I have no redness or swelling just arm pain that started 8 days after my injection. Pain that keeps me from certain movements and really affects my sleep. Not sure I want to get my second shot. Will I not be able to move my arm at all? Does the spot of injection affect your arm? Mine was way up towards my shoulder.

    1. Same here. If this gets any worse, I may not opt for the second dose. My arm is truly aching and it was almost impossible to sleep.

        1. I had AstraZeneca jab 3 weeks ago, slight arm ache for a few days after then after 10 days or so my arm has started really aching again. Feels slightly itchy as well from elbow to shoulder, I called 111 today and they have suggested getting in contact with GP.

          1. I have this too. Had Astra Zeneca 15 days ago. Really painful arm for about 3 days, then it went away. On about day 11 it started hurting again, exactly the same pain. I struggle to lift things and getting dressed is very difficult, and it wakes me up whenever I move in the night.

  41. I had my first Moderna shot on 2/11/21 later in the day, The next day a little tenderness at the injection area and it continued for a couple of days, by 2/14 all seemed to be better. However on about day 13 (2/24/21) I have noticed that my arm is very dull ache to it, NO swelling, rash, redness, etc. Ibuprofen helps a little. It is just annoying, not normal.

  42. Delayed experience here after my first shot though I had joint pain that started a few hours afterwards. I am now 10 days post-shot and injection site is red plus aches in my arm from my shoulder down to my elbow. Made it almost impossible to sleep, even after a dose of Tylenol. Guess I’ll just wait a few days and see how it goes…

    1. I have had one Pfizer shot which left me intense pain in my arm which set in after 4 hours literally could not lift it it went away in 48 hours . The first night I had a slight fever that woke me up and also Tingley feeling almost electrical . Now day 6 I am having an arthritis flare in my hands ( I have rheumatoid arthritis) . I also have asthma and have noticed breathing problems during the day when I wouldn’t normally have them but that seemed to have subsided , I registered on vsafe to report the symptoms to the cdc

  43. I received my 1st Pfizer shot on 2/10/21 and my arm hurt the next day but was almost back to normal the day after. It is now March 2nd and my arm hurts off and on from the injections site to my shoulder and my neck. I was getting concerned but after reading these posts it seems it can be from the vaccine. I am a little leery about getting the second shot on March 9.

    1. I received my 1st Pfizer vaccine and I have similar symptoms like you mentioned. I wonder have you taken your 2nd dose?
      Are you still feeling any pain ? I have my 2nd vaccine appointment next week, and am still deciding.

  44. getting second shot with the moderna my right arm is aching hurt to pick up. had the first shot the 2 of feb. should i get the second shot the third of march? will the pain go away?

  45. Had my Astra Zeneca jab on 28th Jan very high up on my arm near shoulder and have been in awful pain ever since. Can’t move my arm without pain, worse at night. Been to physio twice but no better. When will it end. Not going to have the second dose.

    1. Sounds like your effects could very likely have been from where the shot was administered. Take the second shot, and tell them to be careful to inject you in the proper area!

    2. I have to say I was very surprised how high up the arm and close to the shoulder they did put vaccination. Never been injected so high I don’t think. Presumably it’s correct though.

  46. I received my first moderna shot Feb 12th.At first it was sore for about two days. Then went away. Then about 8 days in, I started to get left chest pains. Deep chest pains. Two days later, the chest pains subsided but my chest felt heavy. My arms became sore and tingled a little and my upper back aches. I went to ER and they of course found nothing. I didn’t put it together that maybe it was the vaccine side affects because it’s been over 10 days and that initial arm soreness had subsided. I’m scared to get the second shot now because all I can think is when will this arm pain and chest pressure go away?

    1. I got my Moderna shot on FEb 12th also. Injection site pain and soreness for a couple days and then on Day 8 got the rash, swollen, itchy, hot, tender arm. It has gotten better – a bit…but my arm still hurts at the elbow and also feels like it is burning. I am very scared to get the second shot! I also ended up in the ER with vertigo on Day 9…ER doc said it wasn’t related but i am not sure if i believe that. Going to see my PCP again today to see what i can do about this pain. Makes me wonder if I am going to have to live the rest of my life like this.

      1. I also felt vertigo and had eye issues. They resolved within 3 days. However, I have a bruise where the medical assistant jabbed me. It’s been one week, and the bruise is still there. What caused that?

        1. Hi Lu,
          Bruises are not uncommon after vaccines or blood draws. It can happen if the needle hit a capillary and might be more common if you’re taking certain medicines. MedShadow cannot give medical advice and certainly recommend reaching out to your healthcare provider, but here is a little information about blood draws and bruising, some of which may explain what you’re experiencing.

  47. Received both shots of Moderna. Major body ache, fever, chills and unable to move arm 4 hours after getting first shot, symptoms lasted for 48 hours, i was basically knocked out, in bed, unable to even dress myself. Same reaction after the second shot, only difference is the symptoms hit quicker and was over with 24 hours. Now 14 days later, I have a aching sensation in the arm or spot where i received my shots. Its not painful, just achy when i move my arm, no rash, now swelling….i just feel something there, at the injection spot…its concerning since this is new….

  48. I received both Moderna doses the first one was 1/28/21 I had soreness in the arm, a lump and after day 2 my arm was hurting. I had the second dose on 2/25/21 and I felt fatigued, achy, mild headache,and feverish for a about 4-5 days. Now my lymph node on the side is swollen, my I am having upper arm pain on the underside it is keeping me from sleeping.

  49. Did anyone’s delayed and extended arm pain after the vaccine eventually improve? If so, how long? I am 11 days in and my arms starting hurting me 4 days after my 2nd Pfizer shot. I am also curious if anyone tried steroids for this or what worked???

    1. Five weeks today. That includes having the second dose of Pfizer on Feb 9. For a few hours after vaccine # 2 I felt pretty normal. Taking Zyrtec in am and ibuprofen as needed. Things are better than when it started but not finished. Generally a 8 pm thing – dying down at night (sleep) and ceases by about 9 to 10 am. But not today.

      1. I had the Pfizer 13 days ago and I have had pain in both arms since 4 days after my 2nd dose. Some days/times it is worse than others but has been pretty constant and Motrin doesn’t help much. If you’re going on almost a month have you discussed this with your doctor? I curious if anyone has had any success getting a steroid injection.

    2. I am having the same issue. First Pfizer shot- arm soreness at the injection site for a few days and went away. 2nd Pfizer shot on Feb. 19th- I noticed my arm was already tender almost immediately as I sat in observation at vaccination site. Same injection site soreness for a few days, and then day 4, shoulder pain. Not intense pain, almost like a constant dull ache. I have full range of motion and fingers crossed, it seems to be improving a bit in the last 24 hours, but it has scared me. I thought maybe it had to do with incorrect placement (too high) but now after reading so many other people dealing with similar extended symptoms, I’m wondering if it’s an overactive immune response??

      1. Lisa, we both had our 2nd Pfizer shot on Feb 19th. This seems to be a very long time to be suffering this arm pain. It doesn’t feel right. I too was concerned this was an overactive immune response but I don’t understand enough about it. I can’t find anything on the internet about his as it is not the typical “Covid arm” and I don’t see anyone on here that says this has resolved. Keep me posted.

        1. Hi Sarah. I will definitely keep you posted. Please do so as well. Do you notice the pain migrating? Mine pain seems to move from shoulder to upper back area… and sometimes my arm near the injection site. It’s really bizarre. I wish there were more information out there for us.

          1. Hi Lisa,
            Yes, I have felt the pain migrating. While I usually have a constant pain in the arm injection site area and under my arm in the lymph node I have also had pain in my shoulder which I believe may be the lymph nodes. However, over the weekend I started having pain in the middle of my upper back. Enough to where I was uncomfortable and I am still experiencing it and I never had upper back pain. Tomorrow morning I am going to my doctor and I am going to get a steroid injection in hopes that it will help. I will keep you updated.

          2. I have had the same issues. Second shot on 3/4 and immediate pain at injection site. It then moved to back of the should and now (Day 8) front of the shoulder. And I agree it doesn’t seem right and a little scary that there is no information out there about this.

        2. For the general public browsing through sites: No matter what I experienced after my first and second shots, I prefer this to the possibility of getting Covid-19, and wondering if I’ll have heart and kidney or ongoing fatigue… My husband has RA, and he had NO reactions from either first or second dose of Pfizer vaccine. Many I know have not. Others reactions done in a day or two.
          TO SARAH & HER STREAM RESPONDERS: I feel your pain! and frustration. I have similar concerns:
          Fri. Jan 29 First shot effects- no pain or reaction at injection site. I made it a point to move my arm, but then: between my elbow and shoulder if felt like someone had sewn a discus weight in the outer arm muscles. ‘Gravitational pull’ feeling making it too heavy to raise my arm (think chicken wing raising). I did move it as much as I could. Ice packs helped. Compressing it with my other hand helped. Raised that arm with assistance from other arm, and laying down on it turned out to be a relief. That pressure made it painless and I was able to sleep if I didn’t move. A couple of days later I felt feverish, but DID NOT have a fever at any time. I actually thought it might be because the weather had warmed up and our heat might’ve been up a bit. Slept a lot – also remember it didn’t hurt when laying down. And it all went away. Weird, but not biggie.
          Fri. Feb. 19 Second shot hurt/ached OWWW, and felt like it was filling and expanding in my upper arm and shoulder. Took a long time vs first time and all others I’ve watched getting one. That pain (ACHE, not sharp pain) went away in less than 10 min! No visible reaction or other pain at the injection site at all.
          Then 4 hours later the muscular pain between shoulder and elbow started. Couldn’t cross my arms. Kept getting more painful. Felt like I had been beaten with a baseball bat!! Icing and NSAIDS did not help that first week or so of excrutiating pain if it was moved, and sometimes it woke up the ache anyway.
          It’s lessened, but not gone away, even with finally taking a daily Rx NSAID, Meloxicam. I skip it every few days to see if I still need it, and it’s definitely even worse when I haven’t taken it. I am I’m not skipping it any more until the day I get to see my doctor so he can see the extent of the pain.
          After a couple of weeks, I also was able to do some arm swing exercises, starting small, and easing into longer strokes to unstiffen and ease the stiffness pain, too. I am doing some light weights, too. I’ve heard some ‘frozen shoulder’ forever stories, and don’t want that to be me! Still some movements that hurt, but less muscles hurting. Pain HAS migrated, but all in the region from between shoulder and elbow. When I wake up at night, Trying to shift positions, or attempting to reposition pillows and blankets it hurts and wakes up aches. This has definitely gotten more manageable with the daily Meloxicam, but it still hurts, and takes thinking to plan how to brace my arm, or move it slowly, or in a particular direction, or how to prop it so it can be done with the least pain. Mentally exhausting.
          I don’t want to have to use NSAIDS forever. I’m finally going to see my doctor, and am hoping he will order an Electromyogram, which checks the muscle and nerves. Then we’ll see what can be done from there.
          I’d only found ‘arm pain usually goes away after a few days’ but nothing about when it doesn’t! So glad to finally find a site with people discussing this. Hope Pfizer or the CDC start coming up with a game plan for treatment for this ailment.
          I have had no lymph node or injection site reactions. I was administered the Pfizer vaccine.
          POSTERS: Please specify which vaccine you got and when. Some reactions are more typical for one or another.

  50. Cherie – I had something similar Very strange sensation and movement in chest and ribs – sort of a quivering/ bubbliness or tremor lasting about 10-15 seconds. The first time it seemed that my body was rocking slightly and I actually thought that there might have been a VERY mild earthquake and checked Google’s earthquake reports.. LOL. I had the 1st Moderna shot – no problem; on day 8 I got Covid arm which was gone by day 11. The first time this happened was on day 16, and I didn’t (don’t?) think it was connected to the vaccine. But your post’s description definitely rang a bell (“giddiness” seemed apt) and like you, I’d not experienced this sensation before (it’s not at all like the feeling of “extra heartbeats”) , so I thought I’d just mention it here. It’s happened to me 4 more times, first several days apart, then a week apart, always when lying down. I’m getting my 2nd shot soon.

  51. I got my first shot feb. 8 now i have weird rash on my armpit tried. To use cortisone cream to treat and its not working which is really strange its very itchy and i have to wonder if its from the vaccine

  52. Hi, Article Author here. This update was just added to the above article but for those more focused on the comments I thought I’d add it here too. For those concerned about rashes and swelling after the Moderna vaccine: March 4 update: Allergy researchers at Mass General Hospital created a registry for healthcare professionals to report immediate and delayed reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations. On March 3, the researchers published a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine describing a series of 12 delayed injection site reactions including swelling and rashes that they say require further investigation. The researchers wrote that one patient received antibiotics although they were not necessary. Several others were treated with steroids or anti inflammatories. The letter included some photos and said that the reactions cleared up within a median of six days. Patients were encouraged to receive their second dose. Half of them did not experience the reaction the second time. A quarter did, but to a lesser degree.

    1. Emma – Thank you so much for posting this update and NEJM link! And noting it the comments here was especially helpful too. Great article! The doctors’ desire to prevent unnecessary antibiotic use by publicizing this condition is especially commendable
      The detailed table in the article is very interesting. Based on the young ages (30s and 40s) of most of the cases, they were probably medical and first responders, and I’m guessing that most of them received their shots in the Massachusetts hospitals that are mentioned. Based on the cases posted on your site, I suspect that most of them probably received the Moderna vaccine, but the vaccine type was not one of the variables listed. Would be interesting to know.
      Thanks again for posting this and for all your good work!

      1. Yes, I think these cases were early recipients at Mass General Hospital. All 12 received the moderna vaccine (mRNA-1273 is another name for it).

    2. I received Moderna (1st shot) and had delayed side effects (all of them) swollen lymph nodes, slight fever and aches (48 hrs) and itchy, ugly covid arm rash. Except for my lymph node underarm pain, all side effects were gone within 48 hrs. Lymph nodes took 2 weeks with Motrin just about everyday. I was freaked about shot #2. Received it on 2/19 and NO side effects at all (now 14 days after shot #2). With the 1st shot, I felt the injection as it liquid was going in my arm. Second shot, was administered on the other arm (I recommend) and much higher on my deltoid than the first time. Ice and drink lots of water. All worth it. Don’t be scared (easy to say now that it is over).

  53. Thanks for the post! After first dose I also thought heart attack, feeling more at ease to know other people having same symptoms. They need to let people know about these symptoms. Hopefully we will feel better and second dose won’t be as bad. Still better than getting the virus.

  54. My wife received her second Phizer vaccine on March 2. She had a “normally-expected” local injection reaction for first 24 hours. Then injection site got red, itchy, and very warm. Now, it’s constant. Nothing helps for very long. Will try Benedryl next. She needs relief!

  55. I received the Moderna shot on Feb. 25. Had reasonable arm pain at the injection site the next day – no more than a flu shot. But, 1 week later the pain has returned and the area is swollen and warm to the touch – worse than it was immediately following the injection. I was worried because everything I had read said it would last 1-2 days. This helped ease my mind that it is not abnormal. It sounds like I don’t need to call a doctor unless it worsens or lasts more than a few days. Thank you

  56. Hi Emma,
    Many who commented on this WEB Site have had sore arms for weeks. Personally, I have had a sore arm three weeks after the second Moderno shot. It is not horrible,, but a range of motion thing. This sore arm complaint seems to be consistent with all vaccines. Hoping it will go away so I can get full range of motion again.
    Yes, I am glad I got the vaccine, but seems to me these reactions last longer than they should..

    1. Today I am exactly 2 weeks since my second dose of Phizer and my arms still hurt. It is not horrible either, but just sore all of the time. This is the only site I can find other people that have had this too. If you are 3 weeks out are you getting any better? Is there anything that helps? Motrin doesn’t help me. My doctor offered a steroid injection – curious if anyone has tried that.

  57. Has anyone who had arm pain for several weeks have their pain resolve? I am two weeks out since my 2nd Phizer dose and still in pain. Also, has anyone tried steroid injections and did it help?

    1. Hi Sarah I am #191 on

      I have had this for over 5 weeks now. I made notes on the calendar for a lot of days and have translated the experience into Letter Grades. D first week then moved to C and the B and the past week has been somewhere between an Low A and a B. More good days than bad – starting around 3 weeks. Mostly I am just waiting for it to be NO MORE. If this is THE SHOT IS WORKING – it should stop some time soon now. My Dr Agrees.

      I have discovered that if I push harder on my hikes – longer – harder – I might have a bad day with the muscle pain – spasms and fluttering the following day. Next day after that – however – is fine. I do believe I am slowly getting better. I do not regret getting the vaccine. My Dr. agrees it was the right thing to do with my past of CFIDS – H1NI and Valley Fever.

      My PT (balance issues) offered his perspective as a caregiver who is seeing many people. If I can do this (side-effects) with 2 ibuprofen in the AM and 2 at night (not even always doing that as much) its pretty controllable. He thinks it is resolving. Today I had a really D#### Good Day 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

      Good Luck!

      1. Thanks Tom! I read your other post you mentioned. I think it was a good idea to document how you felt every day – I wish I had done that from the start. I too felt great the day of my 2nd dose – actually for 3 days and then it hit me so it really was a delayed response. While the pain in both of my arms (because I had first shot in the right and 2nd in the left) are the most bothersome on a daily basis, I too had muscle aches in my legs. On day 6 after the 2nd dose I woke up and I could barely walk! (I am 47 years old btw) The pain started from the back of my knee all the way up the back of my leg and I believe it was my lymphatic system. I was in pain for two days and then that disappeared and I have just had the arm pain and lymph nodes under the arms- some days better than others. However, yesterday I went for a walk and after I got a few blocks from my home my legs started aching and I had to come back home. So…I am still thinking about getting the steroid injection this week to see if it helps. I wonder why some of us are more maybe sensitive to shot or if it is our immune systems that are responding to it this way or if this is an inflammatory response? Too many I don’t knows – I would like some peace of mind – I think that is why we all got the vaccine.

  58. Hi Sara, No not getting better, but not taking anything for it. My arm only bothers me when I use it in certain positions. It is a range of motion thing. I spoke with my
    HMO yesterday, but got no real information. I still exercise some in the mornings, but the soreness not going away. Too many have this complaint so there must be something to it. Better than the virus, but not excited about a long term after effect of the shot. I am 81 so am glad to get the shots. We all just have to hang in thee and hope it goes away I guess.

    1. Jim, I hope your arm improves. Have you spoke to a doctor about this? Keep us updated on when your pain finally subsides and if there is anything that you did to help it. This is all so new to everyone there is not a lot of sources of info I can find on this. Next week I may get the steroid injection. My pain is really bothering me – two weeks exactly today.

  59. It’s been 4 weeks since my Pfizer vaccine and my whole arm aches and I’ve lost some strength. At first, I thought I must have slept on it, but now I’m wondering if it’s from the shot.

    1. Have you been to the doctors for this? Do you have pain in the injection area as well? Mine is in my whole arm too but also I have almost a stinging felling in the area of the injection area. I may get a steroid shot next week. I don’t like this.

  60. I got a Maderna shot Feb. 25th, 18 min later my face stated swelling and my blood pressure was 125/110. I do have allergies to several Jed’s and have high bones but not this high. I was monitored for about an hour. They let me go home and not to the hospital because I was seeing my Dr. the next day. My Dr. sent me to the hospital, the Dr at the ER didn’t buy the correlation to the covid shot and my BP until all of my test for heart etc came back ok. She gave me two prednisone pills 20 mg each and called in a prescription for 20 days, 20 mg. I talked to the pharmacy and did not fill the prescription. I have been taking Benadryl and my swelling in my face has gone away. Day 8 and my arm at the shot site is hot, itchy, and burning, will take more Benadryl. My Dr and my county health dept don’t recommend the second shot for me. I was so happy to read all of the things on this site, I’m not the only one! Thank you to all of the people who have posted! I don’t think the ER’s are well informed on the covid vaccine side effects.

  61. 2nd shot Pfizer March 1. Am 74, within a day tennis-size red, raised, sore, hard, itchy appears at injection site. 5 days later still there, grown. larger down side of arm. Also excessively tired with night sweats and general malaise.

  62. I am so glad I found your site. I wrote in to state that I am still having severe pain in both arms….more severe at night. Why is this the only site that relieves my anxiety by letting me know that these pains are related to the vaccine ? I am allergic to aspirin and Tylenol and have an auto immune disease. I did see my doctor who prescribed prednisone. I am waiting to see a rheumatologist who can help relieve my pain….I had the first Pfizer vaccine on January 13 …and the pain started on the eight day after the shot….I would like to read when the pain went away in the many other cases I read about…..Thank you …

    1. Hi Linda, I am so sorry to hear you have been suffering this long. I too had the Pfizer shot – 1st dose I had mild pain that resolved in a few days, 2nd dose on Feb 19th and 4 days later the pain started in both arms and has not let up for 16 days now. My pain is more severe at night as well. Did the prednisone help you at all? I am debating getting a steroid shot this week.

      1. Hi Sarah….I never took the Prednisone….My pain in both arms/shoulder still is present…On Saturday, I woke up with a swollen foot. I was in so much pain. I couldn’t even walk. This was on the same side as the vaccine. It lasted 24 hours . Now I wonder, what part of my body is next ? I keep debating whether to take the prednisone.

      2. Sarah –
        I started out worse at night for about thee first 3-4 weeks. Now I rarely feel anything at night. Maybe its there- but it doesn’t wake me up and when I wake up it isn’t there. But it was definitely a Night is Worse reality. Today it was mostly muscle tightness in the calves – my hands are a bit creeky. And my right eyelid flutters. Hold it closed and it is gone. But there are days still – like I woke up with my left collarbone/shoulder joint in so much pain a few days ago – I had to use a percussion massager to loosen it up. It amazes me how sore I can be from this. And then – nothing.

        1. Weird things happening here too in additional to the arm pain – I do have shoulder pain too but wrote that off as lymph nodes as my underarm is swollen. I have had pain in my upper back that seems to radiate to the front of my chest for the past 3 days now. Today I went in and got the steroid injection. I am desperate – my doctor said perhaps this is an inflammatory response and hopefully the steroid will get a handle on the inflammation and then it won’t come back — that is what I am very much hoping for. 19 days since last dose. I would have rather got really sick for a day or two like some did than this lingering pain. Hang in there – I think it has been getting a little better with time so far. I will update you on if the steroid worked or not.

          1. Hi Sarah. I hope the injection brings quick relief. Did your doctor feel that it would address the migrating pain? Mine is radiating from my upper back to chest at times like yours. I’m just wondering since it’s a big area if an injection will address all of it. I see some people have been prescribed prednisone. I’ll see what my doc recommends when I go on Friday. I was more active yesterday than I have been since the pain started and it actually seemed to bring some relief. It’s all so bizarre!

          2. Hi Lisa, I got the steroid injection yesterday in hip/butt area. I woke up today and all day I felt like my pain was about 75% gone and now as the evening progresses I am having a little bit in my arms. However, yes, it has helped the shoulder and back/chest pain and I really cannot explain what that all is and neither could my doctor. My doctor believes I am having an inflammatory response and hopefully the steroid injection will calm the inflammation and it won’t come back. I believe it takes a few days to get the full effects of the steroids but today I have felt the best that I have in the almost 20 days since this started so I would recommend the steroid shot. I am not sure if the pills will do the same. He also gave me pills I may start those as well – I am really just waiting the next 72 hours to see how much the injection works. I hope your doctor has some answers for you and if you do learn anything please share as I feel this is the only site that is really addressing this specific long lasting side effect.

          3. Sarah, I hope you’re still getting relief from the shot and feeling better and better. My symptoms improved drastically, quickly, so I went ahead and called my doc and cancelled today. The pain had been constant so I thought I was okay. Now in the last hour I have pain in collar bone area radiating under my arm and into my back. Ugh, I shouldn’t have canceled. I guess I’ll give it through the weekend and get in next week if this continues. I really thought I was almost out of the woods. 🙁 This is the strangest pain. I guess inflammation can do funny things if that’s what this is…

          4. I wanted to give an update. Yesterday, the day after my steroid injection I felt much better. Pain was significantly gone. However, all day today I have had pain again in both of my arms but the back pain has not returned. My lymph nodes are still sore under my arms (I had first shot in right and second in left so both of my arms hurt!) I started taking oral prednisone today…we will see what happens. Tomorrow is 3 weeks since 2nd shot! I would really like to understand why this lingering pain is happening to some of us.

          5. Sarah, how are you doing on the oral prednisone? Any improvement? I’ve read a cortisone shot can take time (days, weeks) to be fully effective so hopefully that continues to help as well. My soreness has moved to my upper back region but I think it’s improving. It’s so strange how it moves around. That’s what makes me think it’s inflammation and not SIRVA. I’m going to take Aleve for a few consecutive days and hopefully it’ll continue to improve. I hope you’re feeling much better. Someone else here started on oral prednisone and it sounds like it worked quickly for her.

  63. Hi Luba, Reading all these comments has been helpful and educational. If anyone has had arm soreness and gotten over it please post and tell us about how long that took. I am now 3 1/2 weeks from the second Moderno shot and still have sore left arm. The medical folks seem to think it is jus all wonderful all of us are getting our shots, but seem to downplay any side effect. Agree great to get vaccine, but also great to get over any side effect. All my doc will say is if it get worse in a few weeks come and see me. Have to believe medical folks have seen more of this than they let on. Great Web Site.

  64. I got the Pfizer COVID-19 shot eleven days ago. And while the really bad pain is gone. My left arm seems like it’s weaker than it was before. It cramps up while I’m playing guitar. I don’t trust some of the ingredients in the vaccination. I almost wish I hadn’t got the shot. I wonder if the CEO of Pfizer has gotten the shot. I wonder if he would give it to his family.

      Article by Caitlin Owens Sun, March 7, 2021, 5:33 PM·1 min read
      Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tells “Axios on HBO” that he recently received his first of two doses of the company’s coronavirus vaccine.
      Why it matters: Bourla told CNBC in December that company polling found that one of the most effective ways to increase confidence in the vaccine was to have the CEO take it.
      However, Bourla waited until it was his turn in line to receive his shot, and told “Axios on HBO” that he now feels “liberated.”
      The big picture: Bourla said he’d advise a family member to get any vaccine offered to them, even those that aren’t as effective against symptomatic disease as the Pfizer shot.
      “This is a pandemic. The vaccines that are approved by the FDA are all vaccines that are meeting the threshold,” he said.

  65. In Turkey the only available vaccine is the Chinese Sinovac . Being over 65, I had the privilege of being shot among the first ones. A month later I had the second vaccine. Everything seemed to go perfectly, happy to feel no side effects. but on the 10 th day after the second shot I had a sudden acute rib pain all along my chest and back, and all sides at night.. It was hard to breath and catastrophic to try coughing . ( not similar to a heart attack ) Although not as bad as that night,the pain still persists at a lower degree.
    X rays have shown nothing and the doctor said that the only possible cause seemed to be a side effect of the vaccine. I wonder if anyone had the same problems. The doctor said that” at least it shows that the vaccine works on you.”

  66. I had the Pfizer vaccine on February 17th in my RIGHT arm, did not even feel it. The next day I started having pretty severe pain in my LEFT upper arm and shoulder, and still have it today. It bothers me night and day, and I have been wondering if this was from the shot? I have not fallen or hurt my left arm in any way. I am kind of scared to get the second shot March 12th. Will this get worse? Will this go away?

    1. Several people have posted that they had pain in the opposite arm, or pain migrated from one arm to the other. Look over other commenters on this site.

  67. When scheduling my annual mammogram, I said that I was getting my first COVID vaccine in a few days. I was told by the scheduler to wait until 2 weeks after my 2nd vaccine, because reaction to the vaccine could interfere with how my mammogram appeared.

  68. Pain at injection site.
    I had my first Pfizer shot in my right arm January 2021. My arm was sore/painful. My2nd shot was on Feb. 18th 2021, same arm. 7 weeks after, I am still experiencing pain, (today i am feeling pain reaching to my collar bone). I feel weakness and have limited use of that arm, (problems lifting, reaching for stuff).
    Sometimes I take Ibuprofen which helps. Called my docteron Feb. 22nd. He sounded surprised. Said its not the vaccine itself but the injection???? And I shd give it more time. Plan to call him again this week.

  69. I’m reading all of these comments and experienced much of the same soreness in my left arm, the one in which I had my shot. It began 5 days after my 1st shot and today it will be a week that I have been experiencing great soreness across the shoulder and down my arm to elbow and sometimes below. I also felt it at the base of my neck as the pain radiated across the back shoulder blade area and down my left arm. In Googling, I began to wonder if it might be a “pinched nerve”? Goodness, how long does one wait to either see a Chiropractor, or doctor to finally see what is going on? The pain is not steady, and sometimes there is relief, but mostly, I feel the pain.

  70. I had 2 Pfizer covid vaccine injections. After first, I had only slight soreness in deltoid muscle the evening of the day I had the injection. After the second, I had the same, but my shoulder joint also was sore, and the day after the injection, the joint hurt so bad, that it affected my range of motion. It went over the week following the injection, but returned about 2 weeks later, and I still have soreness, now 3.5 weeks post second injection. It seems to be diminishing over time. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will go away completely.

  71. I received first Moderna shot Jan. 15, and had injection site pain and extreme fatigue for 48 hours. Three weeks later lymph nodes under same arm started hurting. Feb.16 got second vaccine shot, had 102 fever for 48 hours then had severe arm pain in both arms, joints , shoulders, tendons. Went to doctor several times, ER twice and now to neurologist. Had EMG and diagnosed with severe nerve damage in deltoid muscle from vaccine being injected too low on arm. Still having pain in both arms and worse at night, also weakness in arms and hands. Would like to hear if anyone’s pain/ symptoms subside, having difficulty sleeping and trying to go to work and function normally. Been on prednisone for 2 weeks, it seems like only thing that helps me get through the day.

    1. So your comment really got my attentions I had first shot 3/10 and by 3/13 developed severe pain in both arms from shoulder to hand. Severe pain in both forearms and inability to grip in both hands from the tightness. My nerves, muscles, and tendons along the entirety of both arms were hurting so bad. I went to dr yesterday and she ordered an EMG to check my nerves and muscles. I am 36 and was fine before the shot: I’m scared to get the second. The pain has eased but still not fully functional, not even close.

  72. 2nd Pfizer vaccine two weeks ago. Arm soreness subsides after the second shot after a couple days and then came back at day 7 as an achy burning feeling in my arm, in addition to neck and shoulder pain. Echo everyone else…when did you see improvements? What has helped? I still have full range of motion just sore and painful most of the time.

    1. Carrie, my achy/sore feeling in my shoulder/arm/upper back started on day 4 after my second Pfizer vaccine. I am 44 years old with no underlying health issues. First round was in left arm, no issue- had normal injection site pain that went away after a few days. Second shot was in my right arm. It’s a constant, dull ache that migrates around the injection site (shoulder, back of arm, upper back). I feel like it’s some sort of overactive immune response. I just made a doc appointment this morning for this Friday. It’s been 2.5 weeks – I feel this should have resolved by now. I wonder if she will prescribe prednisone and if that will provide any relief. Fingers crossed. Please keep me posted. I hope you feel better soon.

      1. Lisa- Thanks for your reply! I am late 30’s, only underlying health health condition is migraines. Keep us posted — my symptoms sound pretty similar to yours and I really hope they resolve soon! Let us know what your doctor says. I will also go in if it’s not better in the next week or so. Hope you feel better soon.

    2. Carrie, any improvement? I canceled my doc appointment because I thought I was improving, and I still think I am, but I still have soreness that is migrating around my shoulder, chest, upper back region. It’s not as bad as it was, don’t want to jinx it though! Just wanted to check in and see if you’re improving as well. Hope so!

  73. Thanks to all posting comments on their experience. I have a great HMO and have gotten many vaccinations from them and sincerely hope that my arm pain is not from getting the shot in the wrong part of the arm. Never had a problem before with a sore arm. Almost four weeks since second shot in left arm and soreness remains. It is not severe, but does impede my range of motion and is more noticeable when the arm in in certain positions. Does not interfere with sleeping. It does not seem to be improving, just remains constant. Being age 81, still would get the shots. Better than this deadly virus. Life is its ownself.

  74. Good luck with the shot tomorrow, Sarah. I made an appointment with my doctor for Friday. I am wondering since the pain is migratory ranging from my elbow up through my arm, shoulder, and upper back if a shot will bring relief or if oral prednisone may be what we need to address our overall immune response/lymphatic system. I just don’t want to do anything that will negate the protection we’re all seeking from the vaccine. Never imagined being in my 40s with no underlying health conditions that I’d suffer weeks post vaccine. I really help we all get better soon. Please update us after your appointment tomorrow… sending you good thoughts!

    1. Sarah – My Dr talked about doing some blood screening for systemic inflammation. For some reason he said 6 months from now. So I did the C-reactive protein test on my own at a local lab for $15. It was one he plans on ordering in the future. For this test the way they reported results — they said anything at or below 7.9 is OK. I came out at below 3.0. In a past test (reported differently – different lab) last September I was below 1.0. which was also below 3.0. With all this symptomatology sharing I thought I would share this does not seem to necessarily trigger inflammation as detected via a C-reactive protein test. At least not in me. Twenty years ago – in my 30s – they didn’t do this test when they told me all the Chronic Fatigue was just in my head (no lymph node inflammation which no longer determines diagnosis). DK if it was used then. Would wonder what it was then because THAT went on for years. Helpful information to have now. Glad I didn’t wait 6 months. Hope this helps.

  75. I had the Oxford vaccine 3 weeks ago in my left arm. 5 hours after having the jab I started having severe pain in my arm which is still continuing. My arm is weak and certain movements are excrutiatingly painful. The pain wakes me up at night. There is no redness or swelling. I have spoken to a GP twice and been told , “It will get better, take painkillers!” I feel that I have had no real medical help or reassurance. I had no trouble with the arm previously. This is the first time I have heard of people experiencing the same thing. I am now terrified of having a second jab and don’t think I could tolerate it, especially if this present pain doesn’t stop.

  76. I got the 2nd Moderna after having Covid Arm with the 1st I have had 2 weeks of on and off headaches, night sweats, and a lump under the armpit that has yet to go away. Also, the Covid arm started to come back 5 days after 2nd shot but went away in one day with ice and antihistamine. Hoping I am on the tail end of it all!

  77. About 12 days post-Pfizer 1st dose in my left arm, I noticed my left shoulder was sore. I have arthritis in many large joints, so I thought little of it. Today, 18 days post, I noticed tender lymph nodes in my left armpit. I refuse to allow one iota of paranoia/hypochondria to get in the way of my receiving this vaccine. No side effect is as bad as death from COVID. Second shot is in 3 days, and I’m going for it. I’ve booked a babysitting gig with my grandbabies —the first in over a year— for three weeks after my second shot, and nothing is getting in my way for that! 😀

  78. My first dose was Phizer and administered February 2nd and I didn’t even feel the needle. About two weeks later I was tender at the injection site as if I had just received the shot. The pain would come and go.
    Second dose was 2/23. Same arm just in case there was continuing post-vaccine activity in my left arm, I did not want to compromise the right one as well.
    My arm pain came back a week after the second shot. it was a little more painful than after the first dose. Ten days after the second shot my left arm/shoulder started acting as if I had had a shoulder injury , with pain, weakness and reduced function although nothing that I know of had prompted it.
    The weird thing is that it comes and goes and that is why I think it could be related to the vaccine. If it were an actual physical injury to my rotator cuff I think the pain and decreased function would stay consistent and not come and go.
    The pain, weakness and immobility in my arm will come up at odd times maybe for a day or two then it will subside or go away only to pop up at a different unpredictable time.
    It is cool that there is a support group for this.

  79. Day 9 after receiving Moderna vaccine. Red, slightly swollen arm appeared today, rash, warm to the touch, very slight pain.

  80. I received the Moderna shot on 2/22. No initial pain. 2/23 Should felt excruciating. Could not find a single position where it did not feel like an 8 on the pain scale. It’s now 3/9 and my arm is still sore. I cannot lift it past certain positions without what I can only describe as nerve pain. I think this is a case of SIRVA and most of the medical professionals are not acknowledging how common this will be since most vaccination sites are volunteers. Terrified to get my second dose on 3/22.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Based on your mention of SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccination) I did a little research on the WEB nd agree with your assessment. Four weeks after second shot and arm seems to have the kind of reaction common to SIRVA. I only hope that eventually it will go away. I just queried my doc specifically about this. I asked her generally before and she said she had heard nothing about sore arms, etc. I have a feeling discussion is being minimized. I bet you are correct about many volunteers giving the shots. It never occurred to me that would be the case. People who have sore arms ought to research SIRVA. They will find it very educational. Thanks Matt, jim

  81. I’m a 67 YO female and rec’d my first Moderna shot Friday (3/5). Within 4 hrs, started feeling pain (OK, it hurts like a big dog) at the injection site, unable to lift my arm without pain and just couldn’t get comfortable, low grade temp and body aches. Four days later and there’s no improvement in the arm pain and very little relief even with warm compresses and alternating Tylenol and ibuprophen– all of which doesn’t allow for good sleep so fatigue is certainly part of the big picture, too. I tested positive Jan. 4 for COVID-19 and was relieved to have only had symptoms of very high temps, body aches, minimal nausea/vomiting/diarrhea for 4-5 days, fatigue lasted much longer. I was told that I’d probably have more severe side effects with the first vaccine and while that may be true (in comparison to those who haven’t had COVID-19), the side effects of the shot weren’t WORSE than COVID-19 itself but are certainly not fun. I’m scheduled to have the 2nd Moderna on April 2 and wonder if the symptoms will be worse with the second shot…. NOT looking forward to it. Ugh.

    1. UPDATE:
      Got my 2nd Moderna shot Apr 2 and had same side effects as the first shot — temp, fatigue and huge body aches but MINUS the severe arm pain. Hardly felt the 2nd shot going in and, while there’s still a small lump, nothing like the pain of the first shot—which, by the way, still impedes my range of motion in that arm but pain isn’t nearly as severe after 4+ weeks. I got the second shot in the opposite arm. All I can say is thank God there are only two shots. Ugh.

  82. Last comment and will hibernate. Hope everyone recovers from their side effects. It was good to know there are others in the same boat. I am now convinced that the arm/shoulder pain is somehow connected to the shot, but am also convinced a doctor will never agree. At age 81 and having some previous arthritis in some other joints know what they will say. Again, would still get the shots. The virus is a nightmare. Will continue to monitor.

  83. Thank you so much for all your comments….I have been in severe pain since January 20th. My arms, shoulders,hands,feet all have been causing me pain. This morning, I can’t move my fingers or lift my arms and hands. I have not slept because of the pain. I did get a prescription for Prednisone as I wrote in an earlier message. Today , I have decided to try the medication. I will let you know if it works. I am 76 and have always been very active. I feel I have age 20 years since the vaccine. Yours is the only site that even mentions these side effects. I will update everyone.

  84. Thanks for your good wishes, Jim. It’s now over 3 weeks since I had the first dose of the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine. Fortunately, in the UK we have 12 weeks between jabs. For me Marita ( no. 83 above) has just about summed it up and I’d be pretty well repeating what she has said with the arm pain now a bit more intermittent but very random and unpredictable. I can only assume that these are lingering side effects of the vaccine. This is the only site I’ve found where a medical professional has suggested a recovery period of more than 28 days “in a few patients” and adds that “in almost all instances these temporary side effects are part of the body’s normal immune response.” If accurate, these comments should provide some reassurance.

  85. It has occured to me that many of the side effects mentioned here, especially in cases where there is no swelling or redness, could be caused by the vaccine being wrongly administered, rather than the vaccine itself. Having looked into this I have found that a wrongly administered injection can cause tendonitis or bursitis. The description of these conditions seem to fit perfectly with what many of us are experiencing. Has anyone been diagnosed with tendonitis when seeking medical treatment? I would be interested to know other opinions on this.

    1. Hi Susan. I initially thought maybe my pain was a case of SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration) but in doing more research, it sounds like SIRVA symptoms start 48 hours or less after vaccine administration and affect range of motion. I think some here are reporting range of motion issues but others, like myself, have full range of motion and the shoulder pain didn’t start until 4 or more days after being vaccinated. The strange thing I’m finding in the last couple of days is movement is helping me, which leads me to believe even more that this is a case of inflammation, since movement helps with that. We know that muscle and joint pain are a normal side effect of the COVID vaccines but I think what has us all scratching our heads is why is it lingering so long in some cases? It’s concerning, since this is all new. I’m in my 40s with no underlying health conditions so it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. I have a doc appointment scheduled for Friday so I’ll keep everyone posted on any useful information I receive. I really hope we all get through this soon.

      1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your reply. You’re right, it sounds like your experience is not Sirva,. The pain in my arm started 5 hours after the injection and does restrict movement in my arm, which is now very painful for certain movements. So I’m thinking that it may be Sirva in my case, although it’s hard to know. Anyway, hope you will soon be fine.

        1. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing such pain, Susan. I am feeling discomfort but not like you’re describing. Mine feels like a dull, deep ache. It’s bothersome for sure but it isn’t a sharp kind of pain. I have read some people get relief from a corticosteroid injection with SIRVA. There are also people who’ve commented here that are going that route and it sounds like it could be relieving. I find it odd so many people are experiencing long-lasting pain like we are… SIRVA seems very rare, at least that’s how it presents when I google it. How long ago did you get the vaccine and did you notice the injection site being high up near your shoulder?

          1. Hi Lisa, I’ve been in pain with it for three and a half weeks now and it’s still intense and wakes me up at night. I always look away when I have an injection, so didn’t notice how high up it was and the odd thing is there has never been any swelling or redness on my arm. I’m starting to feel really suspicious that it was wrongly administered! Hope you will soon be fully recovered.

  86. I had my first shot yesterday and the arm pain was pretty severe, still have it all over the arm, I dont think I am going to get the second shot, I never expected the side effects I felt, not to mention exhausted, slight headache and more–which also could have been allergies–but the arm pain feels like my arm muscle was shredded. I never experienced any reaction from my childhood vaccines. Did not expect this and do not want to subject myself to who knows what with the second dose. With Moderna the first shot protects up to 80% and that might be good enough for me. I am on the fence with dose 2.

    1. Hi DoNa, I feel exactly the same. The pain has been excruciating and was totally unexpected as I have never had any problem with a vaccination before. I too am “on the fence”

  87. Got my first Moderna shot Tuesday March 9th 2021. Within 10 mins started feeling light headed, sort of like I had a buzz. Got home and rested, next morning left arm sore where shot was given. Throughout the day came and went, had feelings of nausea and tiredness but as day progressed arm got worst. There were times when it felt better then moving around let me know it was not. Took a shower and the warm water made it feel some better but slept like crap. Got up this morning @ 3 as I was unable to rest, could not lie on my left side at all and was painful to lie flat on my back. Seems to have subsided since I got up but it is still there. I was expecting some discomfort from stories, sure hop this is gone by the weekend. 2nd shot scheduled for April 6th, hope it is not like this…

    1. Linda, I had kind of the same thing – Pfizer shot on 2/19 and pain started in arms and other areas of my body 4 days later. I got a steroid injection 3 days ago from my doctor and I felt much better the next day – almost all my pain was gone for one day. Then the following day it was back so I am now taking oral steroids as well. You have been dealing with this since January – so a whole extra month!! It is so frustrating – I do hope the steroids help you please post updates.

  88. After weeks of pain……shoulders, arms, foot, hands, I finally took my first dose of Prednisone. I will post my condition. The pain has been unbearable at times. First Pfizer..January 13….Pain started a week after and never subsided….Thank you for this web site….We are looking for help and hoping to help others. I do not like taking medication. Let’s hope it helps.

  89. I had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday at 4:30 pm. I woke up at 4 am with fever symptoms (chills, muscle aches, headache). I took some Aleve and it relieved the fever but I still feel extremely fatigued and have some slight back and hip pain. I’m not too worried about it. I’m 32 and in perfect physical health, never previously had any vaccine reactions other than arm pain that I can remember.

  90. Got my first Pfizer injection yesterday, March 10th at about 11:30 a.m. in my left arm. Had/have pain in the deltoid muscle/area of the injection site and tenderness/more mild soreness down my left arm. I have had a similar experience with the flu vaccine…but (although still tolerable), I would say this is a bit worse than that. Thanks to those who have posted here and I plan to update on my experience as well. Hoping all of this will help others know what to expect, etc.

  91. I had Covid in October and just got my first Moderna shot. I had a mild headache on the day of the shot and nothing else. Then I woke up today and my arm was sore at the injection site. Now it is 11AM and my arm is hurting all the way down past my elbow. I have never felt pain like this after a vaccine. I hope it goes away soon. I can normally deal with pain, but I am not even able to lift my arm. Arg.

  92. I received my first Moderna shot on 3/2. That night my arm was very sore around the injections site. After a few days it went away. A few days after that, i felt really sore in my armpit of the injection arm, like i had pulled a muscle. I heard of lymph nodes being inflamed after the shot. Then on 3/10 (8 days later), the pain in my armpit left, but my arm stared feeling sore near the injection site again around dinner time. Today (3/11) i woke up with a red rash on my shoulder, which people are calling “Covid Arm”. I heard it is harmless and i still plan on getting the 2nd shot on the 30th, however it worries me a little bit thinking if i might have an even worse reaction the 2nd time around. Anyone else experience this?

  93. I had my first vaccination on Saturday 27th Feb and thankfully appeared to have no side affects, that was until Sunday the 7th of March. Then I started with severe pain in the shoulder that had been vaccinated. The movement of my shoulder is limited and just about any movement at all is extremely painful. Has anyone else had this problem?

      1. Brooke. Thanks for replying, I have seen your post now and it seems similar to my experience. Reading Jacqui’s post below it seems as if her problem was similar ours and has had some relief by taking Ibuprofen. I am going to give it a try as a first step and if that doesn’t work I will have to contact my doctor. I hope you soon get some relief from the pain it’s no fun is it! Best wishes , Phil.

  94. Is there an end in sight is a common question. Knock on wood for any of us, right? Six weeks ago I woke up with a frozen left hand middle of the night 9 nights after Pfizer #1. It would not move until I made it move by bending my fingers etc etc etc. The next day I experienced a lots of things I have described in other places here or on the sister forum #191 on Basically traveling muscle pain – spasms – burning bottom of my left foot etc etc. After a week things got better but not great. Over time there was improvement. Now at 6 weeks I look back at my report card and 4 Days in the “A” range in a row and 5 of the past 7 days. To me an “A” is minimal morning reminder “it is still here.” which may be short-term muscle spasm in the forearms or calves – but no burning. Nothing happening at night or later in the day. Just an early morning 6-9 am “here I am” reminder as of late. If that. Today I didn’t even take ibuprofen. Six weeks is a pretty long time to sit and wonder. It has made me think – – Man if we have to take a booster for variants maybe I am going to think “No.” But to know there is an end to this is probably the thing we are all needing to zero in on. OK – it gets better – and it ends. I can do that (Hope I am not jinxing myself saying any of this!!!). Things are a LOT better at six weeks.

    Other things I have picked up on – that may hold water and might not.
    Been drinking a lot more WATER
    If I have exercised harder than normal I felt it immediately afterward. More flutters and spasms.
    Find something else to do so you don’t notice what is happening
    My PT (balance issues) has been around and seen a few things. He says I have other indicators to him – of myalgia issues. And – as it happens my trigger spasms and flutters are always in places where he thinks I have some issues/damage. It is like the spasm/burn/flutter would make a circuit. Left pectoral to left back to right forearm etc. Not perfect but mostly the same spots. He said that tells him that the vaccine “effect” is finding areas of existing issue. So sharing that.

    Finally – labs for inflammation are all coming back not only negative but really very very good. So for me – this is not some inflammation issue kicking up which is great to hear considering a past non-diagnosed bout with Chronic Fatigue 20 years ago.

    As may say – most of this is better than the alternative. And there are worse stories on here than mine. My intense pain only happened for maybe 5 days and only lasted on and off for maybe an hour and could be rubbed out for the most part. The what’s next — is the thing that some of us struggle with. The not knowing. So — maybe – hopefully – I have started to see the light. Good luck everyone.

    1. Tom,
      Thanks for that in-depth posting. Sounds like there is hope most of these side effects will diminish and hopefully go away. My shoulder still sore after 41/2 weeks, but really depends on where I have my arm positioned. Agree with you about any booster. Might have to think about that one. Again thanks, jim livingood

      1. Jim –
        My thinking is that it was a month beyond shot #2. Fits the early stories about how long antibodies and T cells build. A lot of that month was not that bad. For me. In fact there were only a few hours after lots of activity where it was “back” that much. It has to help to know there is an end – and perhaps what it isn’t. In my case – the systemic inflammation results came back with a resounding NOPE. So no recurrence of Chronic Fatigue.

        If it made sense to do a booster for variants – or because this shot doesn’t last forever – My thoughts would be – My system has already “REACTED” to this thing. It continued but – declined after #1 — didn’t Flare Back Up. It actually may have recognized it and stopped for about 18 hours.

        Beyond that – – – Take an antihistamine ahead of time because it can’t hurt (blunt) the vaccine. I have cervical arthritis and didn’t know better – took ibuprofen 3 hours before Pfizer #1. Then the stories came out a few weeks later. Clearly — it didn’t blunt anything. For Me. LOL. Pharmacist said – it was a news item more than sound science to make a big deal out of that.

        Along with the antihistamine I would be/ will be drinking a load of water before and afterwards. And like you hopefully experience – focus on how this doesn’t go on endlessly – like Chronic Fatigue seemed to do.

        And as a shout out to those who have CFS/ME/SEID – its not all in your heads like many of us were told. Whether medicine wakes up to that reality or not – the prevalence of the Long-Term COVID Syndrome (I had every element of it 23 years ago) confirms that more bad “stuff” happens than is often realized at the time. MS was all in the head until they could come up with a marker. CFS is a #### and looking back I was lucky to have largely recovered. Over time. Like about 18-24 months. You deserve understanding and support – nothing less. Take care!!

  95. I had last pfizer vaccine 2/22. I had the red lump for a week but now my arm and up in my shoulder are sore like I worked out or did too many push ups. Strange. I am feeling a little tired also. Probably revved up immune system just causing some inflammation . After my first vaccine, I had a near syncope event. I immediately had a metallic taste in my throat. I think it scared me and my blood pressure dropped and I got a little faint. They watched me closely for an hour. I was fine. Any of this is better than having Covid.

  96. Same thing here, shot in right arm and then pain in the same spot on the left arm. That went away quickly as did the general soreness in the area of the injection but today (almost a week later) I am experiencing what feels like nerve pain shooting along my tricep (from below the deltoid attachment) to the elbow if I move it a certain way. That area is also sore to the touch. No redness or heat so not indicative of an infection.

  97. I thought I was alone until I found this site. First Moderna vaccine Feb24. I felt the liquid of the vaccine being injected and it hurt. The next day my arm was in agony, that subsided a over the next couple of days. Around day 4 I developed severe shoulder pain that radiates over the top of my shoulder in my back. I feel like I have a knife in my back. I developed some weakness in the arm. I have constant snapping in my shoulder with movement. I believe I have sirva. I am getting an MRI next week. I am scared to get my second dose. But it I do, I need to find another place to get it because there is only one pharmacist where I got it. The other thing I am worried about is if it was truly injected in the shoulder joint, it will not be absorbed into the body, which means I have no immunity. I am so depressed, I really don’t know what to do.

  98. Hello everyone! I wanted to come on here and relay all the information I’ve gathered from my own online research and after speaking with my doctor. I too have had increased pain the same arm I received my vaccine and have had limited range in motion. I was concerned it had something to do with the vaccine itself; but after much research I’ve found something called Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA). You can google this and find your own information; but this can happen with any vaccine and from what I’m understanding is more about how the vaccine was administered itself. After calling my Dr. she said I should take an anti-inflammatory before our visit. I took one Advil and immediately began to have more range in motion and reduction in pain. By the next day (almost 24hours later) only some of the pain returned. I went to my Dr and she prescribed me to take two prescription strength Aleve for five days and to exercise to strengthen any damage/increase range of motion. If after the 5 days the pain is still there, I will receive a shot to continue to break up any more of the inflammation. Long term ideas would include steroid shots and physical therapy. I am confident these steps will work since I already feel much relief. I suggest you google SIRVA, make an appointment with your doctor and get the inflammation down. I will report back here after the 5 days. I wish everyone relief in their pain- it is zero fun and definitely scary. Continue to stay well and healthy 🙂

    1. I was considering SIRVA too, but my shoulder has never hurt or had movement impeded. When I move my arm from the shoulder, it’s the arm muscles that hurt, between the shoulder and elbow, NOT the shoulder. This is the only website I’ve seen that being discussed, particularly as a longer that a few day thing.
      That being said, I did take to heart the idea of continuing exercise as possible to keep from getting Use It Or Lose It function. Didn’t want my shoulder to get stiff from being scared to move it and make arm hurt.

  99. I got the moderna shot two days ago – my arm is very painful and I am having painful muscle spasms at the injection site.

  100. I had my first shot of Pzier on March 9th.I am 36 and have neck stiffness, shoulder pain, hip pain ,fatigue specially during nigh which make me awake

  101. Hi Jacqui, Whilst I’m sorry to hear of your pain, I am glad to hear that someone has had a similar experience to me as I thought I was on my own. In light of your discoveries I am going to start taking some ibuprofens over the weekend and hope for some relief. If I’m still having this amount of pain by Monday I will try my G.P. or nurse at our local surgery. Wishing you all the best with your recovery.

  102. shot on March 4th. shot site stiff for 36 hours ( not bad). then….elbow pain in OTHER arm and next morning, no strength in the arm or hand. and….all joints and tendons from below shoulder hurt (wrist especially). burning sensation in forearm or upper arm at times. now March 12th and still not mush better. hope it ends soon. can not sleep at night. will try sleeping in recliner tonight.

  103. I had my first Moderna shot on 2/11/21 and my second one on 3/11/21. With my first shot I had a normal reaction, sore shoulder area and headache. Nothing unusual. With the second shot I experienced a strange feeling about 15 minutes after the shot. The feeling was similar to low blood sugar with a light headed and woozy feeling. I waited my 30 minutes (required due to allergies) and went to get something to eat. I felt fine after eating. I have never had a blood sugar problem unless I go about 7 hours without eating. I had more of a reaction the next day with the body aches, sore shoulder, headache, and I felt warm but no fever. On day 2 after the shot I had Covid arm with redness, warm feeling and swelling. The swelling is going down and the redness is no longer a solid red, it is blotchy. I have rheumatoid arthritis so I am waiting to see if other symptoms appear.

  104. After months of aches and pains…arms,shoulders,foot….I have taken 3 doses of Prednisone. Pain is almost all gone. 2 doses to go. I believe it was inflammation from the vaccine. I will continue to monitor my progress and keep all of you posted.

    1. That’s wonderful, Linda! I keep debating on whether to wait it out (I’m 3 weeks post second Pfizer shot) or go to my doc and try low dose oral prednisone. Like you, I have a strong suspicion that this is inflammation but I’m no doctor 🙂 May I ask how many mg per day your doc prescribed? I’m curious to know how much is working for people in our boat. If I go the prednisone route, I want to be sure I’m on the lowest dosage possible. Best of luck to you… I hope your pain is gone for good.

    2. Thanks for the info Linda and please do keep us posted. It is so nice to hear that someone if finally experiencing some relief. I had a prednisone shot this week and am now taking them orally.

    3. Linda, Could you share what your 3 doses of Prednisone were? How many MG and how many days took them? I am taking 10mg 3 times a day right now and also had an injection 4 days ago. Thanks!

  105. I had known of the 10 day post shot reactions, and that made since my experience with hospitalized patients is the dramatic 10th day of symptoms being “crump day” where most end up on the vent. My husband and a girlfriend had the 10th day post shot immune response with base ball sized red spot and arm pain and malaise. But today and over the last 2 days of this big winter storm front slowly lumbering into Colorado, 2 MONTHS out from my 2nd dose, my injection arm from my neck, across scapula, and down to below my elbow is having such severe pain that I cry. Ibuprofen did nothing, but tylenol helped a little. The storm has finally arrived and snow begun, and the pain is some improved. Pain deep in the bones of the arm when at it’s worst. (Of note, I had Covid last August and the deep bone pain was the same.) Can a bad cold front trigger injection site pain response? Too strange to even ask, but I am.

  106. I had first Astra Zeneca shot two weeks ago. I did feel the injection going in. Had arm soreness and felt tired for a few days. Then 10 days after injection pain seemed to get worse. The muscle in upper arm feels weaker and is still sore. I’ve also got pain all around shoulder joint. I have sore areas in muscles at back of affected shoulder and also along top of shoulder and outside of under arm. Pain fluctuates and moves around. Also below elbow is sore when presses. Rang the doctors who said they had had reports of people with pain radiating to their necks. I was told to take pain killers and report back if pain increased or if I couldn’t carry out daily activities with this arm. I wondered if the jab had been incorrectly administered but believe I would be in excruciating pain. I have read it is very important that the jab is not administered too high up or too much to either side due to the presence of main nerves in the arm. Other people I know had mild arm pain which went away quickly. More information should be available on the possible side effects and this would alleviate people’s worries and concerns.

    1. Val, my pain (achiness is how I would more precisely describe it) is in the same location as yours, and like you, it moves around, which I think is so bizarre. One day it’ll be very achey at the front of my shoulder, and then hours later the pain moves to my upper back, or back of arm, all around the injection site basically. I have full range of motion without increased pain. I had a doc appointment last week but canceled bc I thought I was improving. It’s been 3.5 weeks since my second Pfizer shot. I didn’t have this issue with the first one. It sounds as if your doctors aren’t too concerned? I just wish we knew why this was happening.

  107. Had first shot of Moderna; l left the band aid on till it fell off, about 4-5 days. No reaction on first or second day, but third day started mild diffuse pain at injection site; no redness or swelling. Now, ten days later, still feel a little pain and itchiness. Other comments give me a bit of a chill (no pun intended).

  108. 3 days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, I am experiencing a kind of itching/tingling pain in my under arm area and a sometimes excruciating jabbing/throbbing pain in my left hand /wrist that comes and goes frequently.

  109. Hi everyone….I was prescribed Prednisone 20MG. Take 2 tablets a day for 5 days. I can’t believe the almost instant relief . I have no pain !!!! Since today was the 5th day, I only hope I continue without pain….Good luck to everyone. I will continue to post….😊

  110. I am so thankful for this board, you have no idea, but so sorry that all of us are suffering. Besides having similar pain as my post above describes, does anyone else have a lot of clicking in their shoulder and arm?? My pain is now going down my arm with burning.

  111. Hi Brooke,
    After 41/2 weeks since second shot still have “clicking and pain” in my left shoulder. Some days it is minimal and then returns. It impedes range of motion and only occurs when I have the arm in certain positions. I do some weight lifting every other day and can do that without pain, but there is definitely something going on with the arm/shoulder where I got the shot. I am age 81 so not getting the shot not an option so will just hope this goes away. It is not getting worse nor better. Almost like a rotator cuff injury or arthritic shoulder. This WEB Site is great and suggest if you have not done so read all the back posts. Very educational. Good Luck, jim livingood

  112. I had my Johnson and Johnson vaccine on Monday, March 8. Today is March 14, and my arm is quite painful. The injection area is like a red spot with bruising all around it. I have pain up to my shoulder and down to my hand. It’s painful, not just sore. Hurts to move it, raise my arm. Hurts even when I’m just sitting.

    1. Hi Suzanne ,
      I’m in the same boat as you . I received the J&J shot on March 12th, and my arm is hurting so bad that I feel like I want to take me arm off . It doesn’t matter what I do , the pain is there and radiates through my whole arm . Anything helping you??

  113. Brooke that is what is worrying me as well. Why in the world are they giving these in the shoulder joint???? My first shot was 2-8-21 in the arm muscle no problem at all. The second shot 3-8-21 in the upper shoulder near bra strap???Why??? I have had total numbness no ability to use or lift with left .hurting up into back of my head and neck. sleeping does not come easy……Plus I wonder if I am really vaccinated??

  114. Update to my previous post 99. I have continued with the ibuprofen and have had some relief but as it is still extremely pain full . I contacted my doctor this morning. Not much help really. She virtually dismissed the idea that it was linked to the vaccine and suggested it was just a coincidence! I was told to continue with the Ibuprofen and arranged for me to see a physiotherapist. Not looking too hopeful at the moment!

    1. Hi Phil,
      My last post was 117. My doc also will not acknowledge that giving the shot incorrectly is a possibility. I had the second shot (Moderno) 5 weeks ago and my shoulder is still sore in certain positions. I am not whining, but wish the medical community would take their blinders off! However, if I do get the virus after all this I will not be a happy camper. LOL. jim

      1. Hi Jim, Just a quick update to yesterdays post. I have continued with the 2x500mg ibuprofen 4x times per day and as of 2.30 pm my arm and shoulder has become greatly improved. It’s as if the pain has just melted away over the last few hours. This is almost miraculous as 24 hrs ago I was in agony needing help from my wife just to get dressed! I started taking the tablets on Fri 12th March, so that’s only 4 days. I wish I had started taking them earlier. If this information was given out at the time of the vaccination it would no doubt save a lot of people pain and distress. To me it was the not knowing that was a good deal of the problem (apart from the pain) and could so easily be avoided. When I get my second shot I will take Ibuprofen immediately to avoid any inflammation before it starts!

        1. Hi Phil, Glad the ibuprofen is working for you and hope that the inflammation is going away and not just being masked by the ibuprofen. I have been taking Meloxicam, an anti- inflammatory for about five years for arthritic knees. It does a great job for knees, but does not seem to work on the shoulder. I remember when I got the second shot the provider said I would have a sore shoulder/arm. I did not for about four days. Mine is like a constant arthritic shoulder which comes and goes. It is like an arm after you throw it away with a football or baseball. I am guessing the vaccine caused some response in the immune system that “went after” existing arthritis in the shoulder. Guessing I will have to live with it and hope that we got the full effect of the vaccine.
          I fully accept the responsibility of “Patient Heal Thyself” and will proceed to do so even though never attending medical school. Most doctors are really good once a diagnosis has been established. Until then, well —— . jim

  115. Received my first Moderna shot on 2/15. Arm was sore for about 48 hrs, then nothing. At about 10 days in, arm pain returns, along with many body aches, headaches, joint pain, and also terribly swollen lymph glands under my ear on same side as shot. This has continued for at least 7-8 days, and now, all has subsided, but not yet gone. I cancelled my appt for the second dose as I wasn’t going to add fuel to the fire. In addition, I have always been that lucky person that falls in the .05% range that get the “rare” side effects from many meds. I haven’t had a vaccination since I was a child — none. Of course, my dr. says it’s not from the vaccine, that something else is going on. Of course, silly me, I haven’t been in this body for 70 years without learning something! I’m going to wait until I feel human again before I schedule any more shots. There’s a lot they obviously don’t know.

  116. I had my 2nd Pfizer on 12 Feb. All was good until 15 March, now I have a dull ache in injection site. Pain increases with range of motion. I thought I was alone, thanks everyone.

  117. I had my first Pfizer shot on 2-10. The injection felt more painful than usual but I didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t swell or show any redness or rash, but the injection site in my right arm still hurts. If I bump it against something my arm hurts all the way down to my fingers. I bumped my hand against a faucet the other day and it felt like it does when a blood vessel breaks. I get my second shot today. Needless to say I am nervous. I’m so glad I found this article and comments. I’ve been met with skepticism when I tell certain people what’s going on.

  118. Please note that I live in the UK, so times I quote will be different to the time that comes up on the post.

  119. Because of what I am going through, see 103, 116, I will not get my second Moderna shot. I am due March 24. I had my Shoulder MRI yesterday and I am so scared to find out what it says. I have been doing some research and I am starting to think that I may have a brachial plexus injury from the injection. MY symptoms seem to match up. When I saw my orthopedic surgeon last week, he told me that if I decided to get the second injection, to get it in the anterior thigh which is an accepted place to get a vaccine, but everyone I called told me they would not administer it there. What a mess!! I am so depressed.

  120. Hi Brooke, Please, please tell us the results of your MRI. I understand your concern since I still have a sore shoulder 4 1/2 weeks after second shot.

    1. Hi Jim, I waited all day by the phone hoping the doctor would call me, but he did not. I was told he was in surgery all day, but still hoped that he would call by the end of the day. Of course my mind is playing tricks on me. Anyway, as soon as I hear, I will post.

  121. Update 4 1/2 weeks after 1st Astra Zeneca jab and my symptoms are still very similar to Lisa’s (response to Val post 112). A trawl through the internet reveals numerous problems with flu vaccinations in the past so it would be instructive to know if all this is related to Covid vaccinations or just injections in general.

    1. Hi David, do you feel like your symptoms are improving? Some days I do, and then other days I feel more pain/achiness in the front of my shoulder (which is most bothersome personally bc when it’s there, it’s constant, no matter the position I’m in). I don’t feel like this is a case of SIRVA though because some days the pain completely leaves my shoulder and migrates to my upper back/deltoid, or even below the clavicle region. I think I would have constant, more severe pain in my shoulder and limited range of movement if this was an injury related to injection placement. I can exercise and do bicep/tricep weights without problem. I keep hoping there will be more information on this but so far, this is the only place I’ve found that addresses it. I’d rather not treat it with a steroid (bc I worry it could negate our COVID protection) but that may be the best option. Very frustrating.

  122. I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on 3/12/2021. I was fine for 5 hrs after the shot and then severe body aches , chills, 102 fever, severe migraine , and extremely sore achy arm . By the following after all symptoms upsides besides my arm hurting really bad . It is not day 5 and my arm is still hurting really bad , extremely achy , tender to touch , red and swollen . I’ve taken ibuprofen and that doesn’t seem to help . I hoping that I don’t have an bacterial infection ? Please help !

  123. Reading these comments leave me with weird sense of misery loves company but very sad to see this amount suffering. I’ve read very few comments that seem to reflect my situation so wonder if anyone has advice. I got my second Moderna vaccine on 3/13. That night, I experienced minor pain in what I believe to be my rib cage in the back, left side, about 2 inches from my spinal cord and an inch below the shoulder blade. The next day I had the classic symptoms of achiness, nausea, chills, etc but by the second day, began to feel much better. But then the pain in the rib cage intensified and now on day 4, continues. The funny thing is I have no pain when lying down, only when upright. It’s a sensation of throbbing and pulsating and is coming from a very localized area. My range of motion is fine in my shoulder. So I wonder if it is not a muscle issue but maybe an infection. I am a very sturdy and active 65 year old who is rarely sick or in pain so this is unusual for me. Thank you very much for any feedback.

  124. Hi Susan,
    Personally I do not think it is a case of misery loves company, but of folks looking for solutions to common problems. Suggest that you read all the posts and see if anyone has had a similar experience. Many of us, me included, have had a sore shoulder for weeks and discussing it has been very helpful to me. The medical community, as you will find out soon, is basically ignoring side effects. We are all thankful for the vaccine, but would like to be restored to our previous selves.

  125. I have been writing in to this website. I had the first Pfizer shot back on January 13. A week later, the pain in my arms , hands, feet….started. I had range of motion…..but constant pain. I took my first Prednisone March 10….and felt relief immediately. I took 40mg for 5 days. A week later, I feel a slight ache in my arms but not the severe pain I felt. I had frozen shoulder 2 years ago. I could not lift my arm . This pain was very different. I hope I will continue to feel ok…..Will keep everyone posted….Thanks so much for this site….As others have mentioned, my doctor did not think the pain was related to the vaccine…In fact, he wanted me to get an MRI if the Prednisone didn’t work.

  126. Hi All. I know we’re presenting in various manners with our arm/shoulder pain but I came across this article and thought it could be educational for some of us. I am in my 40s and have been active most of my life, frequenting gyms and weights, and have definitely had minor “bumps and bruises” or tender areas that would need a little break from weights throughout my life. My first dose of Pfizer was in my left arm, no issue there (besides to be expected soreness for a few days). I opted for my second shot in my right, and I seem to recall now times in the past, when doing shoulder exercises, my right one would sometimes say, “hey, be careful with me- I’m a little vulnerable” 🙂 No diagnosed injury, but I believe if I’m remembering correctly that this shoulder sometimes sent me a warning. So could the local inflammation have awoken a vulnerability in me? Something to ponder. Here’s a direct quote from the article and I’ll attach the link as well. Sending healing thoughts to all of us… this has been a heck of a year, and now to deal with this when we were finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel just feels like someone is playing an evil joke on us.

    Quoted from article:

    “In general, chronic shoulder pain with or without reduced shoulder joint function can be caused by a number of common conditions including impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tear, biceps ten- donitis, osteoarthritis and adhesive capsulitis [13]. In many cases, these conditions may cause no symptoms until provoked by trauma or other events. Reilly et al. [14] reviewed a series of shoulder ultrasound and MRI studies obtained in asymptomatic persons past middle age and found partial or complete rotator cuff tears in 39% of those individuals. Therefore, some of the MRI findings in our case series, such as rotator cuff tears, may have been present prior to vaccination and became symptomatic as a result of vaccination- associated synovial inflammation.”

    Article link:

    1. WOW Lisa, that article expresses what I have been thinking about. An undiagnosed vulnerable condition that has been agitated by vaccination. I have had major rotator cuff injuries and tendon breaks so know partial ones do exist, etc. I am age 81 and have been lifting weights all my life and had experiences similar to yours. Thanks for your input.

      1. Jim – as touched on in Post #100 – it does – at least in my case – seem as though the weakened areas are the spots where I noticed the side-effect symptoms. Since that post on the 11th – nothing but good days. 99.9% no more side effects. Whereas I documented the onset of the issues – 9 days after #1 Pfizer – and developed my viewpoint around that date – – – – essentially the symptoms stopped 4 weeks after the #2 Pfizer vaccination.

      2. Hi Jim. It does make sense, and that’s what I think we all want – for this extended pain/side effect to make some sense. Somehow, I feel like that will offer us at least a little mental relief. I’m thinking about trying oral prednisone in the next week or so if I don’t feel I’m improving. 4 weeks yesterday for me since 2nd shot. I will keep everyone posted on what works in the hope others can benefit as well. I am so appreciative for everyone’s input thus far. Best of luck to you.

    2. Hi was wondering if the vaccine had disturbed some underlying condition. I am right handed and had a frozen shoulder approximately 10 years ago. Have suffered with aching neck and shoulder muscles over the years mainly attributed to working at a computer. However not had an specific problems with left arm which is the vaccinated arm. I have been taking ibuprofen and thought the pain in my shoulder and arm was feeling better this morning. However when I went for a walk could feel the tightness and achy pain increase in top of arm shoulder blade and top of shoulder. Im finding it strange that one minute I think it is getting better and then later feel it is hurting. I find if I put heat on it it temporarily relieves symptoms. It is three weeks since I had first injection. Need this sorting before next one is due in eight weeks.Let me know how your arm is hope it improves.

    1. Karen, I am, however, I was just diagnosed with frozen shoulder secondary to the moderna vaccine, due to incorrect placement in my shoulder joint. Pain from this condition radiates to back and chest.

  127. The first day after receiving the Pfizer vaccine I had headaches and an achy neck. The day after receiving the vaccine, my left shoulder was swollen, sore, and tender at the injection site as well as had a hard lump and still had the achy neck. On the third day the lump got bigger and itchy. I started putting witch hazel on my shoulder. The lump started to get smaller on the fourth day, but I also developed a lump under my right armpit, the arm that did not receive the injection. I have heard stories of people getting swollen lymph nodes in the armpit of the arm that received the injection but not the opposite arm. The lump is tender as well. I will meet with my doctor next week to discuss this.

  128. Had Pfizer first shot 6 weeks ago, at first no I’ll effects at all but few days later developed dull ache at site of injection. I’m hoping it clears up before I am due my second jab. Like some others here I also have ache in elbow and general weakness in my arm.

  129. I received the first Pfizer shot 3/17/21 in my left arm. All was well for about 3 hrs after then out of the blue I had this dull ache in my shoulder which radiated up the back left side of my neck to the base of my skull. It felt like a really severe ear ache. I also had these weird little electrical shock running down my neck into my shoulder. I could not lie down to sleep so I sat up at the dining room the whole night. An ice pack and 800 mg of Ibuprofin did nothing. I fell asleep with my head on the table for about 1/2 an hour before waking up to my phone alarm. The pain had subsided from a 10 to about a 4. Its been lingering the whole day. I’ll see how it goes tonight. Not looking forward to another episode of that. I’ wonder if they hit a nerve with the needle? Has anymore had similiar symtoms envolving shoulder and neck.?

    1. Yes! I also received Pfizer #1 on 3/17. Immediately when sitting to wait my 15 min, I started to think to myself, “Wait, is that neck pain new?” But then I doubted myself and that maybe I slept wrong the night before and just didn’t realize it in the adrenaline of an early morning vaccine appt. My left arm began hurting later that day like typical injection site soreness from the flu vaccine, but the arm soreness subsided by Friday. However the pain going up the left side of my neck to the base of the skull has continued to feel terrible. No electrical shock feelings like you mentioned, though. Just like an extremely bad pinched nerve that was slept on wrong- for me these normally happen once or twice a year and subside after about 24 hours/the next night’s sleep, but this is going on Day 4 now.

  130. I received my second Moderna vaccine 3/18/21 in right upper arm. Swelling in area as I expected. I have itching and a scratch on backside of my right shoulder that looks like a scab. I had these same scratches after my first vaccine in February on the left side also 2 weeks later also. I didn’t make a connection between the vaccine & scratches until today. I just wonder if anyone experienced this also.

  131. Hi, I wanted to update on my situation as today is exactly 4 weeks since my 2nd Pfizer shot. After the shot I didn’t have any problems for 4 days and then I started having pain in both arms (I had 1st shot in right and 2nd in the left). The arm pain continued and I also eventually developed swollen lymph nodes under my arms. On the 6th day I had horrible pain in my legs that lasted 2 days and went away. Arm pain remained. Not horrible pain like I can’t move my arms, just dull aching pain as well as weakness in my arms. For a few days the pain radiated up my shoulder and into my upper back as well. At almost 3 weeks post 2nd dose I went to my MD and got a prednisone shot as well as oral prednisone to take for 4 days. This has helped much – my arm discomfort is not completely gone but it is getting much better. The pain in my back completely went away within a few days of the first prednisone shot. Yesterday I had one more prednisone shot and I am taking another 4 days of prednisone as I believe this is an inflammatory response and I want to get this inflammation down and hope it doesn’t come back. I was cynical about taking the prednisone due to inference with vaccine working but apparently enough time has passed. I don’t know if some of us are just more sensitive to the vaccine, if this is an immune response there is just so many I don’t knows about this. I see some people have been suffering with this extended arm pain for months post vax now. Four weeks in and 2 rounds of prednisone later I can just say that each day is getting a little better.

    1. Thanks for the update, Sarah. It’s great your finally getting some relief. I hope the second round of prednisone does the trick. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  132. Yes, David! I had my first Moderna shot on Feb 12th and had not only a sore arm but it seemed to radiate up my neck to just behind my ear. I’m reading that it could be swollen glands but I didn’t feel any lumps. It said some may not feel them. That was about it for first one. The 2nd dose was like a Mack Truck! Sore arm at first and I was fine for 11 hrs and then had left leg cramp and chills maybe slight headache but no fever. Horrible night with a weird feeling that my body was being twisted inside and out! Woke up fine at 4am and then it hit again with chills in the afternoon. Today it is 1 week after 2nd dose and I’m finally getting my energy back. Strange thing is that it’s been 5 weeks since first one and my left arm (2nd in right) which now and then has been like a sore muscle… is now sore just like after I had the injection and the NECK pain has come back! I’m just keeping a diary and have shared some of this with my doctor. When it finally goes away I will send in a report to V-Safe or the other site.

  133. i had the Astra Zen eca over 9days ago was ok till night time slowly got hotter and hotter the following two days i felt really unwell , 7days later im left with a very hard 2″ by 2″ very hot and so itchy that seems to be growing i marked it so can keep eye on if it grows any more , Any suggestions how to reduce swelling and itchyness it driving me crazy i put on ice cold pads which relieve it fr short time

  134. I too am so glad I found this site. I had the 1st Moderna vaccination on 3/13. I had read to get the vaccine in your non-dominate arm. Noticed pain at the injection site, mild, then a couple hours later felt an odd pain in my left shoulder. Thought okay that is strange, then a burning sensation. I have not had a vaccination in years due to getting sick immediately from that prior vaccine. I also am extremely sensitive to medications and experience side effects that others do not. I was extremely hesitant to get these new vaccines. Since Covid is so deadly, I decided to get the vaccine and I prayed that I would know whether to get the 2nd dose. Two days ago I was raking the lawn and noticed a weakness in my left shoulder and arm. I knew immediately this was a side effect of the vaccine. So I started searching online for others that experienced shoulder pain after the vaccination and I discovered SIRVA and my heart sank. I am so thankful I did not get the shot in my dominant arm.
    I will not get the 2nd dose. Since the first dose is over 80% effective. I will not risk my health further. Once that needle goes into your arm there is no control over what side effects you will experience and this shoulder issue being chronic terrifies me.

    I wish all of you a complete recovery and good health.

  135. I had the Oxford vaccine on 9/3/21 usual side effects , headache sore arm tiredness for a few days after, this morning the injection site is red swollen and sore with all the hoo ha in the news about the Oxford vaccine you tend to worry, is this normal 10 days after the shot?

  136. from #83
    I have found that avoiding sleeping on the affected side helps the arm feel less vulnerable the following day. Almost 4 weeks out from 2nd Phizer. My left arm is fine until I use it a certain way like putting any pressure on the pad of my thumb. Something as easy as making hamburger patties will trigger a zap/spasm of pain from my thumb to my bicep and my arm becomes unable to function. I have learned to recognize my arm starting to spasm and have been able to guard it and reduce movement until it corrects. When this first started it would come on so suddenly that I would spontaneously holler and tears would come streaming out of my eyes before I knew it. Now I can most of the time feel it coming on and prepare my brain for the pain and mentally distract myself enough to redirect it so it is not as severe. When I am not focusing on the discomfort ( a bit of an understatement for the level of pain) I find I am able to take the time to be curious in a sort of out of body experience way regarding the feelings coursing through my arm and I find it fascinating. The good news is overall it seems to be improving and Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) is effective at controlling the pain for the most part. I also tried gabapentin one night and the next day my arm felt stronger and less prone to spasms the following day. I do not know if this was part of the work of the gabapentin. Interesting though, as I am typing this, my vaccinated (left) arm has become useless and is spazzing out. Not sure if this is from the vaccine or from my long standing inability to type well. Weird stuff. Happy to have you all as part of my support system. Hang in there. With your good arm of course. .

  137. I had my first Covid shot early January, I had a dead arm, which was sore and I was unable to lift it. This lasted about 2 days. Then the arm was cometely back to normal. However, nearly 3 months on and my arm is back to exactly how it felt when I first had the vaccine. I can’t lift it and it feels like I’ve been punched a 100 times in the arm. What the hell is this?? 3 months in? Is it the nerve, but if so, why nothing for nearly 3 months and now this for the past week? I’m due my second soon and am quite concerned. Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. I received my 2nd dose of Pfizer January 19th and my arm was extremely sore which lasted about a week. It has slowly gotten better but I still have slight pain in it when I lift it certain ways or sleep in a certain way. It has been over 2 months and I’m a bit concerned that the pain is still there. I am very healthy and feel like this is an unsual situation.

  138. I had my first Moderna shot March 10, now ten days later have yet to have and arm reaction whatsoever.
    I understand a reaction indicates the vaccine is working. I’m concerned that the shot I received was
    ineffective . I’m a healthy 85 year old who rarely gets sick. Should I be concerned?

    1. Hi Charolette,
      While reactions are often related to the immunogenicity of the vaccine (the reaction means it’s working, as you said,) there are many people who do not have reactions. While reactions are a sign of the vaccine working, lackthereof is not a sign that it is NOT working. You shouldn’t need to be worried.

    2. Charlotte, Just thank your lucky stars you had no side effect and that the good fortune continues.

  139. I have been writing on this website since my symptoms began on January 20…one week after my first Pfizer vaccine. The pain in my arms has been intense, especially at night or when I am lifting the arm to reach for something. A week ago, I finally took 40 mg of Prednisone for five days. It was instant relief. I’m sorry to say the pain in both arms is back. I am having trouble sleeping and feel pain when I lift my arms to reach for something. Now, I hope to find a rheumatologist to give me some answers. I do not want to take Prednisone again….Thank you again for this site…

    1. Hi Linda, We are kind of in the same boat. I had my 2nd dose of Pfizer on Feb 19th and pain started in arms about 4 days later. I finally got a prednisone shot and started taking 30mg of oral prednisone for 5 days 3 weeks out and I felt it was helping the pain significantly. I went back again the following week and got a 2nd prednisone shot and took another 5 days of prednisone and it helped. It’s been 3 days since my last prednisone pill and my pain has been coming back. I have pain as well as weakness in both of my arms (I had first shot in right and second in left). I thought this was an inflammatory response and perhaps the prednisone would get a handle on it. I too do not want to continue to take prednisone for this. I am not getting any answers from the medical community. Please do share if you get any info from the rheumatologist. We all seem to be desperately seeking some answers and resolutions on here. I do hope you are improving.

  140. I received my 2nd moderna vaccine on 3/19/21. Felt extreme discomfort during injection which radiated dowwn my arm into my hand, said omg, and was told relax the injection is done..Waited the 15 minutes after vaccine and went home. Instructions were tylenol, cold compresses for discomfort…..When I got home i noticed injection site was high up on m,y arm toward the left side..I did ask after the uncomfortable injection if maybe they hit a nerve or bone and was told no…Also I got my vaccine at a med teaching facility…I had same side effects as I did with my 1st Moderna vaccine, extreme pain in upper arm, could only move with aid of right hand, slight fever, which lasted about 36 hours……I’m hoping that this student gave me the injection in my muscle, if not, at least 1s6 injection is 80% effective.

  141. After taking the Prednisone and feeling relief from my arm pain for only a week, I’m sorry to report the pain is back. Both arms hurt when I lift them and try to reach for something. So frustrating….I might look for a rheumatologist. This pain has been constant since January 20….a week after my first Pfizer vaccine.

    1. Linda, I am so sorry to hear your pain is back. I was just referred to a rheumatologist today (see post #151). My doctor didn’t write me a script for prednisone because he felt I would end up in your shoes…. with the pain returning after stopping the medication. This is all so bizarre and frustrating. I hope we can get answers and relief soon.

  142. Hi All, I went to see my primary care physician today so I wanted to send an update. I was hoping to leave there with a prednisone script, quick, easy, and painless, but he doesn’t feel that is the appropriate course of action in my case. He’s concerned the prednisone could mask what’s really going on and wants to focus on a diagnosis before jumping into a treatment. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been experiencing pain/achiness since my second Pfizer shot on February 19th. It’s a deep, constant ache that migrates from my shoulder to below my clavicle and into my upper back/posterior deltoid. I’ve thought it could be anything from SIRVA (seem to have ruled that out since my pain is moving around and I have full range of motion without increased pain) to an undiagnosed vulnerability in my shoulder that was possibly awoken by the vaccine (my immune response to the vaccine). My doctor wrote me a script for a non -steroid anti-inflammatory, ordered numerous blood panels, and referred me to a rheumatologist. I am 44 years old and don’t have any history of autoimmune disorders so this is all very new and scary to me, and I’m sure what I’m experiencing is similar to what many of you are feeling as well. I am now researching autoimmune disorders that can be triggered by a vaccination, and apparently it does happen. I will keep you all posted. I am very grateful I have found this forum and I hope we continue to share our experiences as we all navigate these unchartered waters together.

  143. Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing your medical data. Your take on autoimmune disorders make sense to me. Now six weeks since my second Moderna shot and yesterday my arm was almost normal. Today the pain has returned. I did a light weight workout yesterday and felt no pain. Just some curls and bench presses. Not a typical injury. Very baffling. Saw a woman interviewed on tv today who got the virus from her children several months after her second shot. She was really sick for several days, but no hospitalization.
    I guess in my case, 81 years old, Father Time has just caught up with me. The answer is Younger Women, Colder Beer, Faster Horses, and More Money! LOL

  144. I came here looking for a particular COVID vaccine reaction, and I haven’t seen it so far. I don’t know whether or not what I have is a reaction to the vaccine. Had my first Moderna injection on March 2nd. My arm was a bit sore the next day, but nothing extreme. However, about a week later, I looked down at my hands to see that my fingers were bright red except for the knuckles which were white. I didn’t think this was a reaction to the vaccine though. Went to my doctor who ran a lot of blood work for auto immune diseases such as a sedimentation rate and one for anti-nuclear antibodies. All of my blood work including a CBC and urine analysis were negative. Could my red fingers be due to the vaccine? They are still red and white although the intensity of color changes depending upon what I’m doing. I’m a bit scared. I read Lisa’s comment #151 and she sounds like me. My doctor also suggested seeing a rheumatologist. i don’t know if I want the second shot.

  145. I had the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and within a few hours of the shot, my arm began to become sore. However, there is no red spot/rash, but the area near the injection site has a hard ball feeling kind of thingy under my skin. Glad to hear it is a common reaction and is the vaccine doing it’s job.

  146. This site has been a wonderful comfort to me-I had my second Pfizer vaccine on 3-15 and on day four post vaccine, I developed under my arm
    (arm pit) pain and that pain radiated to my shoulder and the back rib cage area. I still have this pain and I am taking Motrin and NSAID. I called my doctor because the discomfort levels are really bothering me. He ordered blood work and I am waiting for results. We will take it from there-since the pain has not subsided. Please note that this was after my second vaccine. For the first two days, I was in bed because I was exhausted-no other symptoms and arm did not hurt from vaccine. The side that is causing me problems is the opposite side from the injection. This started four days post injection and I see that others have had similar problems. I am wondering if this was an underlying medical problem that the vaccine awakened. I have no idea; nobody really does. That is why we are all on here—we need to help each other understand what is going on. I will keep you updated on my status when I find out results and get imaging done if necessary. Thank you all for posting on here. I hope everyone finds answers.

  147. I received the first Pfizer dose 24 hours ago in my left arm with NO DISCOMFORT WHATSOEVER. I moved that arm continuously the rest of the day that I received the shot. Shoulder rolls, Windmills, lots of different movements throughout the day, multiple reps. It was recommended at the time of the vaccine and after talking to people who have experienced soreness that lasted for days I decided to try that. Maybe it helps distribute the vaccine throughout the body so it doesn’t remain concentrated at the injection site. Hope this helps

  148. Folks, It would be very helpful if a member of the medical community would post something about his/her experience with these long term side effects. Surely there are doctors that have examined these side effects and have opinions about them. Advice like “Do Not Worry they will go away in a few days” not helpful.

    1. Jim, after calling every rheumatologist in town (they are a VERY difficult speciality to get into quickly), I miraculously scored an appointment with one next Wednesday. I had numerous blood tests done yesterday, ordered by my primary care physician (checking for inflammation, autoimmune indicators, CDC with diff, etc.) and should have those results in hand when I go see the rheumatologist next week. Like you, I have some days when I feel like I’m almost out of the woods with this thing, and then BAM!, it’s back. Frustrating and nonsensical. I was prescribed an NSAID, one frequently used for arthritis that is supposed to be pretty potent, but it does absolutely nothing for me. I will keep you all posted and share the rheumatologist’s thoughts/care plan next week. Everyone, please keep sharing your experiences. We will help each other through this…. I’ve even thought maybe we create a Facebook page or something to ensure we stay well connected throughout this process.

      1. Lisa–I have similar problems that you described above. This occurred 4 days post second COVID vaccine-Pfizer. I had my blood work done yesterday-all is fine except elevated WBC which is to be expected and I just had 4 different X-Rays today that were ordered by my PCP. They thought it could be Shingles but ruled it out—never had that before nor any auto-immune disease. So now, if discomfort and pain still persist on Monday, I am going to see PCP and be put on steroids. This will be a full two weeks post second vaccine as we are not supposed to take anything like this prior to the two week mark. I too-will keep you all posted. It’s extremely frustrating and the discomfort/pain is no fun at all. Positive vibes only…. Jody As I sit here with a heating pad on my ribs and under my arm. Take care and be well everyone.

        1. Hi Jody, I can completely relate to you… I’ve been spending many evenings on the couch with a heating pad the last 5 weeks. Your mention of shingles got me googling… and there’s such a thing as internal shingles without a rash. It can present like an injury, pain can move around in one area, and it’s typically on one side of the body- could the vaccine have triggered it? I’ll be calling my PCP tomorrow to find out more. How did they rule it out for you? Like you, my bloodwork came back normal. I’m very relieved but I don’t understand this at all.

          1. Hi Lisa.
            I googled it as well and yes, there is internal shingles. It was ruled out because typically when you touch someone on the skin, it hurts even though there is no rash present. I am not ruling it out yet although NP did. My PCP did not rule it out yet. We shall see next week. I know or think I know that the vaccine triggered something in me because I have not had a pain-free day since post 3 days of the second Pfizer vaccine. And while I do not want to discourage anyone from getting the vaccines because the benefits are great, I am questioning everything now. I have to be my own advocate and I intend to get answers. Keep on sharing your thoughts, feelings, and findings with me. We definitely are experiencing similar reactions. What state do you live in? Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know I am not alone. I would love to either communicate with you more about this. Do you have any pain under your arm? Stay safe and hopefully we both feel better soon.

          2. Lisa-I replied to you and I do not see it here. The NP ruled out shingles. Yes, I googled it as well. My PCP is not ruling anything out at this point. The NP ruled it out because even with internal shingles-no rash present-your skin on the side with pain-is very sensitive and mine was not. I think we should stay in touch because we both had the same vaccine and similar reactions. I need you to keep in touch with me. I would love to exchange emails or if you are on FB, lmk and we can message each other. Either way, it would be great to hear from you and share feelings and findings. You can find me on FB—Jody Joseph Marmel —and Friend request me if you so desire. I do not want to give out my email address on here. Thanks and stay safe!!!

  149. Moderna – 1st shot
    Day 1 = Sore arm at injection site only. (no other symptoms)
    Day 2 = Sore arm still but less sore.
    Day 3 = still a little sore but much less than Day 2.
    Day 4 = All arm soreness gone and no other symptoms. HTH

    1. John, Your first shot going well. My first Moderna also without any symptoms. My symptoms began about four days after the second Moderna shot. Keep us informed after you get the second shot.

  150. Hi – I received had my second Pfizer shot in my left arm on February 4th. I had a bloody nose once a day for 4 weeks starting two days after the shot…which was annoying. That resolved, however I also developed numbness and tingling down my left arm (injection site) arm. It extends from shoulder blade to my fingers. If I rest my arm just right – my hand goes numb. I also feel like I’ve been punched in the arm and it sometimes gets so achy that “m taking Advil fairly religiously. I’ve been trying to find out if it’s all related to the shot and I’m so glad I found this site. It’s really hard to find any information about these side effects.

  151. Still having arm/shoulder pain 4 weeks after 2nd phizer dose. I am concerned that the problem was improper injection of the vaccine resulting in Sirva. If injected somewhere other than the deltoid muscle, it may render the vaccine useless. I may need a new round of vaccine injections! How do I know?

    1. Mike, I’ve racked my brain (I’ve had pain in my shoulder, chest, underarm, back) since my second Pfizer vaccine on Feb 19th. and initially thought SIRVA but I’ve ruled that out bc SIRVA typically presents with severe shoulder pain and limited range of movement/motion. Is that your case? I have full range of motion and my pain migrates on just the side of my body that I received the vaccine on.

      1. hi Lisa, my shoulder pain is moderate, not really severe, and does not seem to “migrate”. Range of motion is mostly limited only by my willingness to endure the pain. I have been trying various movement exercises and even a small amount of load bearing, given that I am at over 4 weeks now. I also tried ibprofen and quercetin recently, thinking that a “covid” arm swelling might resolve, whereas a sirva injury might not. I’m inclined to think that mine is not sirva, partly because so many others seem to be getting pain reactions, and sirva is supposedly rare. My doctor via telephone recommended patience and believes mine will hopefully revolve in time. Stlll I have lingering doubts about effectiveness of the vaccine if improperly administered. There is a doctor publishing on the net that seems to agree, recommending a new round of shots!

        1. Hi Mike. Although I don’t think my issue is SIRVA either, it still seems wise for us (the ones who are having unexplained pain weeks/months out) to get a COVID antibodies test to see if we are indeed protected, is my thinking… what are your thoughts?

          1. Yes, I think the “spike protein antibody test” is the one and I will bring this up with my physician when I meet in person. I’m encouraged by reports that a single Phizer dose may be 80% effective at least for a brief period of time. My arm problems happened after the second dose. Also, my arm and shoulder do seem a bit better, possibly due to stretches, exercises and the anti-inflammatories.

  152. Hi everyone….I haven’t written in a few days. I had my first Pfizer vaccine on January 13…..As I wrote before, I have had pain in both arms and now both feet since a week after my first shot. I had relief when I took a 5 day course of Prednisone. I am allergic to all pain killers. I have severe pain now when I lift my arms in a certain way. The pain is more severe at night. I am so frustrated !!!!! I wonder if this pain will ever go away. I wish our doctors were aware of this delayed arm pain. How can we get the word out there ? Thank you all for writing about your experience.

  153. I am 66, and 6 weeks post first, 3 weeks post 2nd pfizer. I continue to have significant muscle pain in very specific places. Right where bicep and deltoid join, both arms. Neck, high hamstrings , both sides, and upper calves, wrapping around knees. I have always tried to avoid NSAIDS, but can’t perform basic functions with out ibuprofen. Wish I had some answers, or relief in sight. Getting frustrated.

  154. I had astra Zeneca vaccine on February 5th since then nothing but trouble with my arms wrist and fingers .Pain between shoulder and elbow gives me most trouble .My hands are swollen and pain is worse at night.Thinking I won’t go for second jab

  155. Wanted to share my experience in an effort to help others. I found this message board the day after I received my first Moderna shot this week. I was relieved to find a few had the same side effects as me. I was vaccinated in my left arm and within five minutes, felt something shoot across my collarbone to my right shoulder. A few hours later the injection site felt as if someone punched me, hard, which is normal. The next morning (approximately 22 hours later), an extreme, dull ache in my upper, right arm (opposite of jab) woke me. I could barely move it. Couldn’t lift it at all without assistance form my other hand. It felt weak and as if I had major deltoid muscle fatigue and a rotator cuff injury. It was horrible. I took two, 650mg 8-hour Tylenol that targets muscle and joint pain every eight hours and broke out my trusty massager with a heat feature and applied it to the area for much of the day. By that evening, the ache was still there, but had lessened substantially. The following day – my shoulder was fine, I was able to raise it normally, but my deltoid was still a bit sore as if I got a jab in that arm. Three days out – still feel a bit of soreness in the deltoids of both arms and confident it will be gone soon. I too am not looking forward to what the second jab may have in store in regards to side effects – but like others have posted – better than the alternative. STICK WITH IT ALL. But, make sure to research proper jab placement and make sure those who administer your shots are in the right area! Hope this helps.

  156. I got both shots moderna the first one after 8 days grew a large bumpy rash lasted 7 days got the second one March 17th had chills, fever, headache body aches within 12 hours lasted 1 day. It’s been 10 days now and I’m still feeling tired feverish and sluggish my arm I can’t lift it to carry groceries my entire arm hurts still feels like maybe they hit a nerve on the shot Area I don’t know but if it continues will let my doctor know just not able to doing my daily cleaning of my house. Basically don’t have the strength to lift heavy items or raise my left Arm to put thing up in cabinet hurts to much.

  157. I couldn’t figure out the minor pain I was having but I just mentioned it at work and several others said they had the same. My 1st Pfizer was two-weeks ago. About 4 days ago, I started feeling a very minor shooting nerve-type pain running down my arm on the inside, from my bicep to my wrist, and maybe even into my hand. I have had pinched nerve issues before and thought it was that. With my 2nd Pfizer coming up on Monday (day 17), I started wondering if it was a vaccine reaction. I mentioned it at work and 2 others said they have been having the same pain. They both received shot 1 within days of me. But, I don’t see this as a reaction on any websites. Does anyone know? I’m thinking I will ask for shot 2 in the other arm. BTW, I did not have any reaction initially what-so-ever other than normal shot soreness in the arm muscle. Very minor.

  158. Hi everyone, I am still suffering with arm pain. And Deltoid weakness Although my MRI shows bursitis and adhesive capsulitis, I do believe I have axillary motor nerve Damage. My symptoms of pain and weakness match up with deltoid pain weakness and teres minor weakness. I am being scheduled for a nurse conduction test.

    1. Brooke, how awful. I’m really sorry you’re suffering so much. I’m sorry for us all. Have they discussed corticosteroid injections with you? I know another injection is probably the last thing you want. I visited an orthopedic yesterday, to get another opinion (my PCP wasn’t a whole lot of help, other than telling me to get bloodwork and see a rheumatologist). The ortho started me on a 6 day oral steroid, and suggested an injection if the oral route didn’t help. I don’t think my issue is improper placement of the vaccine but who really knows? I see a Rheumatologist on Wednesday but I woke up to consistent pain post 5 weeks second vaccine yesterday and said screw it, time to try the ortho route. Do you plan to get the COVID antibodies test to see how protected you are? Not sure if this happened on your first or second round. And I’m not clear on exactly how the test works and if it indicates we have enough antibodies equivalent to the two rounds of vaccines or if just says we have antibodies without specifications… ?

  159. Hi Lisa, Yes, my orthopedic surgeon wants to do a steroid injection in my shoulder. But I do need to let everyone know that after lots of sleepless nights, I decided to get the second dose. I hope I made the right decision because right now my left arm is basically useless and I had the second injection in my right, dominant arm. I got it on Friday March 26, at a different facility. I had been in touch with a very sweet and understanding pharmacist there, who was there on the day I went in and she gave me the vaccine. What a difference. I did not feel a thing., NOTHING!!! The first vaccine was so painful and when the other person put the needle in, I felt burning pain and pressure. It felt as though she hit bone because I could tell she was having problems with the plunger. Anyway as expected, the side that I am having problems with, the left side is much worse. I was told to expect that. The reason for that is because the material in the vaccine was not placed correctly, I would therefore have an inflammatory response worse in that shoulder. (Basically the second shot was like a booster to the inflammation in my shoulder). I was told that this should settle down to where it was before the second shot. My right arm at the injection site is still sore from the second vaccine, but I am praying that will go away. Before I get a steroid injection in my shoulder, I want to get my evaluation completed with the neurologist. I am having extreme deltoid weakness, so I am sure I have nerve damage from the injection, axillary nerve. I’ve had discussions with many doctors regarding getting tested for antibodies, so I want to help everyone on this board with the information that I obtained. We all need to know if we are covered with antibodies, especially if the vaccine was not placed appropriately. Here is the information that I obtained. The Anti-nucleocapsid protein antibody test test is for prior or current infection. If you want to see if you have antibodies from the vaccine, you need to get anti-spike protein antibody test (anti-S1 Anti-S2. Again, this is what I have been told, I would confirm all of this with your healthcare provider.

  160. Hi everybody….It has been 10 weeks since my first Pfizer vaccine. A week later the pain started. You can read my previous comments. I took Prednisone for 5 days and had some relief. The last few days , the pain in my arms has intensified. I am having trouble sleeping at night. I live on Long Island and tried to make an appointment with a Rheumatologist…..a 4 week wait to see a doctor !!!! I am allergic to all painkillers so I have to grin and bear the pain. I can’t believe this is the only site that mentions these delayed pains in the arms. I am very discouraged. If this is inflammation, I keep hoping I will wake up one morning and the pain will be gone. I have Hashimoto’s disease and wonder if this could be a factor. Thanks to everyone who shares their stories…..

    1. Hi Linda, I have Graves’ Disease which is another autoimmune thyroid disease – i thought that was interesting you had an autoimmune as well. I took two rounds of steroids and the pain has returned in my arms. My doctor has offered for me to do more but I am starting to feel like that may not be the solution and am praying this will go away with time. Did your lymph nodes under your arm swell as well? Mine did.

      1. Hi Sarah..Like you, I had a 5 day course of Prednisone. The pain was almost gone but once I stopped, the pain returned. My arms hurt when I move them and reach for something. I did wonder if having an autoimmune disease caused more inflammation. I did not have any lymph node swelling. I finally got an appointment with an integrated rheumatologist next Friday. I can’t wait ….I will post after my appointment. As I write this , my arm is very sore. This has been since January 20 !!!! Sleeping is the worst…..Pain is unbearable ! I am allergic to,all painkillers. Let’s hope we can find some relief.

        1. Hi Linda, I am so sorry you are experiencing this problem and you have about a month on me as my 2nd shot was Feb 19th. Please do share what the rheumatologist has to say. I am going to see my GP tomorrow and may do another round of prednisone as it is the only thing that helps with this pain.

          1. Hi Sarah…Hope you are feeling a little better. The pain in my arms has been intense the last few days and getting worse. The pain keeps me me up all night. I have an appointment with an integrated rheumatologist on Friday. I will post my report after the visit.

          2. Hi Sarah….I’m still in pain…mainly arms….I have an appointment on Friday with an integrated rheumatologist. I will post the results. Hope we all can find some relief.

  161. A test for the “presence” of covid antibodies won’t do much good without knowing concentration or levels and how that compares to others fully vaccinated. I am having some trouble trying to find out if the available antibody tests measure levels. Maybe someone can help.

  162. Hi Mike,
    Spoke with my HMO yesterday about an antibody test. The only one they will give is for folks that have COVID symptoms. As you said, it sounds like even if we could get a test not having data from others who have been vaccinated would make interpreting the results hard. Had my second shot 7 weeks ago and still have sore shoulder problems. It would be nice to verify if the vaccine had actually been dispersed to the right place. All I get from the medical world is that they assure me shots are always placed in the right spot. Well we all can hope so!!!! Never anticipated this type of challenge after getting the shots!! Always something.

  163. It’s been a month now and at the first COVID shot site, it’s still sore. I have gotten my second shot on the other arm, it is swollen, warm to touch, and very sore. It’s been a week since my second shot.

  164. Folks, Two months since second Moderna shot to left arm. Some days are better, but soreness still exists. I have doubts this will go away. Continue to believe this is related to the shot. However, would still take the vaccine. A booster will go into the other arm though. Have a physical in Aug. and may request an MRI . Do not want more drugs as already taking an anti-inflamatory for arthritis in knees. Hope some of you have broken the code on these side effects. Hang in there and be thankful we got the vaccine!

  165. Received my first shot on the 23 of March-Pain at the site of injection, but 3 days later-the pain in my muscle is severe, hard to raise my arm without pain. Due for the 2nd shot
    on April 20, seeing my PCP on April 12th. Feels like a pulled muscle, taking Acetaminophen, not helping much.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Your symptoms sound like same many of us have. My arm felt like “baseball arm” and pain mainly interfered with some parts of range of motion. I still have it 8 weeks later and also have had a sore left Deltoid last ten days or so probably from over compensation maybe. Let us know what your PCP tells you, but do not expect much.
      I am age 81 so I know the docs will tell me it is all age related even if it did not begin until the second shot. I am resigned to healing it myself and have never really trusted the medical world until they lock upon a sure diagnosis otherwise it is art. Hang in there sore arms still better than getting the virus.

  166. Hi Lisa,
    Apologies for not replying to your question a few weeks ago. I’ve read your posts carefully as my symptoms are very similar to yours. The shoulder/arm problems got much better and I’d almost forgotten about them until a few days ago they returned without any warning or apparent reason. Like you I’ve ruled out SIRVA and believe that the vaccine has activated something in the immune system or something that has lain dormant. I have no history of injury in the left arm or shoulder. As with many conditions, doctors tend to treat the symptoms rather than the cause and I remain hopeful that eventually these reactions we’re experiencing will eventually settle down.

  167. Same here! I had my first shot (Pfizer) March 24th in my left arm. I have been in excruciated pain that radiates from my back shoulder blade to elbow and down to my fingers where my index, middle, and thumb are numb. I have been taking muscle relaxer and tramadol which is only a temporally fix. My injection site has a red spot and there is knot there. I have C4, C5, C6, and C7 bugling disks and seems to be aggravating them. I am continuously applying cold and heat to the back and elbow which has the most pain. I am due to take the second shot April 14th and really not looking forward to it but I am a teacher and need to have this before I go back in the school building with my students. I have read a lot of these posts but there seems to be no solution. I am really tired of the pain and taking the narcotics. Does anyone have a solution?

  168. I had the Pfizer shot on 4/4/21 and had no reaction, however today, 8 days later, I have a hot, hard, painful lump where I had the vaccination. I find it very strange to have such a delayed reaction after experiencing nothing for over a week. Going to monitor it for any additional developing.

  169. I had my first Pfizer vaccination in my left arm on Feb 18th and although I experienced no initial pain at the vaccination site, apart from slight soreness, a dull pain in my arm began about a week later. There is no outward sign of inflammation, but my arm feels sore where it touches my sleeve and there is a constant burning/tingling sensation around the vaccination site. Sometimes the pain is barely noticable but it seems worse at night and I cannot currently sleep on that arm.

  170. Thanks for this article and thread—it has alleviated a lot of my anxiety but I wonder why these reactions are not more widely reported. My case: no problems after first AZ jab until 3 weeks later when shoulder and arm pain suddenly appeared and were severe. Now (4 weeks post jab) the pain has dissipated but still some throbbing, especially at night.
    Is this information being reported to health authorities? Who should I contact to report this? I had my jab in France but my French isn’t really good enough to file a report.

  171. After the first shot of the Pfizer it was fine, a little tender nothing different than a flu shot but about 5 hours later it was like The Rock punched me as hard as he could. It was very painful to move my arm above a certain height. Gone the next morning.

  172. Has anyone had issues with upper back and neck pain lasting weeks? I have only had my first moderna vaccine 3 weeks ago and I was fine until 2 days after my first one that my neck hurt and then the following day it was my upper back in my shoulder blades. It’s like a full pain that comes and goes. It also seems hurt in different spots so it’s not in the same spot all the time. Only other people with similar effects is my sister who is dealing with it after her first one and my mom after her second vaccine. We all got the moderna vaccine too. Just frustrating not being able to find any answers anywhere.

  173. About two weeks after my first injection (Pfizer), I noticed my upper arm was achy and stiff. This got progressively worse until simple things like reaching out the car window to mail a letter or make a bank deposit was almost unbearable. I began forcing myself to perform the motions and stretches that hurt the most. Now, after another month (including my second injection), I still have pain. It is slowly getting better, but I have to exercise the arm every day to hold off the stiffness. It’s weird, but not debilitating.

  174. I thought I was alone until I searched online and found all of these comments. Had my 1st, left arm, moderna Feb 11. Arm hurt but I chalked it up to vaccine since I have been reading and seeing in the news this is supposed to be ‘temporary’ and only supposed to last a few days. Nope. My arm has never hurt this bad from any other vaccine. I was hesitant to get the 2nd on my right arm but I cannot have 2 barely functioning limbs. After 2nd shot I slept for 16 hours but that was minor compared to the pain that radiates from the shot site down my arm. I can barely pick up a gallon of water. Have tried ice, heat, exercises…nothing helps. I really hope this is not permanent. I don’t want to get steroids. I have been taking acetaminophen, aspirin, tylenol…nothing really helps.

  175. Folks, Did a little goggle search on arthritis (RA and Osteo) and the Covid vaccine, and found some interesting stuff which indicated to me there is some linkage between an arthritis flare up and the vaccine. Sure looks like cause and effect to me. However, I am sure proving that is difficult. My left shoulder is sore eight weeks after second Moderna shot so I for one do believe there is linkage. Do wonder if this flare is temporary or the result of additional damage. Had no pain prior to second shot. Obviously there is a lot not know about the disease and the vaccine.

  176. Had my first dose of Moderna nearly 2 weeks ago, was fine for the first week. Then I woke up with debilitating pain that radiated from my neck into my shoulder and bicep/tricep – I was sure that I had herniated a disc in my neck or something. Have had this pain for several days, and nothing helps – I’ve tried advil, tylenol, vicodin, etc. and nothing works. The day after the arm pain started, my injection site became itchy and inflamed, and a lump formed. I researched and only found info about “harmless Covid-arm” and continued thinking I must have injured myself, everyone I ask tells me there’s no way the vaccine caused this. I’m so glad to see all of these comments, because now I know it’s the vaccine! Icing the injection site has been helping, as has taking double doses of Zyrtec. Yesterday and today I’ve experienced slight improvement, though I’m still in terrible pain. People need to know about this – I was ready to schedule a needless MRI because the nerve pain is so severe I was sure I had injured my neck!

  177. I have been in constant pain since my Pfizer vaccine. Hopefully you have read my previous posts. I finally saw a rheumatologist who is running many blood tests….The lab took 8 vials. I have to go back in 2 weeks. She is aware of the same conditions in some of her other patients. Finally….being taken seriously….I still have severe pain in my arms at night…Let’s hope we can find some answers. I will continue to keep you informed. Thank you all for sharing….

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