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To help you sort through the news on the COVID-19 vaccine’s progress, MedShadow has created the MedShadow Vaccine Tracker, the only tracker focused on the side effects and adverse events associated with proposed COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rather than injecting patients with a weakened virus or proteins from the pathogen that our immune systems can recognize, which is what’s typically done when we get a flu vaccine, the new vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer — the two that made it to the market first in the U.S. — contain mRNA (messenger RNA), which is a genetic template that instructs our cells to build the viral proteins that our immune systems can then recognize. Its main perk is that allowing our bodies to produce the proteins (rather than growing them in a lab like traditional vaccines) slashes production time. For nearly 20 years, researchers have been interested in using mRNA in vaccines; and some were even tested in early clinical trials for rabies, influenza and Zika. However, the vaccines for COVID-19 will be the first mRNA vaccines ever authorized by the FDA.

Some risks and minor side effects, such as a sore arm where the vaccine is injected or a light skin rash, are clearly worth the benefit of being protected against a disease. Where to draw the line at what is or is not acceptable is a personal decision. That’s where the MedShadow Vaccine Tracker can help. 

On the tracker, we will be publishing up-to-date Phase 3 results information about the risks of each vaccination. Phase 3 tests the vaccine for safety and efficacy in large groups of people (tens of thousands) and is the last stage before the FDA considers approval for use in the population at large. We continue following verified reports as the vaccines are offered to the general public. It is important to note that reports of events occurring after vaccination are not inherently linked to it. As countries begin to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people, some would inevitably be diagnosed with illnesses or pass away each day with or without the injections.

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covid-19 vaccine side effects
Graphic overview of various vaccine trial side effects.


Moderna started Phase III clinical trials for its vaccine candidate in July. In earlier trials, nearly half of patients experienced common adverse effects like injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea and fevers after the second injection. These effects generally subsided within two days. CNBC spoke to a few individuals, some participating in Moderna’s trial and some in Pfizer’s trial who said much the same thing: the side effects were intense and included a high fever, body aches, bad headaches and exhaustion, but were worth it for protection from Covid-19.

In the FDA report published in December, the most common side effects were pain at injection site (91.6% of patients), fatigue (68.5%), headache (63.0%), muscle pain (59.6%), joint pain (44.8%), and chills (43.4%). Three patients experienced Bell’s Palsy, a sudden, and usually temporary, weakening or paralysis of the facial muscles.

The CDC reports that 11% of patients experienced swollen lymph nodes after the first shot. That raised to 16% after the second shot.

A few patients with facial fillers experienced swelling after receiving the vaccine. They were treated with antihistamines and steroids.

January 18: In California, officials halted the use of one particular batch of Moderna vaccines (lot 41L20A) after a small cluster (fewer than 10) of patients at one particular site experienced allergic reactions that required medical attention.

February 1: A study posted on Feb 1 showed that patients who received the vaccine after having been previously infected with COVID-19 showed greater immune response to the first shot and more intense side effects that are associated with strong immune responses like fever and muscle aches. The study included patients who received either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Some scientists believe these patients may only need a single shot to provide sufficient immunity, but more research is needed.

February 12: Out of the first 7.5 million doses administered from Dec 14- Jan 18, 19 cases of anaphylaxis were reported to VAERS after the Moderna vaccine. No patients have died from anaphylaxis. Patients are now being monitored for 15-30 minutes after receiving the vaccine to watch for signs of anaphylaxis. The CDC suggests that anyone who has an immediate allergic reaction to a single dose of an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) should not get the second dose. If your reaction was not immediate, you may be referred to an allergy specialist. The vaccines do not contain polysorbate, but do have a related ingredient, polyethylene glycol (PEG). If you have an allergy to either of these chemicals, you should not get the vaccines. 

Many patients are reporting injection site reactions that show up shortly after the injection or up to a week later. These reactions — which are characterized by swelling, redness, itching, rashes, heat and pain — are expected to last a day to a week. Physicians emphasize that while these effects can be scary, they are not dangerous and should not prevent someone from getting the second shot. So far, doctors do not report seeing these reactions after the second shot, however so few have been given so far that scientists are not sure how common it will be on round two.

March 3: Allergy researchers at Mass General Hospital created a registry for healthcare professionals to report  immediate and delayed reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations. On March 3, the researchers published a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine describing a series of 12 delayed injection site reactions including swelling and rashes. The researchers wrote that one patient received antibiotics although they were not necessary. Several others were treated with steroids or anti inflammatories. The letter included some photos and said that the reactions cleared up within a median of six days. Patients were encouraged to receive their second dose. Half of them did not experience the reaction the second time. A quarter did, but to a lesser degree.

March 8: Researchers from Mass General Brigham published a Research Letter in JAMA analyzing allergic reactions in employees who received their shots there. Out of 52,805 participants, 2.1% experienced some kind of allergic reaction, including hives, itching, rash, swelling or respiratory symptoms within the first three days after vaccination. Allergies were slightly more common with the Moderna vaccine than the Pfizer vaccine (2.2% compared to 1.95%). Sixteen experienced anaphylaxis.

Moderna has announced that it will begin testing its vaccine in children and adolescents, who they believe may have stronger immune responses, leading to more intense side effects.


Pfizer began Phase III clinical trial for its vaccine candidate in July. In earlier trials, some patients experienced common adverse effects like injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea and fevers. These effects generally subsided within two days. CNBC spoke to a few individuals, some participating in Pfizer’s trial and others in Moderna’s trial who said much the same thing: the side effects were intense and included a high fever body aches, bad headaches and exhaustion in addition to the more common side effects, but were worth it for protection from Covid-19.

Some patients described the side effects as being similar to a bad hangover. A nurse who participated in the clinical trial reported feeling minimal effects after the first dose, but a fever that reached more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit after the second injection, along with chills, headache, and intense injection site pain. According to researchers, her experience of having all symptoms together was rare, though many patients had one or two of these side effects. “Clinicians will need to be prepared to discuss with patients why they should trust the vaccine and that its adverse effects could look a lot like COVID-19,” the nurse wrote on Dec 7.

The FDA report published in December said the most common reactions were injection site reactions (84.1%), fatigue (62.9%), headache (55.1%), muscle pain (38.3%), chills (31.9%), joint pain (23.6%), fever (14.2%). Swollen lymph nodes occurred in 0.3% of patients. The FDA reported that four patients who received the vaccine experienced Bell’s Palsy.

January 12: A doctor in Florida died 16 days after receiving the vaccine from a rare blood disorder, acute immune thrombocytopenia. Both Pfizer and the CDC are investigating, though the company has released a statement that so far, they haven’t seen any signs in the clinical trials or data collected from early vaccinations that the death could be related to the vaccine. The blood disorder immune thrombocytopenia, has also been seen as a rare complication of COVID-19 itself, in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

January 19: Twenty-three elderly patients in Norway died after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine. Officials are investigating whether or not the deaths are vaccine-related. Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, suggests that while the deaths may be coincidental given the fragile population, it’s possible that side effects of the vaccines, like fevers, may have strained the frail patients’ bodies and contributed to their deaths. Norway has vaccinated about 45,000 people so far, most of whom live in nursing homes.

February 1: A study posted on Feb 1 showed that patients who received the vaccine after having been previously infected with COVID-19 showed greater immune response to the first shot and more intense side effects that are associated with strong immune responses like fever and muscle aches. The study included patients who received either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Some scientists believe these patients may only need a single shot to provide sufficient immunity, but more research is needed.

February 12: Out of the first 9.9 million doses administered from Dec 14- Jan 18, 47 cases of anaphylaxis were reported to VAERS after the Pfizer vaccine. Patients are now being monitored for 15-30 minutes after receiving the vaccine to watch for signs of anaphylaxis. The CDC suggests that anyone who has an immediate allergic reaction to a single dose of an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) should not get the second dose. If your reaction was not immediate, you may be referred to an allergy specialist. The vaccines do not contain polysorbate, but do have a related ingredient, polyethylene glycol (PEG). If you have an allergy to either of these chemicals, you should not get the vaccines. 

March 8: Researchers from Mass General Brigham published a Research Letter in JAMA analyzing allergic reactions in employees who received their shots there. Out of 52,805 participants, 2.1% experienced some kind of allergic reaction, including hives, itching, rash, swelling or respiratory symptoms within the first three days after vaccination. Allergies were slightly more common with the Moderna vaccine than the Pfizer vaccine (2.2% compared to 1.95%). Sixteen experienced anaphylaxis.

CanSinBio (China) 

China granted the CanSinBio vaccine emergency approval prior to beginning a Phase III trial in August. In the Phase II trial, nearly three-quarters of patients reported at least one common mild adverse events including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, and fevers. Five people also reported vomiting.

Gamaleya Research Institute (Russia)

Gamaleya Research Institute launched Phase III trials in August. But before they got started, President Putin announced that the vaccine was approved early, however, the Phase III trials are expected to continue. In the earlier trials, almost all of the patients experienced low-grade fevers. A small number of patients reported heart palpitations. Otherwise, reported side effects were similar to other vaccines and included injection site pain, rash, headaches, and muscle soreness.

On Feb 1, the group reported efficacy data along with some data on side effects in The Lancet. The most common adverse events were flu-like illness (15.2% of those vaccinated) and local reactions (5.4% of those vaccinated).

The report also states that there were six grade 3 adverse events which were not associated with the vaccination: acute sinusitis, an exacerbation of urolithiasis along with renal colic and deep vein thrombosis (both associated with pre-existing comorbidities) and extremity abscess (due to physical injury and subsequent infection of the wound surface of the soft tissues of the finger).

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson started a Phase III trial for its vaccine candidate in September 2020, but paused it on October 12 due to an unexplained illness and remains on hold. The company announced it would restart the trial on October 26. Pauses are common during clinical trials to evaluate specific adverse events, but the company has not shared details about the illness experienced by one of the trial volunteers. In earlier trials, about 70% of patients experienced at least one mild adverse effect similar to those seen with other vaccines, including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, and fevers.

On Feb 24, Johnson & Johnson shared data from its Phase III trials. The data suggested that while the vaccine is slightly less protective overall (but more protective against the 501Y.V2 variant that emerged from South Africa,) than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, it produced fewer side effects.

The report says the most common reactions were injection site reactions (50.2%), fatigue (38.2%), headache (38.9%), muscle pain (33.2%), nausea (14.2%) and fever (9.0%).  Reactions were more common in patients under 60 than over 60.

Injection site pain lasted a median of 2 days, but up to 7 days in 2.3% of patients.

April 8: A vaccination site in Colorado paused operations after 11 patients became nauseous and dizzy minutes after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Two patients were transmitted to the hospital, but the rest were deemed healthy enough to return home. Officials said that those vaccinated at the same site should not be concerned.


On September 6, the company paused the trial to investigate a patient who developed transverse myelitis – dangerous inflammation of the spinal cord. Researchers determined that the incident was unrelated to the vaccine and quickly restarted the trial in most countries, however it remained paused in the US until October 26. On October 21, scientists reported a patient in the trial had died, however, according to a local newspaper, the patient was in the control arm of the trial, meaning they’d received a placebo instead of the vaccine, so the trial is ongoing.

In earlier trials, many patients reported mild adverse effects similar to those associated with the other vaccines including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, and fevers. The team gave some of these patients preventative acetaminophen to reduce pain and fever. Nearly half of patients also experienced temporary neutropenia – a reduction in white blood cells that can make a person more susceptible to infections.

The vaccine has been approved for use in the U.K., Argentina, India, E.U. and Mexico.

March 11: Denmark has paused the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine while it investigates whether it is responsible for blood clots — one fatal — in some patients.

“It is important for us that the citizens are confident in the offer we give them and trust that we can vouch for the quality of the vaccines we have in our program. Therefore, we react promptly until we have investigated whether there is a connection between the vaccine and the possible side effects ,” officials wrote in a press release.

March 15: Several other countries (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Germany) have also paused use of the vaccine while unusual clotting events are investigated. Meanwhile, Thailand, which paused its use on Friday, March 12 restarted it on Sunday, March 14. On Sunday, AstraZeneca released a statement that its own review revealed “no increased risk” of clotting issues with the vaccine and that “So far across the  EU and UK, there have been 15 events of DVT [deep vein thrombosis] and 22 events of pulmonary embolism reported among those given the vaccine, based on the number of cases the Company has received as of 8 March. This is much lower than would be expected to occur naturally in a general population of this size and is similar across other licensed COVID-19 vaccines.”

March 18: The European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued a statement that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh the risks. The vaccine is not associated with an overall risk of blood clots, though there may be a very small increased risk of certain types of clots. The statement reads, “These are rare cases – around 20 million people in the UK and EEA had received the vaccine as of March 16 and EMA had reviewed only 7 cases of blood clots in multiple blood vessels (disseminated intravascular coagulation, DIC) and 18 cases of CVST [clots in the vessels that drain blood from the brain.] A causal link with the vaccine is not proven, but is possible and deserves further analysis.” These cases were more common in women under the age of 55. Germany, France, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovenia have all stated that they’d restart or continue to offer the AstraZeneca vaccine in light of the news.

April 7: The EMA still says the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks. However, the group has suggested that blood clots be listed as a possible, albeit rare, side effect of the injection and that both patients and doctors be aware of the signs which include: shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling, persistent abdominal pain, neurological symptoms like blurry vision and blood spots under the skin beyond the site of injection. If you have these symptoms, seek medical assistance.

April 9: Out of 34 million recipients of the vaccine, 222 have reported blood clots. They appear to be more likely in younger patients, but it’s otherwise impossible to predict who will experience them. Some experts say they can be treated with intravenous immune globulin, which is currently used to treat immune disorders along with some types of blood thinners .

Novavax (United Kingdom)

Novavax began Phase III clinical trials with its vaccine candidate in the United Kingdom in September and is had planned to start a trial in the United States in October. The trial was delayed due to manufacturing problems. The U.S. trial started on December 28. During Phase I/II trials, patients reported adverse events similar to those of other vaccine candidates, including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. 

 Sinopharm (China) 

In July, Sinopharm launched Phase III trials of its two vaccine candidates in the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Morocco, and Argentina, which are now approved for limited use in healthcare workers in China and the UAE. In earlier trials of one of the vaccines, made in collaboration with Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, about 15% of the patients reported adverse events similar to those of other vaccine candidates, including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. There is little data available about the second vaccine, made in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Biological Products.

Sinovac (China)

Sinovac opened Phase III trials of its vaccine candidate, CoronaVac, in July. It is already being used with emergency approval for high risk individuals in China. The earlier trials showed that about a third of patients experienced adverse effects similar to those in other vaccine candidates like injection site pain, fever, and fatigue, but the study included few details about more specific symptoms like nausea, headaches, and vomiting. On November 10, the trial was halted in Brazil due to a participant’s death. However, researchers say the death was not vaccine-related and the trial should continue. It has not been halted in other countries.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (England)

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is running a Phase III trial repurposing Bacillus Calmette-Guerin — a vaccine developed nearly a century ago to prevent tuberculosis infections — to prevent Covid-19. Since the vaccine has been around such a long time, there are many reports on its potential adverse effects and the vaccine itself has been altered to minimize many of them. Injection site reactions are common, and lymphadenitis, swelling of the lymph nodes, is common.  

Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech announced it would begin Phase III trials in India on October 23. In early trials demonstrated side effect profiles similar to those of the other vaccines, including pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, and fever. The country announced emergency approval, though no Phase III data was included in the announcement.


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778 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Tracker

  1. Thanks very much for developing the Covid 19 vaccine side-effects tracker. This will be very important information to have!

    1. I got my first Moderna covid vaccine one 3-11-2021. I has messed with my vision. I won’t be taking the second shot.

      1. Thats exactly what happened to me with the first pfizer dose. It turns out it was a prodrome and the start of a migraine. But it was scary. i did get my second dose and it had no symptoms.

      2. I received my first dose of Pfeiser 4 days ago, March 10, and my arm is very sore, to the point, I cannot raise it without suffering from medium-sized severe pain. A knot at the site with some headache that lasted 3 days. It feels like a nail has punctured my arm as I have had this experience before. I have had Covid 6 months ago and reports indicate that people who have had Covid experience a larger immune reaction including more pain at the injection site. This headache was the same experienced during Covid which is like ” an empty space with pain in the middle of my head. After 3 days I elected to smoke some pot and like before it took away the headache to never return. Covid headache last 7 days before I tried what my daughter suggested and I don’t know the pathophysiology but once stoned the headache does not return.
        This type of headache that I refer to as a empty space in my head is very frustrating and hurtful
        I am scheduled in a month to get my second dose.

        1. Anyone have sexual problems after the shots , because I can’t seem to get an erraction anymore and hard to be in the mood

          1. I am definitely not in the mood. Keep in mind what the vaccine does is create a benign infection (mRNA) that produces the protein we need to create an antigen for. It builds in the system then the immune response kicks in to correct it tricking it into immunity for the virus. In the meanwhile we sense it building in our system. So, the shot does make us ‘sick’ by introducing a foreign body our own body is tricked into producing to trigger immunity. i slept 18 hours, and it took 12 days for the symptoms to set in.

      3. Had first Pfizer shot on 3/12/2021 at 1:30pm. Woke at 6 AM next day with blurred vision in right eye. Lasted 12 hours. Am headed to ophthalmologist this week to discuss. Not many reporting blurred vision to date. I reported to cdc. I think I will wait 4-6 weeks and evaluate reports before proceeding. Event was definitely outcome of shot. I take no meds and have no conditions.

        1. I also had blurry vision that started 4 days after the vaccine and has persisted 6 weeks later. I have only had one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. My ophthalmologist notes curious whitish deposits on my lens that were not there a year ago. Sigh. I have been experiencing muscle twitching and fatigue ever since the vaccine.

          1. OMG Indigo!!! I have been experiencing twitching too: I thought it was just me. I’ve had it now for 3 weeks. Have you taken second shot?

          2. Hi Lashanda. It has been now 7 weeks of twitching. The muscle cramps have improved significantly. I had three sessions of hyperbaric oxygen which definitely calms the twitching for at least 12 hours. I declined the second dose of the vaccine.

          3. Today is one week since I took first dose of Pfizer. On 2nd day, I began experiencing vertigo type symptoms and today the muscle twitching has begun. Seriously reconsidering getting the 2nd dose.

          4. I started having muscle twitching about 4 hours after my 2nd Pfizer dose…. still twitching 10 weeks later. Twitching has improved but not completely gone yet. Saw a neurologist, he was not much help.

          5. Interesting to see so many reporting problems with right wye after vaccine. I had first dose of Pfizer and no reaction first week; in the 7th-8th day I saw sparking lights on the peripheral of my right eye when moving my head in the dark or very low light…still have it in the 10th day and kind of pressure on the right side of the head; visited ophthalmologist and he said that is nothing wrong…no tear, retina detachment or inflammation.

          6. I was just saying to my sister today that I m experiencing an annoying eye twitching today but I didn’t believe it could be vaccine related. I was looking for another symptom, muscle pain, and found your comments…

          7. On day 5 after receiving the Pfizer vaccine I started getting muscle twitching in my right cheek. It then migrated to other spots throughout my body – back, arm, hand, calf, thigh, etc. and it has been 6 weeks of it now. I have cancelled my appointments for the second round of the vaccine. I was hoping spasms would decrease but they actually have gotten worse in that they’ve become more frequent and longer in duration. My doctor says obviously there is no way to confirm or deny whether it is vaccine related.

          8. I’ve had this annoying muscle twitch in my upper stomach or diaphragm after taking the Pfizer vaccine. 2 days after I took the vaccine it started happening. Are the muscle twitches still happening for y’all? It’s been 6 days for me this has been happening now.

        2. Approximately 2 hours after receiving the first dose of the Pzier vaccine, both eyes began to water and itch and a slight blurring later in the evening which I attributed to the watery discharge. I began to experience fatigue shortly after my eyes started watering.. Both the watery and itchy eyes continued and substantially increased the following day, with my right eye significantly worse than the left and my vision blurred to the point that reading print or writing on the computer was difficult and I developed a squint. The fatigue has continued for the last seven days intermittently abating and then returning. The watery itching eyes cotinue as well. The blurring has abated to some some degree. The use of over the counter Centirizine Zyrtec only helps moderately for approximately 3 hours per dose. I consider the side effects moderate but I will not delay getting the second dose on April 2nd, 2021.

          1. After first Pfizer vaccine I had a very slight ache at point of entry. Had the second 3 weeks later. Again arm aches a little. Nothing else. But around day 3 I had bad depression for a few days. Very bad where I didn’t want to get out of bed. That dissipated in a few days. Not after 3 weeks later I have swollen feet with a rash on lower legs and numb, tingling hands. Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t sleep. When really bad I can’t pick up anything with that hand

        3. I received my second vaccine 7 days. I’ve have weird, blurry vision since then. I have also had severe fatigue and joint pain. The joint pain has settled in my knees and there are times when I can barely walk. I hope it goes away soon.

        4. Brandon, still happening for me. Took my shot on March 18… My feet are killing me, twitching all night long…

        5. I received my first shot on March 1 and started experiencing muscle twitching in my feet and toes which has since gone away. However, I now have muscle twitching on my arms, hands, stomach etc. has anyone seen this go away or spoken to a doctor who has seen this with other patients?

      4. Just curious what your vision symptoms are. My wife sent me a message today that she is having vision problems in one eye…she took Moderna vaccine two weeks ago. Can you describe what your vision issues are?

        1. Just want to say my vision issue on day 1 after Pfizer shot cleared up. The whole right eye was blurred when I woke up and lower right quadrant was last area to clear 12 hours later. Eye doctor was not interested in seeing me. Office advised me to contact primary care physician. Vision has been fine for 5 days and I never had any other typical side effect. Am undecided about getting shot 2 and will wait til 6 week mark and evaluate available data. Reported to cdc and v-safe systems. Hope your wife is doing ok. Hard to find any guidance on issue so far.

        2. My Moderna 2nd shot was 3/15/21. Right eye has serious blocked vision to left side, just developed 3/31. Will be scheduling Ophthalmologist visit. Will followup with results.

      5. Hello
        I too am trying to decide if I should get 2nd vaccine. Within 2 minutes of getting it yesterday I had burning in my chest and colon. I immediately was out of it meaning I felt “drugged”. I was weak and developed a Covid headache which I had last year. They took me up to urgent cate but really did not listen to me discuss my symptoms. Today I felt like I had Covid 2.0. Coughing, hearing going in and out, lack of appetite, chills, severe God Awful headache. My doctor won’t respond and the attitude is that you’re in your own …. scared don’t know what to do.

      6. I’m age 69, had cataract surgery 5 years ago, developed floaters a year later, and had some of them zapped by a specialist 2 years ago. Despite all that, I developed no eye problems after both Moderna shots. My shoulder was a little sore for 3 days after my first shot with no other noticeable side effects. However, after the second shot, I developed a fever 12 hours later that reached over 102 degrees before I went to bed. The next the morning, it peaked at 103.6 degrees, dropped a degree, and hit 103.6 again before falling to around 102 before bedtime. My thermometer is accurate below 99 degrees and I see no reason for it to be off a degree at 103.6. I had a mild headache, was rather lethargic, and my vision wasn’t quite as sharp as normal until the fever subsided. That happened rather quickly on the third day. No muscle aches, but it felt like I had suddenly developed a stomach ulcer that started when the fever did, but went away within 24 hours. The skin covering my belly and my scalp was sensitive, but that slowly disappeared by the fourth day. The lymph nodes above my thigh on the injection side were a bit swollen, but not the ones at the armpit. The injection site no more sore than it was after the first shot.

        I’m still glad I got both shots and will get a booster in the future if recommended. I’ll be better prepared for any side effects that come my way. I’d much rather experience the same side effects than the flu or a bad cold that leaves me with a cough.

    2. You cannot do a test without a control group-it HAS to have one group receiving Saline, I do not know why you believe otherwise, but it is nonsense. That said now 5 days post Astra vaccine – still feeling poorly but improving, most of my pain (other than the awful headache) was joints & muscle, as I have issues re arthritis & nerve pain I did wonder if that was why I felt so poorly in these areas-my husband did not. Now weak n shaky, will have 2nd but not looking forward to it!

    3. I took the Sinopharm vaccine and after exactly 48 hours, I experienced eye pain. My right eye was painful as if it had a foreign object

  2. I find it embarrassing that the “vaccine” administered to the control group of the Astrazeneca trials is falsely called a placebo when in fact the control group also had actual vaccines.
    This makes the control group as susceptible for side effects as the main group just as the case with the fraudulent approval of the HPV-vaccine Gardasil where the control group also received all the ingredients just not the antigens.
    By comparing a vaccine to something that is not a real placebo will make the comparison ridiculous due to the fact that both groups will have similar effects.
    In the Gardasil trials this similarity was used to create a false narrative that there was no significant difference between the two groups, actual vaccinated and placebo… Although there was no real placebo group.
    Just a note!

    1. @Mads Wedel-Ibsen- You don’t know what you are talking about. I’m a participant in the Astrazeneca Phase III trial; 2 out of 3 people get the actual vaccine, and 1 out of 3 people get the Placebo (sterile saline solution).

    2. The control group for the Astrazeneca Phase 3 trial in the USA is receiving an injection saline solution. I am a Phase 3 participant.

        1. Hello the Brazilian doctor who died, it was proven that it was a placebo and the doctor ended up contracting covid-19.
          He did not get the vaccine, he was a participant in the study group, working on the front line and unfortunately ended up contracting the disease.

  3. dear sir i havean allergy with penecilin after i cut a finger seventy years ago. i am now 82 and expecting to get the covid vacine so would it be safe to have the vacination.
    can you help ? drg cummins.

    1. Hello, there –
      I am also allergic to penecillin (and allergic to codeine as well, for anyone reading) and I have received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I have had no allergic reaction. I have also witnessed several other patients who are allergic to penecillin and one other who was allergic to both penecillin and codeine like me, and they all did just fine. I work for a healthcare system and have been helping out at the vaccine clinics that we are hosting. Our doctor on site also gave the okay when people have asked about those allergies.

      1. I’m also allergic to penicillin and sulfa with no severe allergic reaction. I did however experience light headiness and feeling hot immediately after the vaccine.

        1. Also have penicillin allergy. First week after receiving Moderna vaccine I just had minimal itchiness. Exactly one week after receiving vaccine, developed small lump with redness and then a huge blister at injection site. Been treating with ice and hydrocortisone cream.

        2. I got that lightheaded feeling and a hot flush, too. I’m also allergic to sulfa. I was looking to see if it was just me.

      2. My daughter had the guardasil vaccine 13 years ago and had horrible neurological problems for many months after. From feeling like she’d stop breathing when falling asleep to brain numbness and everything felt foggy, couldn’t produce words when in chamber choir or class and had heart palpitations and panic attacks. We took her to the ER several times for MRIs and CT scans. Doctors couldn’t find anything. She did not take the third shot. So we are very nervous about her getting the covid vaccine. Wondering if the Johnson and Johnson would be less reactive. But mainly wondering what to do. She is 30 now and still has sensitivities. Almost died getting her Gallbladder out last year. Reacts to medications. But don’t think she would fair well with covid virus itself either. What is recommended for those this sensitive and as fragile? Help requested!

        1. There are some people who are generally sensitive to medications. And because they generally don’t take medications, their body (I’m thinking of their liver enzyme systems) is not used to new medications, even in small doses. As a retired anesthesiologist, I’m very interested in what transpired during her gall bladder surgery and whether or not it was related to the medication dosages lowered appropriately. I would suggest that that you speak with the doctor who is most familiar with her history. I would not be surprised if she has many of the side effects which have been reported (such as sore arm, fatigue, and so on). I would not let this deter her from getting the vaccine, as she is also very likely to be very hard hit should she be exposed to the virus. However, if your doctor thinks it likely that she will have a life threatening reaction, then you either need to make sure that the workers performing the innoculation are aware and ready to treat the complication or you opt out of getting the vaccine. For the health of the rest of the family and others with whom she socializes with, I hope she decides to get the vaccine.

          1. What sort of advice is recommending another vaccine .. your actually encouraging her to have another shot in the dark.. Even if getting this vaccine further harms her like the gardisil one did. Or this time kills her?

          2. What I understood from Dr. Seitman is she needs to discuss if with her doctor, as COVID19 infection could likely kill or make her seriously ill. She needs to weigh that risk in her discussions with her doctor who knows more about her.

    2. If you look at penicillin’s mechanism of action and the COVID vaccine’s mechanism of action, and, the composition of the vaccines or antibiotic, you will see that they are two very different substances. It is highly unlikely that you will get a reaction from the COVID vaccine which is related to your penicillin reaction. That is not to say that you won’t get a reaction from the COVID vaccine – only that it would be related to your penicillin issues.

      1. I had my first Moderna vaccine 2.5 weeks ago and I’ve been dealing with pain in my upper back. It was less than 48 hours I thought I pulled a neck muscle and then the following day it felt like a severe muscle pulled in my shoulder blade. It calmed down but still hurt. It seems like it comes and goes and some days are worse than others. My mom is now experiencing it with her second Moderna shot and my sister is feeling it with her first moderna shot. The doctors office told me it’s over 2 weeks so it’s not from the vaccine. Doubt that’s true since there are 3 of us dealing with the same thing. I can’t find answers anywhere.

        1. I also got muscle soreness/aches in my upper back between the shoulder blades from the 1st Pfizer shot. This happened about after 8 days out. I thought I had pulled a muscle but the ache started on the left side and then the next day, the muscle ache moved to the right side of the upper back accompanied by shortness of breath. This was definitely not me pulling a muscle. I know for sure it was the vaccine. The vaccine side effects can be prolonged for weeks or months for some people. I am on Day 13 and still having lingering side effects.

  4. I am concerned with statements like “these solicited adverse events were generally short-lived.” Pfizer’s report has similar language (‘most’ resolved within 2-3 days). These vague sentences could mean ‘nearly half the time symptoms persisted indefinitely’! Did all instances of fever or fatigue, for example, resolve eventually? Or did some people have fevers and fatigue for weeks and still had them when the follow up period ended?

    1. I did not have side effects to the first vaccine. After 12 hours of receiving the second moderna, I became very ill. 104 fevers, bones were aching, uncontrollable shaking, lost my vision in my left eye, face selling, head pain as if someone was beating me with a hammer, muscle spasms, face paralysis. After 12-14 hours of this pain I was relieved. Now 24 hours later I’m still weak and my stomach burns .

      1. You need to check in with your primary doctor to make sure that your reactions subside. Also, it is important that these reactions be reported to the authorities. Only with responsible reporting are scientists able to determine how frequently people experience any untoward effects and whether or not these effects are, in fact, related to the vaccine.

        1. I got the Pfizer vaccine on March 12.. I sat for the 15 minutes and when I got out to my car I felt vertigo symptoms… I immediately took a meclizine.. my arm was sore for a few days and I was tired.. Sunday night 10 days after the vaccine I feel like a truck hit me… I haven’t been out of my house in the 10 days… has anyone gotten side effects kick in after so many days?

          1. Is this your first dose of Pfizer?
            My husband got the J and J with no side effects for two weeks. Then he got two days of intermittent fevers and chills, muscle aches, etc. We’re not sure if it’s the vaccine or not.

          2. I have had similar reactions after the first and second Pfizer vaccine. Most prominent are headache and malaise. Lasted about 10 days after first shot and I am on day 8 following the second shot with some improvement. These side effects have interfered with my daily activities. My doctor was not particularly alarmed and stated that several patients have reported side effects of this type lasting longer than the CDC statement of a “few days.”

          3. Yes! Eight days after my first dose, I got up from a lying down position in the morning and was immediately dizzy and then felt “thrown back down on to the bed,” just like your “hit by a truck”analogy. I continue to have vertigo for about 12 days. Then, it stopped. No issues since, and got the second dose four days ago.

      2. That’s far worse than my experience. I’m age 69, have worked out at the gym for 42 years, and only take a low dose statin to keep my cholesterol down. I have no health problems. Not much happened after the first Moderna shot, but after the second shot, I was at 102 degrees 12 hours later, peaked at 103.6 the next day (if my thermometer is accurate), and then things got better from there. I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up, but was lethargic and kept in contact with a neighbor in case I hit 104. I’d have gotten medical help at that point. My headache was mild and I had no muscle pain. My insides were burning that first night, but that slowly subsided. The skin on my belly and scalp was sensitive to the touch, but that was almost all gone after 3 days. I only got the shivers for a short while a couple times. No cough and no runny nose. I also drank plenty of water. It’s now been a little over 3 days since my last shot and I feel almost back to normal. My temperature dropped back to normal about 30 hours after the shot. No unexpected visual problems occurred. Just a slight loss of sharp focus until the fever was gone.

  5. If people realized how ridiculous is to give those “vague” sentences for something as important as health, side effects, symptoms….. But it just shows that human-factor and human-life is not as important as “the end goal” of “eliminating a virus”…..
    I would be much more concerned with all the biolabs in existence throughout the world…. The reason why should we LET this labs exist, instead of banning them! What makes them less dangerous than “weapons of mass destruction”?!

    1. I had the Pfizer1- waited 15 minutes- hit the road- in about 10 min started to feel pain in arm- whooshing in my left ear- started to feel nauseous- after 5-6 hours the nausea was really bad- at bedtime my arm started to get hot and hotter, felt like I could fry an egg on it- put ice pack on it for about 1 1/2 hours and that took care of arm. Next day stomach hurting badly from nausea, headache and fatigue. After that it subsided sone each day. But that first day scared me and wondering if I should or shouldn’t get the 2nd vaccine?

      1. What r u going to do with this. I have the same issues. Pins and needles 3 weeks after pfizer vaccination. Do u feel better;

        1. I am experiencing the same. Almost 4 weeks from the 1st Pzifer shot and I am still feeling pins and needlez and crawling sensation under my skin. Got treated with antihistamines and prednisone for week, started feeling better but now the symptoms are back. Allergist told me she suspects is an overative immune response. Not happy no matter what she says, it’s driving me crazy.

          1. This happened to me and I am 3 weeks in with the shot. I haven’t decided for second one yet. Scared it will do more damage

          2. Please,
            I am experiencing the same,pins and needles all over my body, 3 weeks afrer Sinofarm vaccine.
            Do you feel better?

  6. I am a volunteer with the Astrazeneca program and have a serious concern regarding their protocols and disclosure. I tolerated the initial injection without side-effects yet developed a strange auto-immune response immediately after the second injection. On the morning after the second injection, I noticed a large nodule on the middle joint of my finger which has not resolved. I have left several messages with the team advising of this development and have yet to receive a return call. While this is obviously not life-threatening, I strongly believe that it is a side-effect of the vaccine which should be noted as any other side-effect.

    1. If you are in the U.S. you might also be able to report this to the CDC. They track adverse reactions of all kinds. I and my sister both had a rare (not recorded) reaction to a medication and I asked my physician’s office to report it. They did, but it makes extra work, so you can imagine that a lot could slip through the cracks. Worth doing. I’m concerned about this too for people with autoimmune diseases. I’d love to see an explanation about why this should be safe for such folks. Obviously this will be hypothetical based on logic/theory of how the immune system works. While clinical trials are important, we need more information for a novel vaccine.

      1. I’m curious if your side effects were any kind of neuropathy? I’m 4 weeks past 1st injection and have horrible tingling/buzzing throughout my whole body. Doctors are of no help. This is horrible.

        1. I am experiencing the same. Almost 4 weeks from the 1st Pzifer shot and I am still feeling pins and needlez and crawling sensation under my skin. Got treated with antihistamines and prednisone for week, started feeling better but now the symptoms are back. Allergist told me she suspects is an overative immune response. Not happy no matter what she says, it’s driving me crazy.

          1. I have the same tingling feeling 2 weeks after Pfizer vaccine. Mostly in my face but also occasionally in the injection arm. Doctors just shrug their shoulders and haven’t even told me whether I should get the second vaccine but I’m scared.

          2. Did either of you decide to get your second dose of Pfizer? If so, any worsening symptoms or new?

            I have NOT previously contracted COVID-19 to my knowledge (when I get sick, I get really sick). I’ve been a hermit and have social distanced.

            I’m a 32 year old female and I’m due to get my second Pfizer vaccine on April 2nd and I’m really nervous. I didn’t have many side effects in my arm right after the shot other than it being really sore for about 20 min after leaving while I was on the way home. Other than that, it just felt like I had a bruise at the injection sight. I ran a slight fever of 99.4 on and off for the first few days but felt okay. No longer have a fever (but hard to tell because I’m taking Tylenol around the clock) but symptoms have progressed since the first few days and not getting better. Now for the bad…

            I’ve experienced tightness in the middle of my chest randomly, extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, and headaches that are in the middle front part of my head (don’t experience these types of headaches. Usually I get more of a pressure headache to the left side of my head). I’m having random shooting pain under my eyes where the eye socket/cheekbones are (not usually correlating with my headaches). Started with the left side and now both get random shooting pains. I’ve never felt the pain under my eyes before until I got the vaccine.

            Random falling/rising stars (usually falling stars indicates a migraine) just happening more often than normal. My lymph nodes in my neck where my throat is, have been swollen on both sides (similar to how they react with strep or cold). All I see are people with symptoms of swollen lymph nodes by armpit for first few days which is not the case for me.

            My joints have been worse than ever and swollen all over. Already had issues with my knees but now can hardly walk up and down stairs. I’ve also had ringing in my ears that can sometimes be intense. I’m almost a week away before my scheduled second dose.

            *** A little background on myself***
            I was recently diagnosed with positive autoimmune but still waiting to meet with a rheumatologist to get a firm diagnosis. PCP and PT are thinking it’s RA. RF quant was 10 but ANA screen was positive with ANA titer at 1:80. I’ve always had a terrible time falling and staying asleep as well as fatigue. Symptoms are just worse than my previous normal symptoms. I’ve now been taking 2-4 Tylenol pm or Benadryl and 15 mg of melatonin every night because I’m so miserable. Still doesn’t help much. I was prescribed Medrol 21 day pack for my previous joint/muscle issues right before my first vaccine was scheduled but was told to hold off until a week after my second dose due to it possibly making the vaccine less effective. I also had a brain tumor removed last year about a year ago.

            Getting covid terrifies me so I was super excited about the vaccine. This is the only forum I’ve found with people having similar issues or any issues at all other than what they’re claiming. Now I’m highly questioning the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

        2. I experienced numbness in my hands and fatigue after my first Pfizer shot. The numbness did not subside before I got my second shot. After my second shot the numbness continued, the fatigue returned, I’m experiencing chills with no fever, I’ve had a few minor facial twitches, and tingling primarily in my lower legs. It’s been 13 days since my second shot. It’s not getting better. I have reported it to Pfizer and will report to CDC today. I have a well managed autoimmune disorder, and am thinking this things is making my immune system go wild. I’ve been traipsing around to doctors, but they do not seem to know what to do. I’m sorry to hear people are experiencing similar issues. Anybody improving?

    2. I had my second vaccine 1/12/21 and have developed a finger nodule as well on pinky and feel like other fingers have them under skin near. Any furthur information? Not painful but remain as well

  7. A rheumatologist should be including in follow up of adverse side effects after the last shot and every month after for 6 months or so. Checking inflammation over time and markers for disease is important. This symptoms that “usually” go away can be symptoms or early stages of a chronic disease. Leaving it to the public to report side effects is difficult because many do not understand their body or have access to good health care and by the time they do find a diagnosis it is later after visits to multiple doctors.

  8. i had my covid 19 vaccine and the day after i ended in the emergency room with shorth of breath, tachycardia , high blood pressure, nauseas, chills, dizziness they did all tests possible and the conclusion is that had a very bad reaction to the vaccine . I am 43 years healthy don’t have any medical conditions and my covid 19 test was negative . is scary how people is reactioning to the vaccine not sure if I will get the second dose

      1. I received the Moderna vaccine on 1/12/2121 at about 4:00 The next day about noon I started feeling like I was forming a fever blister on my lip . On 1/14/2121 I had a rather large fever blister forming with swelling.

          1. 3 days after second Moderna vaccine, large blisters and swelling on lower lip both inside and out. I did have a 101 degree fever the day after the shot.

          2. I don’t want to alarm you, but I recommend you call your doctor. These kind of mouth blisters have been associated with a ITP, a VERY rare blood disorder that a very few people have developed after vaccines. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to reach out to your doctor . As for my personal story, I had both doses of Moderna. I felt crappy the day after the second dose but nothing serious. I am now fine and should be Covid immune.

        1. 3 days after receiving the second vaccine I also have the worst fever blister I’ve ever had in my life. It is extremely painful and swollen

          1. Two days after the Moderna Covid Vaccine I had the worst fever blister outbreak on my nose and mouth inside and out. I even went to the doctor for it! I also had aches and chills and I experienced severe headaches for several days after. Hope this helps someone! I would still get the vaccine.

          2. I rec,d moderna 3 days ago..had a fever for 2days after.. now I feel a fever blister starting..I’d like to take Zovirax but I’m afraid to mix with whatever I’ve been injected with! Anyone know if it would be ok?

      2. I received J nJ vaccine 24 hours ago. I have taken Motrin every 6-8 hours since receiving it . Only side affect is a sore arm. I had COVID first week of January and still have antibodies. I am now double protected with IgA and IgG ….. one shot and done! Hoping they develop and accept blood work for tigers… so people immune don’t require future vaccines.

        1. I got the J&J shot on that day too. I felt a little woozy and nauseous. My arms till hurts 5 days in and I do feel muscles movement in my left arm and feel like something is crawling under my skin in the right arm. No fevers, no body aches, no chills or fatigue. I pray that this one and done shot is the truth. I haven’t heard anything bad about others taking it. God bless

    1. Six hours after receiving the Moderna vaccine I also experienced chest tightness, fast thready pulse, sweating, and high blood pressure. This all resolved on its ownFollowed by a day of generalized flu symptoms.

      1. I just received my first dose last weekend and within 5 to 10 minutes of receiving, I had chest pressure. It persisted after leaving the store and I also got mild and sometimes more moderate chest discomfort for the next 8 hours or so. It did got away but now I am concerned about taking the second shot…but also concerned about being unprotected if I don’t take it. Did your chest pressure occur with your first or second shot? If first, were you advised not to take the second?

        1. Hello, I got chest pressure on my first shot. I just received my 2nd shot and I got sudden chest pressure again, 5-10minutes in. And I’m on day 2, post shot and still have some moderate discomfort.

    2. May I ask which vaccine you received as I have not felt well since getting mine with some of the same symptoms. TY

      1. OMG I’m not crazy! I’ve had horrible tingling/buzzing sensations throughout my body since the vaccine. Always worse at night. Dizziness. Panic attacks. Heart feels like it is beating too strong. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Is there nothing that can be done about this???

        1. I had my second dose of Moderna on Feb 6. I had an elective surgery 4 days after and had spike in blood pressure after the surgery crazy high. I have never had high blood pressure. One month out now still feeling a little off but BP is mostly down not as low it was. You may want to check yours becuase the dizziness may be related. I dont know if it has anything to do w vaccine but timing is suspect. I have followed with a cardiologist and EKG is normal blood pressure and heart rate rise and fall so no meds to lower it are being used.

          1. Just wanted to say my wife is 3 weeks after 1st shot of Moderna, she was has heart palpitations, heart rate rise, BP rise and fall, and sugar up/down. Prior to vaccination she had close to perfect heath. Went to doctor EKG was fine, we are still watching and wondering if she should delay the 2nd shot. Any suggestions are welcome.

          2. My doctor recommended that I DO NOT get the 2nd Pfizer shot considering my reaction to the first Pfizer shot. The first Pfizer shot will provide adequate protection needed. Thankfully, my heart racing/palpitations and shortness of breath subsided after taking magnesium supplements and getting my electrolytes in check.

        2. I felt exactly like you! I am not sure to put the second one. I went two times to the ER with really high palpitations and dizziness.

          1. I got my 1st Pfizer shot on March 22. Within 2 hours I felt a surge of hot flashes, chest tightness and my heart started racing / heart palpitation. I was so scared and felt so helpless. Was about to call 911 and ready to drive myself to the ER. The whole ordeal lasted for 4 hours on and off heart palpitation, hot flashes, shortness of breath. It would come in like a wave and then settle down in a few seconds. If I laid down then it would get worse so I would sit up or stand. If I get my 2nd shot, will the heart palpitation and side effects be 10x worse??? Did anyone with heart palpitation get their 2nd shot and how did it go? Were the heart palpitation worse than the 1st time around?

        3. I am still dealing with pins and needles and a crawling sensation on my skin. I was told that is due to an overreactive immune system response. But it has been 4 weeks and they do not seem to go away. I wonder how long is this going to last 🙁

          1. How are you feeling now? I’m only two weeks out from my second Pfizer dose and feeling the same tingling/buzzing sensation. I’m hoping one day I just wake up and it’s gone, but no luck yet. 😩

          2. I am having the same reaction as you and it started several hours after the 1st. Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Day 2 symptoms seems to be getting worse and my hands feel like I have a sunburn and sensitive to the sun and heat.

        4. You are NOT crazy. I am day 10 of my first Pfizer shot. I got heart palpitations, shortness of breath, hot flashes that come and go. The racing heart and shortness of breath comes stronger at night. Don’t let anyone tell you it is in your head. You know your body the best. I too am experiencing the same side effects from the vaccine. I will NOT be taking the 2nd Pfizer shot. This is too risky!

        5. I started taking magnesium supplements and my heart racing/palpitations and shortness of breath immediately went away. I feel almost normal now after that 1st Pfizer dose. I am on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing heart racing/palpitations to read up on magnesium and how it regulates the heart. Also, make sure your electrolytes are normal. I believe my electrolytes were a bit off and it might’ve contributed to the heart racing/palpitations.

          1. Do you feel better now? I read that you took your second pfizer shot, i had the first dose on Tuesday and I’m experiencing higher heart rate and dizziness, I’m scared because I’m pregnant, I don’t think i would get the second dose.. did anything help besides magnesium and electrolytes?

        6. how are you now? I am feelin the same thing,tingling,pins and needles, I am really afraid.3 weeks after 1 dose of Sinofarm and still the same.

        7. Kat Bloom,how are you know,please write,I am feeling exactly like you.Did enyone fill better with this sensations?

    3. I am a 64 year old previously healthy physician who developed a sudden severe reaction 30 minutes after receiving my first Pfizer covid vaccine 9 weeks ago. I developed severe burning in my face, tongue numbness, a very high blood pressure. Since that time, I have been very ill with weakness, paresthesias in my face, tongue, torso and limbs as well as dizziness, tremor, chest tightness and blurred vision. I have been incapacitated. I have reported my reaction to VAERS, Pfizer, CDC, FDA multiple times without response. Multiple people with similar neurological reactions have responded to my comment in a medical journal and have experienced the same difficulty getting medical care or response from our regulatory agencies.
      It is very curious that these reactions are not being publicized or acknowledged. In my case, I am 100% sure that this adverse reaction was caused by the vaccine.

      1. Thank you, for sharing your findings. As I stated above, I got my moderna shot(first) and received chest tightness that still lingers. It’s been about 10 weeks total and I did receive the second shot and I still have chest tightness, I also cannot drink any form of alcohol without heart burn or chest ache, the response is rapid. I have paresthesias on my left arm that I feel everyday, with heart palpitations on a daily. Keep in mind, I am in my 20’s and this is making me miserable. I also cannot sleep well, my heart beats super fast at random hours of the night that wakes me up as well. I also went to the ER, because I thought I was dying. EKG, chest x-rays we’re done and blood sampling’s and turns out I am okay. But I haven’t felt normal, since I’ve had the shot.

        1. Just wanted to let you know I feel roughly the same way and I am also in my 20s. I am having strange heart and breathing issues that come up at night. I got the first dose on Jan 15 and the second dose of the vaccine 3 weeks ago. I had paresthesias a few times. I had a panic attack because I was anxious about my heart on Jan 23, and since then I’ve been with these heart issues every night. I’m fine during the day though. I can’t tell if I am having palpitations because every time I have tried to check my heart beats, I never manage to catch one. My heart issues that I still have consist of feelings of my heart beating harder and weaker sometimes. I used to have shortness of breathing but not so much now shortly after the second dose. The shortness of breath was accompanied by a feeling of fluid in my lungs causing me to clear my throat a lot. I still get the fluid feeling.

          1. Hey thanks for replying! I actually started taking some vitamins because of this, I’m on potassium and magnesium with the daily vitamin mixer thing. I’d recommend CALM magnesium drink the anti-stress drink, it’s helped me a bit, something is better than nothing. I’m sure you’ve tried holding your breath then slowly letting it out when you’re having fast heart beats etc. That’s helped me a lot. Let me know anything you’ve tried to cope with these symptoms.

          2. Hi, I had a similar experience with chest tightness, rapid heart rate, hard to take a deep breath, didn’t want to talk much after the first shot about 6-8 hours after the shot. Did you find anything to help these symptoms subside? I am scheduled for the second shot (moderna) next week and trying to figure out what to do. The symptoms still linger but they have improved tremendously since a few weeks ago when they originally started. Doctor suggested maybe albuterol or benadryl.

          3. I got the same thing. After the first Pfizer dose, got tight chest, shortness of breath, heart racing/palpitations, hot flashes. It usually comes at night when I am reclined. During the day I am fine. I do NOT plan on taking the 2nd Pfizer shot. I’m afraid of any long term damage to my heart and lungs and who knows what else.

          4. High anxiety will cause heart palpitations. I used to get them when I was a lot younger, but no longer do because there is no real stress in my life. Even though I ended up with a temperature of 103.6 after my second Moderna shot, I didn’t panic and my heartbeat remained normal.

        2. Hi, I had a similar experience with chest tightness, rapid heart rate, hard to take a deep breath, didn’t want to talk much after the first shot about 6-8 hours after the shot. Did you find anything to help these symptoms subside? I am scheduled for the second shot (moderna) next week and trying to figure out what to do. The symptoms still linger but they have improved tremendously since a few weeks ago when they originally started. Doctor suggested maybe albuterol or benadryl.

          1. I got my second vaccination on feb 10. I still have chest tightness. I still get random aches here and there. Popping tynenol a lot has made these symptoms go away during the day but at night it always flares up. Keep in mind I went, ER and urgent care no dice. Nobody knows.

          2. Pfizer dose 1 – Feb 27th. Since the following day I’ve had chest pain and tightness, elevated heart rate and back pain. All tests are clear. Anyone experiencing the same and how long did it take to go away. In this condition I don’t think I can take the second shot.

          3. I don’t plan on taking the 2nd Pfizer shot after experiencing the heart racing and shortness of breath. I am hoping there is no permanent long term damage to my heart and lungs.

      2. Danica, the weakness, dizziness, chest pressure and blurred vision mirror my symptoms after my Pfizer vaccine on 1/24. I am still feeling “off balance” and am battling terrible headaches. I have been incapacitated as well. I attribute all symptoms to the vaccine and find it frustrating no one has contacted me either nor have these symptoms been published as a possible side effect.

        1. Did things get better for you? I had the first Pfizer vaccine one week ago. But I also had covid back in November. I have had headaches and fluttering heart and heart palpitations since I got the vaccine and my blood pressure has been high. I have never had high blood pressure. I can’t get it to go down.

          1. I had a similar issue with the first shot and its happening again after the 2nd. My doctor said a strong immune system response is likely the culprit and prescribed an antihistamine to slow it down. Check with your PCP.

      3. How sad that you reported your side effects to all those agencies and no one acknowled you. Makes me sad and mad that the media only tells us to run and get vaccinated! They NEED to tell both sides of the vaccine story!

      4. Dr. Hertz, I’m a 59 year old female who started having paresthesias of both feet, and to a lesser extent my hands, as well as slight week feeling in right lower leg and both forearms one day after having received the Pfizer vaccine (first dose 12/18/20). 11 weeks later, I still have these symptoms although they are marginally improved. I have literally not been the same since I took the vaccine. I have searched the internet numerous times trying to find other reports of this and have seen none until I came across your comments. Very hard to believe others are not experiencing same. I am highly suspicious of the reporting system at this point.

        1. I believe there are many people who have experienced similar reactions. I have contacted many experts and the top people at the FDA, CDC and Pfizer. They don’t want to hear from us. I had a consultation with the neurology dept at the NIH. They are seeing many people like us and believe the antibodies we make in response to the vaccines attack other organs including the nervous system in some people. They believe I will recover, albeit slowly. I am starting to see mild improvement after 11 weeks. It has been difficult experience to say the least.

          1. We are on our own. I have been unwell now for six weeks after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Prednisone and hyperbaric oxygen seem to help with the muscle cramps, fasciculations and fatigue.

          2. Dr. Hertz, I am thankful for your comments and you trying to shed some light on this. My symptoms are not as bad as some of you, but I still have persistent tingling all over my face 3 plus weeks after pfizer vaccine. The doctor said not to get another pfizer vaccine, or moderna but some doctors have suggested getting a non Mrna vaccine (johnson and Johnson). Do you have any knowledge about that idea?

        2. I had my first Pfizer shot yesterday and have been experiencing sharp twinges in my right foot pretty much all day today. Nothing debilitating, but unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I looked for the as a side effect, but until I found your comment here-I saw no mention of it. Not sure what to expect down the road!

      5. I’ve experienced the same. Tingling/buzzing sensations throughout my body. Dizziness. Heart feels that it’s beating too strongly. Panic attacks from all of this. There seems to be no help out there. I’m having co start panic attacks. From all of this.

      6. I have had both Pfizer vaccines. After the first one I began experiencing hair shedding. Have been seen by my family practice doctor and a dermatologist. After much bloodwork they can find no explanation. My hair grows noticeably thinner, a problem I have never experienced until my vaccine. As this started days after the vaccine I think it is related. Reported to VAERS and received no response.

      7. I received the Moderno vaccine on 2/27. I had a fever and mild reaction with my first shot. On the second shot, I am mediately had a reaction. They treated it like anaphylaxis but held off on the Epi because my heart rate was so high. I was treated in the ER and released. Two days later I returned the ER with similar symptoms. After that I was transported by EMT two additional times for extremely high blood pressure and heart rate.- this is all new. My Primary Care even called 911. I have MS- they say it is not connected. They have run several tests but everything comes back inconclusive. I had my shot 15 days ago and still feel horrible. I meet with the cardio and endo tomorrow.

      8. How many of you have received their second dose of Pfizer? If so, any worsening symptoms or new? I just read your comment, Dr. Hertz. Thank you for posting because it makes me feel less crazy! I responded similarly to another post but then found yours and what you say, fits more to what I’m experiencing.

        I have NOT previously contracted COVID-19 to my knowledge (when I get sick, I get really sick). I’ve been a hermit and have social distanced.

        I’m a 32 year old female and I’m due to get my second Pfizer vaccine on April 2nd and I’m really nervous. I didn’t have many side effects in my arm right after the shot other than it being really sore for about 20 min after leaving while I was on the way home. Other than that, it just felt like I had a bruise at the injection sight. I ran a slight fever of 99.4 on and off for the first few days but felt okay. No longer have a fever (but hard to tell because I’m taking Tylenol around the clock) but symptoms have progressed since the first few days and not getting better. Now for the bad…

        I’ve experienced tightness in the middle of my chest randomly, extreme fatigue, rashes are more prominent on my face and neck than normal, feet turning more blue/purple than the usual, sleeplessness, and headaches that are in the middle front part of my head (don’t experience these types of headaches. Usually I get more of a pressure headache to the left side of my head). My watch is constantly telling me to breathe. I’m having random shooting pain under my eyes where the eye socket/cheekbones are (not usually correlating with my headaches). Started with the left side and now both get random shooting pains. I’ve never felt the pain under my eyes before until I got the vaccine.

        Random falling/rising stars (usually falling stars indicates a migraine) just happening more often than normal. My lymph nodes in my neck where my throat is, have been swollen on both sides (similar to how they react with strep or cold). All I see are people with symptoms of swollen lymph nodes by armpit for first few days which is not the case for me.

        My joints and muscles have been worse than ever and swollen all over. Already had issues with my knees but now can hardly walk up and down stairs. I’ve also had ringing in my ears that can sometimes be intense. I’m almost a week away before my scheduled second dose.

        *** A little background on myself***
        I was recently diagnosed with positive autoimmune but still waiting to meet with a rheumatologist to get a firm diagnosis. PCP and PT are thinking it’s RA. RF quant was 10 but ANA screen was positive with ANA titer at 1:80. I’ve always had a terrible time falling and staying asleep as well as fatigue. Symptoms are just worse than my previous normal symptoms. I’ve now been taking 2-4 Tylenol pm or Benadryl and 15 mg of melatonin every night because I’m so miserable. Still doesn’t help much. I was prescribed Medrol 21 day pack for my previous joint/muscle issues right before my first vaccine was scheduled but was told to hold off until a week after my second dose due to it possibly making the vaccine less effective. I also had a brain tumor removed last year about a year ago.

        Getting covid terrifies me so I was super excited about the vaccine. This is the only forum I’ve found with people having similar issues or any issues at all other than what they’re claiming. Now I’m highly questioning the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

    4. I’m currently experiencing the same thing with Moderna. Two days after my second dose and my heart rate is constantly going from 100-160 BPM. I also went to the ER and had a follow up EKG and lab work. I’m a 22 year old female and have no heart issues or overall health issues.

  9. Its good to know how risky,the risk potential long term is unknown, but since there is a safe and effective natural therapy-why bother,

    1. Are you nuts? If there was a safe and effective natural therapy for this, people wouldn’t be dying by the thousands every day. Inform yourself!

      1. Completely 100% agree, Reptar. THERE IS NO NATURAL THERAPY THAT IS EFFECTIVE FOR COVID. Hence the unfathomable number of lives lost. Very important to help keep people informed by science and medicine. There is no magic protection from COVID and we all need to do our part by masking and frequent hand washing. Even if you are vaccinated, the vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID and spreading it to others – it makes symptoms less severe to help ensure you don’t end up in the hospital (or worse, dead) and may even make you asymptomatic – which makes masking that much more important for protecting the lives of others.

  10. I am a 61 yo working nurse with Asthma and Diabetes. I got my first injection at 0815 and by 1000 the headache started. As the day progressed I had more injection site discomfort but nothing beyond the usual flu shot irritation. I woke up the second day with fatigue and a low grade fever and chills. Today is day three and the headache is still there but the rest of the symptoms have subsided. Out of the seven coworkers that received the vaccination on the same day, only two of us had symptoms.

  11. My daughter received the Moderno vaccine on Wednesday December 30 New Year’s day her face swelled she had a heart rate of 135 she was admitted to emergency room in Everett Washington she’s a front line healthcare provider and her worksite required her to take the vaccine she was admitted to the ER again not with the swelling but with tremors hi heart rate was having a hard time breathing she was admitted to the ER again where they administered IV the first time she had received steroids but no swelling so they just gave her fluids and Valium to reduce her heart rate I am extremely concerned as she has continued dizziness 10 days after the vaccine she is still dizzy what’s the long-term effect I see that the reported adverse reactions as .6% I do not believe her house worksite reported they adverse reaction if anyone has information in regards how to be treated when you have adverse reactions and dizziness high heart rate fatigue she’s experiencing fatigue now 10 days after the vaccine please contactMe

    1. I am a teacher and received the Moderna Vaccine January 30th. I got a headache shortly after receiving the vaccine that lasted 2 days. My right shoulder swelled and I couldn’t move my arm for almost a week. I also got chills (body was cold) the first day and took an unplanned nap that day. About the week marker I began to feel extreme fatigue. I have had an irregularly fast beating heart beat even while I sit. Last night my heart was racing so much I did not sleep. I’m a 46 year old very active female.

      1. After the first Moderna in February, I had some chest pain and elevated heart rate. It actually got a little better over time, now that I received the second dose 3 days ago, I’ve battled an elevated heart rate, some mild chest pains, and weird pains popping up basically throughout my chest, back, side, and lower back that only last a few seconds to half a minute. I feel like they are progressively getting better, but I’ve been worried about a heart attack or stroke because of my family history. So far, so good, though.

        1. I am experiencing the same. First shot at noon Friday March 12th (3 days ago) Had those symptoms the rest of the day. Saturday felt fine in the morning then symptoms were back by lunchtime and lasted the rest of the day. Today, sunday symptoms are back. This isn’t fun and I’m dreading the 2nd shot.

  12. Please help. I received the moderna vaccine on Dec 30th (health care professional) today is January 9th. I have a baseball size rash, hot to touch, not painful that started last a Tuesday (six days after injection). At first my arm was a bit sore but nothing more than the flu vaccine. I have drawn a circle around the mark to see if it is increasing in size, it has been increasing each day. I went to dr and they. Told me they don’t know what is causing this but put me on an antibiotic. I am scheduled for second vaccine on Jan 25th. Not sure if I should still get this.

    1. I had similar reaction with Moderna. Dau #2, arm was very sore (more than I’ve ever had with flu vaccine. On day # 8 noticed a light rash starting. Rash got progressively itchy and larger over the next day. It is now day #10 and redness has started to lessen but spread is a bit larger. Still remains itchy, slightly sensitive and warm to touch. I am having 2nd thoughts about dose #2.

      1. I also developed a rash hot to the touch exactly 7 days after my first dose of the moderna vaccine and it’s progressively gotten worse. It’s not a major concern but it is uncomfortable. I’ve just been putting cortisone cream on it. Did either of yours clear up? I’m 9 days post vaccine, 2 days with the rash.

      2. I am having the same reaction, a baseball size, red, hot, raised mark where I got the shot. I, also, am using a pen to guage the growth. Haha…..

      3. I had Moderna vaccine 8 days ago with no issue until this morning when I woke up with an extremely swollen injection site that is red, warm and very hard and it was initially itching, now just aching. Would appreciate knowing when your swelling went down and if you noticed any other side effects.

        1. I received the Moderna Covid -19 vaccine 1/15/21 around 11am MST

          1/16-17 or 18 had some slight swelling and sensitivity at the injection site. The first few nights I slept uneasy but, had very vivid anxiety filled dreams. I dreamt I was infected with an alien, a survivor in apocalyptic time trying to revive plant-life and last my husband was buying Luvs diaper… The last one was pretty random considering I am 39 and have 0 desire to bring new babies into our home.

          I’ve been tired and hungry at night. I’ve been sleeping more than usual. It’s super difficult to wake up in the morning. My eyes have been watering at night when I’m super tired.

          After my evening nap 7:30-10pm The injection site is swollen, itchy and slightly warm to the touch. I’m glad I am not the only recipient to have these symptoms approximately week after the first dose.

          I’m keeping a vaccine journal and will post any major changes. Good luck to all.

          1. I can imagine its unnerving to observe these things. It looks like severe swelling, redness, and pain at the injection site are known possible reactions. But in none of the reported cases in clinical trials did those things require hospitalization or cause necrosis.
            If you give your doctor a call they can report these reactions to the national Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System to help us get better data on how common they are. And of course they can help you evaluate whether you need to do anything other than wait for it to go away and take pain med.

      4. I am now having a similar rash 10 days after my first Moderna shot. Rash started at the injection site the size of a tennis ball and was red, hot and itchy. But I also have small itchy hives on my left hand and both ankles and calves. Glad to know I am not the only one, but also wondering about shot #2.

        1. 12 hours after my first Moderna shot I started getting a wide spread very itchy rash. Hands, feet, legs, lower back. I’m on my second course of steroids in 11 days, yesterday I got a steroid IM injection and so far nothing has helped. I sleep very little due to my feet being so itchy at night with hives, toe swelling. I’m opting out of the second injection. I look like I have the plague.

          1. would you be willing to send me a pic. four of my toes only on one foot are swollen and itchy and very pink One toe has peeling skin.

          2. I found Calamine Lotion very helpful for the itchy rash and hives I’ve been having initially on arms but spread to chest, back, and face. I gets me through the night.

          3. I had Moderna on 4/2/21 went to slip on my shoes the evening of 4/4 and could not get my right shoe on my foot. Starting looking at my foot – it was twice the size of my left foot. Doesn’t hurt, but looks terrible.

        2. My research and readings suggested that if you have a rash on the vaccinated arm and also rash in other areas of your body you should consult your doctor. If it is only on the area of vaccination then it will eventually go away. I have a rash on my vaccinated arm (Moderna) which started after 6-7 days of being vaccinated (first vaccine) and actually is now bigger and redder. I was vaccinated on 2/1921.

      5. I got my vaccine in January 10 and everything was fine. Just a little sore. Now out of no where, 8 days later my upper arm to shoulder is in “arthritis-like” pain, swelling the size of a baseball and a red rash appeared at the injection site!

      6. I had my first moderma shot on Jan 11 with and today Jan 19 I started itching at injection site. When I touch the area I can feel a lump and it’s a bit red. When researching I did see it’s fairly common to have a lump after receiving a vaccine. Will keep an eye on it. Took a picture for reference.

        1. The same thing is happening to me. I got the first dose of moderna vaccine 1/12/2021. I am a 28 year old woman with no underlying conditions or health issues. My arm was sore for a few days like any other vaccine, then fine. Now it’s nine days later and I just got out of the shower and noticed the red mark at the injection site, a few inches across, hot to the touch but not painful. I do also have eczema but this looks different and my eczema has never been on my upper arm. I will try tylenol and cold compresses after reading some of these other replies.

        2. Figured I would add to this thread as well. Originally my symptoms went away after about 24 hours (Moderna) save for the expected arm pain. But now 9 or 10 days post, the pain returned, it’s hot to the touch and itchy. I haven’t talked to my PCP yet, but I still fully intend on getting the booster.

          1. I am on day 7 post Moderna vaccine and just today developed a baseball size rash at the injection site. It looks like hives almost. Itchy and hot. Not painful. Did anybody do anything that makes this go away? I’ll call my doctor obviously in the morning.

          2. I received my second COVID vaccine on 1/25/21. The next day I had mild injection site pain and felt a little tired and achy took Motrin and it resolved. Last night (23 days after the second dose) my injection site pain and tenderness returned. No redness, no rash. Just the tenderness!

        3. I went for my 2nd dose yesterday. So far all I have is a very sore arm much worse than the first shot. I’ll be happy if that’s the only symptom I have but I will update if anything else comes up.

      7. I am so worried because the same thing happened to me. I was at the vaccine site and was waiting for obligatory 20 minutes and I told the nurse I was experiencing tingling and pain at the injection site.
        They said that if it was just contained o the injection site that it was not a problem. Now it has been 8 days since and it has not gone away nor become less warm, hard and itchy. I am extremely worried about getting a second dose. I have a feeling that it is triggering some kind of auto immune response. I don’t want to go the doctor!!!!!

        What should we all do? This is NOT NORMAL.

        1. I also got the Moderna shot. My arm was sore the first day only. No redness. I was very tired and had a bad sinus headache for 6 days. Still tired at day 10 and my arm is now red with a large rash. It also itches. I’m a healthy 45 year old.

        2. I also got the Moderna shot. 1/12/21. My arm was sore the first day only. No redness. I was very tired and had a bad sinus headache for 6 days. Still tired at day 10 and my arm is now red with a large rash. It also itches. I’m a healthy 45 year old.

          1. My rash, lump and itchiness went away. Then I developed a rash on my throat and went to a dermatologist, she gave me a steroid cream and the rash is fading but my arm has become sore again!
            I think I will wait until the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I don’t think my body is doing well with the mRNA type vaccine.

        3. 1/24
          The swollen, red, warm and itchy is spreading.

          1/24 evening, I talked to my pharmacist he said to track my side effects with the CDC,, draw around the area to track the growth, and speak with my doctor.

          1/25 Swelling started to go down drastically, still a little red. I spoke with a nurse, she said this is a common side effect they are seeing. She said move and use the arm as much as possible & take ibuprofen as needed.

          1/26 Pretty much all cleared up

      8. Yep, same here. Had Moderno #1, developed a rash on second day. I am now on day 11 and rash is a lot larger, quite warm and ichy. Wish they had more
        information about side effects from second dose – I’m scared!

    2. I have the same reaction. I got my first dose 8 days ago, and today, I woke up to a huge rash on my arm. They gave me topical steroid cream.

    3. Hi! Did you get an update from your Dr about getting the second vaccine? I got the vaccine 8 days ago and have the same experience you are describing. Bit sore after getting injection, but warm baseball size rash suddenly appeared yesterday (7 days after vaccine).

    4. I had similar reaction. Vaccination was fine. No significant issues then day 7 axillary pain and, later in the day, my arm at injection sight turned red hard and tender. Lasted 4-5 days. Delayed sensitivity I suspect but not sure if I will get second shot.

      1. Exact same thing happened to me. My arm was really sore the day after the injection, but subsided by day 3. Day 8 it has become itchy, red, arm, with a raised bump, & my axillary lymph node is swollen. I’m a 46 y/o female.

        1. Side effects for me on day 9 post 1st dose of Pfizer jab. No problems for 7 days after receiving jab but now onday 9 have significant swelling , redness ,itching at injection site and swelling of lymph node.

    5. First Dose Moderna Jan. 15th
      Yesterday, Jan. 23rd
      Injection Site is red, warm, itchy, hard lump.
      No Pain, No other Rx.

    6. Hi VA. Did the swelling and redness subside? Are you going to get the second? If so, I’m curious if you have the same reaction. I had my first of Modern on January 16 and the redness and swelling began January 22. Still planning to get the second but would like to be more prepared.

    7. I too had the Moderna vaccine and 10 days later out of nowhere my injection site became swollen and very painful and itchy! That was followed by a headache and chills that lasted for two days. My swollen injection spot did slowly go down and stopped itching and aching. I’m due to have my second shot Feb 4th. I will have it because I’m not going through all this for nothing. I just hope that the first shot has done it’s job so that the second shot won’t be as bad.

    8. I had my first Moderna shot Jan. 17th. Had a slightly sore arm for 3 days. Now at 8 and 9 days later, I have a large red swollen and itchy spot at the injection site. I don’t even know who to contact and also have concerns about getting second shot on Feb. 15th! .

      1. I am right now dealing with a rash since day 8. Now one week out from day 8. Rash is hot and red. No pain or itch. I too go back 2-15…I have reported to CDC.

          1. I started with rash on my torso day three after moderna vaccine. Went to immunologist that told me its nothing serious since it started three days after vaccine. On day 8, developed “covid arm.” Today is fourth day. Arm still very itchy.less red. Still have rash on torso. How are u?

          2. Hi Julie,
            I got my first Moderna vaccine on Tuesday. Thursday morning I notice a rash over my torso, hips, groin area and neck. It is not itchy but my neck feels tight and hot. I am taking Benadryl. I react this way to most antibiotics which is why I wanted to be vaccinated, because if I get sick I am hard to treat. It is now day three and I don’t really see any reports of this being a side effect of the vaccine but clearly it is for me. I am 59 years old. Worried about what the second shot might do to me. My airways have been fine. Appreciate anyone’s advice because this is all so new that I don’t think doctors know what to advise.

          3. FULL body rash? hmm. I went back for second shot and showed them a rash on my chest only; it started a day or2 after first shot. Still here they are making me see an allergist before I get a second…

    9. Same reaction here. Arm was sore day of injection and that was pretty much it, until seven days later. Arm started to itch and ache. Red rash developed around vaccine site and traveled down the arm to my elbow. I developed a hard lump just above the elbow within the rash area. Going on four days now of this.

    10. I received 1st Moderna jab on Jan 17. On Jan 24, got Covid arm + sore and swollen lymph node under the arm. Rash soon became scabby, took about a week for redness to go away. As of Feb 9, lymph node under arm is still a bit sore and I still have a few scabs from the rash. I’ve been advised to get my 2nd dose in the other arm.

  13. Thank you Covid -19 vaccine side effects tracker , you made my day. From Jordan the due respect to your team. Dr. Ziad Najjar MD. MPH

  14. Hey Michelle,
    I too am experiencing this. I reached out to our Medical Director handing our Vaccine clinics (who also happens to be my PCP). I thought I would share my experience with you and with others. I received my first dose on 1/2/21. My arm was sore that day and even more sore on day two. Then I was fine until day 7 and the site was tender again. Day 8 I woke up with redness, hot to the touch and very itchy. I was told to try Tylenol, hydrocortisone and cold compresses. It’s a little better today, less itch. I don’t think the Tylenol did anything. I was told that it isn’t an allergic reaction as that is within the first 15 minutes to 4 hours of receiving the vaccination. I’m told that this is a side effect and my body’s robust response. I was told that the contraindication of my symptoms wouldn’t prevent me from receiving the second dose. More info here under the ‘Recommendation for Contraindication and Precautions’ section:
    Also, anyone can and should report any symptoms to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
    The more information we can provide them the better. Hope you get some relief. Also, I’m a 41 yr old female, got the Moderna vaccine.

    1. I only got my Moderna vaccine 2 days ago however I joined a group on Facebook of people who have received the vaccine. It is very common on there to read about people getting a red, itchy, hot, round rash near injection site and it always seems to be right around day 8 and most of said it starts to get better a few days later. Some have mentioned cold compress, some have taken antibiotics to make sure its not cellulitis. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for this to be reported to VAERS so that can track it all.

      1. I received my 1st Moderna shot January 13th in my right arm and had some arm soreness for a couple of days. Got my 2nd one February 10th in my left arm and woke up the following day with a lump under my arm the size of a baseball cut in half. It is now March 5th and the lump has gone down quite a bit but both of my arms are very uncomfortable and achy from my shoulders down including my arm pits. They feel almost like the burn you get in your abdominal when you do a lot of sit ups. I don’t know what to do. Anyone else experiencing this?

    2. Jame- I too have had the same experience. Baseball size swelling, itchy, warm, painful starting on Day 8. It’s now Day 11 and the redness and soreness has continued to spread out and down my arm. When did yours go away? Did you ever take anything? I was told by nurses that ts very common and it’s my bodies response to the vaccine but others cautioned it could be cellulitis. Looking for people experience and how it was resolved and very importantly the time line to resolution. Thank you!

    3. Hello Jame — I experienced exactly the same symptoms as you, and also swollen lymph nodes. I am currently on day 7 and woke up with a massive, red, hard lump on my arm. I was just wondering how you are feeling now that you’ve taken the second shot? Did it all go away? Did you do anything to help it go away? Thank you.

  15. Michelle, a very similar thing has happened to my mom. She also got the vaccine on Dec 30, and for the first couple of days just had arm soreness and a little fatigue. She was fine after that until Jan 10 when – just like you – she developed a baseball size rash on her arm which is warm and itches a bit but doesn’t really hurt. She went to a doctor today and the doctor said they have heard of this happening to some people who’ve gotten Covid shots and don’t know what’s causing it but she too prescribed an antibiotic. Can you let me know what other medical advice you receive, and I’ll do the same?

    1. I developed a baseball size redness (coupled with mild itching) around the injection site 2 days ago, 10 days after I received the 1st dose of Moderna -Vaccine. Redness area seems to be subsiding and itching is gone. Will watch progress next few days, and will not think it is cellulitis, in need of antibiotics, unless arm’s redness does not continue to improve/recede. Please advise if you have any updated information to share. Thank you.

      1. Day 10 I noticed a hard, red, itchy lump at my injection site. My arm was sore the day after but I hadn’t had any problems until now. I think I will call my doctor tomorrow.

  16. I had the first vaccine and had side effects, I had headaches, nausea, back pain and it even felt like I had a UTI. I became lethargic and could not focus: and had to leave work half a day. And then could not go back to work because i still could not focus, I would stumble over my words, could not finish a sentence. My back pain started to get better after 2 weeks and then I had to get the second shot, now my back hurts again and I have periods where I run fever. And all the other side effects.

  17. I had a similar reaction after my 1st dose of Moderna. I initially had some soreness and redness a few days later, but it subsided. On day 4 post vaccine, I felt very fatigued and had to take a sick day. By day 7, I developed red, itchy spots at the injection site which turned into a large, itchy welt by the end of day 8. My MD prescribed Medrol and hydroxyzine, which is helping the symptoms. I was concerned about taking the second vaccine, as well. My doctor said this was not a systemic reaction – just a local reaction. I will likely take my second dose but will definitely have some Benadryl handy.

  18. My daughter and I had the Moderna vaccine (both have autoimmune conditions) and we both had intense arm pain immediately after the first injection that developed into a hot, red rash (size of a baseball). Hers also has a hard lump. It’s very hot and itchy. It’s been 12 days since we received the first vaccine and doctors don’t know what to do. They recommended Benadryl and Motrin. Benadryl helps a little, but it’s just not going away. We are both very nervous about getting the second shot.

  19. i got post vaccine encephalitis after a vaccine and have never been the same since. never again will i get another one

  20. I am a 48 yr old nurse and received the Pfizer vaccine 1st dose on Jan 11th. Arm was fine. Felt like I had a mild hangover – nothing huge but just felt under the weather that night and the next day. Tylenol / advil cleared it up. I am having symptoms that may not be related but started on the evening of post-vaccination day 1 – soreness / mild inflammation on edges of eyelids- one side greater than another. Almost like several sty’s but nothing visible. Eyes watering and mild pink eye type symptoms but eye itself is not reddened. Strictly along lash line upper and lower lids. Swelling and sore. Other eye is mild on one side of eye only. Polysporin drops don’t seem to do alot. Now 72 hrs after it started (96hrs post vaccination) and is slightly improved. While I doubt it is vaccine related, I am throwing it out there to see if anyone else had eye symptoms. I know the actual virus was reported to cause some in certain people. I have had both sty’s and pink eye before but this seems different – not quite either. Moderate – sore/watering – unable to wear eye makeup past few days. Probably unrelated but vaccine is too new to know for sure. Thanks!

    1. Got the first shot of Moderna on 1/20. Similar eye problems. I used hot compress on the eye and it helped. After 3 or4 days it was gone. But my upper back started to ache two days after the shot and still bothers me on the 5th of Feb.

      1. Pfizer 1st dose on March 5th. No reactions. March 13th woke up to extreme dizziness. It’s now March 22nd. The dizziness is less severe but now I’ve also developed a red, swollen eye lid. Left side is severe. Right side is just starting. Along the lash line also like a stye. Eyeball is not red. Both eyes are tired feeling. In one year- no sickeness whatsoever – probably because of the isolation and masks. After the 1st dose I have these two strange symptoms from taking the vaccine. I will postpone the 2nd dose in order to prevent further damage as I feel confident that the 1 dose is sufficient protection for now.

        1. I received my first Pfizer dose on the day you posted (68 yr. old male). My left arm is still sore, I developed muscle cramps in my neck on the same side and a “pins and needles” sensation around my left eye as well as some swelling and red eye on day two. It hasn’t traveled any further yet. Also increased sensitivity to cold, fatigue and more difficulty staying focused (than usual!). While it’s a relief to know this seems to be a vaccine reaction, I will be consulting my primary care physician before I get the second shot if the symptoms don’t clear up soon. I practice intermittent fasting (5:2) which may be helping a bit. I find it interesting that the medical profession says of its potential benefits that “there are no current studies being done” – probably because you can’t monetize not eating.

    2. Avatar How are your eyes now? I developed pink eye with discharge on both hours a few hours following the Moderna vaccine. The next morning I'm experiencing eyelid swelling as well. says:

      How are your eyes now? I developed pink eye with discharge in both eyes hours a few hours following the Moderna vaccine. The next morning I’m experiencing eyelid swelling as well.

    3. I also have unusual eye issues, post vaccine. I had the Moderna vaccine 5 days ago, and noticed that my left eye was sore, a little pink, and a little oozy on day four. It feels just like pink eye, and I have no doubt it is related to the vaccine. Other side effects are fatigue, a little joint achyness , and sore arm at injection site (which is better now). Nothing I can’t live with, but the pink eye is unusual enough that I did a search to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

    4. I too have eye irritation. Left eye only. Started 12 hours after my second Mederna injection. Three days later I still have eye watering and irritated.

    5. I also developed what may or may not be a style after moderna #1 shot 6 days ago. It’s a red bump inside my lower eyelid. There’s also a very puffy bag of fluid under the eye. I have never had a stye before.
      I also developed a raw mouth 3 days after the shot that lasted for 4 days.

    6. Hi Kerianne. I had first Moderna Jan 4th and the second Feb 1st. It’s five weeks later and I feel awful, exhausted, huge dizziness upon getting out of bed, headaches, muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, swollen right foot and ankle, and gritty eyes with eyelid tic mostly in left eye. I found report of eye symptoms on which describes twitchy eyelid as well as conjunctivitis as side effect. Look for Forbes article on JAMA Opthamology report that 36% of Covid patients had eye related symtoms including conjunctivitis. I’m 80 years old, strong but with a complex medical history. We’re the guinea pigs here- nobody knows. Brave new world.

    7. These comments are helpful. I am a 74 year old woman who had the second Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I woke up with a sore left eye lid that sounds much like the description above, as well is an itchy left ear, and sore left arm at the vaccination site. I am feeling sort of run down. It is good to know that these may be reactions to the vaccine.

  21. I had the Moderna vaccine on January 7th. Today, January 16th, I noticed the redness on the arm the shot was injected in was all down my arm from my shoulder to almost my elbow, warm to the touch and itchy. I went to Urgent care, but the physician didn’t know why it would show up after 10 days or what it was.. He gave me a script for an antibiotic and told me to take Claritin and go to the emergency room if it got worse. Reading the comments on this page has helped me to understand I am not alone with this reaction. I hope you will continue to post how long the reaction took to go away.

  22. Currently in the UK it is not for under 16, severe allergies or pregnancy and also now those with Guillain-Barré syndrome. the ‘gold standard’. However some people who are more vulnerable to this ingredient and can even develop antibodies against this substance and therefore develop allergic, sometimes severe, reactions to it.
    There are many studies from a few years ago to more recently at the the beginning of this year regarding the Importance of ‘Poly(ethylene glycol) Alternatives for Overcoming PEG Immunogenicity in Drug Delivery and Bioconjugation,’ which would then help decrease the risk of adverse side effects even more, which could be one point. This is just one study of many and alternatives are being developed and not all vaccines will use this ingredient, I understand currently for PfizerBioNTech at this stage, it is not recommended for under 16, those with severe allergies, pregnancy and also now those with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

  23. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is one of the ingredients the PfizerBioNTech and Moderna vaccine and it was considered the ‘gold standard’. However some people are more vulnerable to this ingredient and can even develop antibodies against this substance and therefore develop allergic, sometimes severe, reactions to it.
    There are many studies from a few years ago to more recently at the the beginning of this year, regarding the Importance of ‘Poly(ethylene glycol) Alternatives for Overcoming PEG Immunogenicity in Drug Delivery and Bioconjugation,’ which would then help decrease the risk of adverse side effects even more, which could be one point. This is just one study of many and alternatives are being developed and not all vaccines will use this ingredient, I understand currently for PfizerBioNTech at this stage, it is not recommended for under 16, those with severe allergies, pregnancy and also now those with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

  24. Margaret Liu, the chairman of the board of the International Society for Vaccines and a pioneer of gene-based vaccines. (Liu is on scientific advisory board of the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute, which developed AstraZeneca’s vaccine for COVID-19.) Had this to say in ‘The Scientist’.
    “Why these vaccines (mRNA) seem so effective while previous attempts against other pathogens haven’t appeared as promising remains an open question. One simple reason, according to Liu, might be the sheer volume of resources that were poured into developing them. Liu also hypothesizes that one explanation for the high levels of efficacy is that the vaccines might be triggering a nonspecific inflammatory response to the mRNA that could be heightening its specific immune response, given that the modified nucleoside technique reduced inflammation but hasn’t eliminated it completely. On the flip side, she adds, this may also explain the intense reactions such as aches and fevers reported in some recipients of the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. (Others have suggested that the lipid nanoparticle is responsible for these severe, but transient, side effects reported in some trial participants.)”?

  25. I very much appreciate Medshadow having the information and a place where people can also comment on any reactions they have had.
    There is also the Cov-19 ZOE app, which can now track anyone’s adverse reaction as well, it was independent, but then received some Government funding, but apparently, so far, it is independent in its data.
    Also the UK Givernments website, or ‘Yellow Card’ vaccine monitor.
    Sign in | Vaccine Monitor

  26. I had the Pfizer vaccine with very minor fatigue fatigue and some aches in my back and knee after the second dose. I have spoken to about a hundred other medical staff members and none of us and no one we have spoken to have had anything more dramatic then what I experienced. None of my office personnel have had their second Moderna dose, but the first dose was without side effects on 35 people. Sorry that there are individuals who are having less fortune. Many of the things described above are side effects we see after administering allergy shots.

    1. I (39 F) have psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis and my rheumatologist just thinks my immune system over-reacted to the vaccine. My rash is very similar to what one would expect from a drug rash. Unfortunately you can’t really discontinue a vaccine-I’m 11 days out and still getting waves of rash and hives. Every time my immune system reacts to the vaccine I get another wave. Hoping to press it down with high dose steroids (awesome side effect-my joints feel great!).
      Most of my other nurse friends just had the flu-like symptoms/fatigue from the second injection. Three got the “covid arm” hive-but it doesnt seem to bother them (not itchy or painful)

      1. I had my first Moderna shot 1/28 with no issues. Then a full week later I developed the Covid Arm rash followed quickly by full-body hives and rash…purple and intensely itchy. I’m now on day 10 of hives. They seem to come in waves. Just when I get hopeful they are in retreat, back they come. I’m on antihistamines and topical steroids. Not sure I’ll get shot #2.

  27. Sad that the article is not updated but is month and month old. Good that we get the realtime comments and stories though!

    1. Hi Mette,
      This article is updated as we see media reports of any adverse reactions. It’s usually 1-2 updates per week, mostly under the Moderna and Pfizer categories.

  28. I am a pharmacist in Memphis, Tennessee, I have received both vaccinations with Phizer vaccine for Covid. The first shot went ok – no major side effects or issues. The second shot that I received on 1/7/21 has been a different story. Initially nothing was wrong. About 36-48hrs later my right thumb started to pain me when I used my right hand for anything or the simplest of tasks as in tying my shoe. I didn’t think much of it and thought maybe I hurt it doing something else, but I couldn’t recall where I might have hurt it. Then I thought this could be from the vaccine. I tried to look up cases of this but didn’t find anything so then I just tried to convince myself it was something else and kept complaining to my wife. That was until my wife went to work last Friday 1/15/21 and she told me how one of her clients said she had taken the vaccine (second shot) and has been experiencing unbearable pain in her right thumb. My wife at the time freaked out and asked her again to repeat what she said. She then called me and told me what the lady had told her and how she has been complaining about the same thing for over a week now. The pain is unbearable when I use my right hand for the simplest of tasks (pick up anything, hold something, etc). When i don’t use the hand or thumb there is no pain. its almost two weeks now I have been dealing with this.

    1. One hour after the vaccine my right wrist became severely painful, unable to use, (I got my shot in the left arm) Then my right hand swelled up. After two days the swelling was gone but the right wrist and hand are so painful I can’t use them, I have to keep it wrapped. Excruciating pain.

    2. My right thumb started throbbing about 10 minutes after getting the Moderna vaccine. That was five days ago. I had flu like symptoms that lasted for about a day, but a couple of symptoms have persisted. This is day 5 and my right thumb still hurts and my thumb joints are swollen. I also still have fatigue and an ache in my upper back that I have never experienced before.

  29. I received my first shot on 1/5. No side effects except a very sore arm. A week later I developed a rash and my injection site was hot and itched like crazy. I took Benadryl and put hydrocortisone cream on it along with cold compresses. It went away after 3 days. A week after that it came back only this time the splotchy redness was all over the side of my arm. It did not itch as much, but the rash was over a much larger area. I am doing the same again, but it has been 3 days and has not gone away yet. I am not sure I am going to get my second shot.

  30. I thought you were talking about me! I am also 41, female, had Moderna vaccine last Monday. So today is day 8 and I also woke up with a baseball size redness on my left arm where I had the injection. Super hot to touch , feels firm when pressed and very itch. Itchness was worse in the morning, it was so bad I thought it was a bug bite. I applied cortizone 10 cream but it didn’t do anything. Icing the area helped a bit but it becomes hot again quick. I outlined the area with a pen… hopefully it gets better in few days 🙁

  31. I got my 1st dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine! After receiving my first shot, my temperature elevated slightly. I could not sleep at all that night because I experienced body aches, fever, chills, headache, dried mouth, and fatigue. My injected arm was extremely sore. I did not take Ibuprofen or Advil. Instead, I drank a lot of water and went to the bathroom frequently, too. The next day I tried to take a nap during the day and headed to bed early as well. My body was back to perfectly normal on the fourth day after I got that Vaccine.

  32. Hello,
    I had my Moderna vaccine on January 11, 2021. Initially I felt fine. 15 minutes after I experienced tachycardia, dizziness, shortness of breath, warm feeling over my entire body, tremors, nausea, fatigue, and weakness. I was admitted to the ER and was told I was having a severe reaction. I received IV cortisone, benedryl, pepcid, and fluids. Episodes started to come less frequently and I was discharged. Day 2 I had severe fatigue, dizziness, low grade fever, chills, headache, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Day 2 my arm that I got the shot in is very hot to touch and extremely painful. I cannot lie on that side. I have diarrhea, dry throat, episodes of dizziness, and spikes in blood pressure. Day 3 arm is a little less painful, still unable to eat much, and diarrhea continues, and have body aches. I’ve been taking tylenol for the fever and body aches. Woke up at 2 a.m. drenched. Day 4 symptoms are the same. Day 5 throat is still dry, diarrhea is getting slightly better, dizziness, low grade fever is the same. Day 6 body aches are slightly better, still have very little energy. Diarrhea stopped, stopped taking the tylenol and temperature throughout the day goes down to normal and then back up to 99.9. Day 7 — feel about the same as yesterday, Day 8 –was able to eat a little more and seem to have appetite back. Still have low grade fever and some spikes in blood pressure, also put dishes away and ran the vaccuum then had to take a nap. Day 9, feel a little better but still have bouts of dizziness, and still have low grade fever that comes and goes throughout the day. Also still feel fatigue. I’m starting to feel like I will never feel normal again. Has anyone else experienced these side effects from the Moderna vaccine. Also my PCP said for me not to get the 2nd dose.

    1. Your symptoms sound so close to mine. I received the Pfizer vaccine. I am still not feeling well and I received the vaccine 1/8/21.

    2. Hi Joni – I’m in week five after second Moderna shot and I have all the symptoms you describe plus others like eyelid tics and a swollen right ankle and foot. I can barely get out of bed, took a shower and was so wiped out I had to take a nap. I’m 80, active and ambitious but with complex medical history that I’m sure is making it harder for me than most people. I don’t know who to see. Just hoping one of these days I’ll wake up, get out of bed without spinning out, and get on with my life. Tempus fugit.

  33. I’m a healthcare worker. Had my first Moderna shot 1/10. Last night 1/20 , noticed redness about the size of my fist around injection site. This AM, redder and sore. A little warm in the area too. Just took Benedryl and will see how it responds.
    May be unrelated to shot, but one day after shot I began to have pain on the top of my left eye. Not the lid. I was much worse 2 days later and now has seems to subsided, but still mild.

  34. After receiving my first dose of Moderna Covid vaccine I did good sore arm at injection for a few days then everything seemed fine . Now 8 days after injections site is swollen,red and in size spread overnight from nickel size to the size of a lemon . Called Dr. they put me on Zyrtec and asked me to mark the site site report back to them if it keeps spreading . Hoping for the best rethinking about following through with 2 Nd shot .

  35. Same story here. Received the first Moderna vaccine 1/9. Had a little arm stiffness that and the following day (nothing more than a flu shot would elicit). Everything seemed fine until day #7, when the injection site began to itch and swell, and a red/pink rash developed. The rash has slowly gotten bigger, but has begun to fade. The symptoms seem to be entirely local, no fever or systemic symptoms. Spoke with my doctor who assured me this is an injection-site reaction, and encouraged me to get the second shot. I’m a 43 year-old female.

  36. I am a 41 year old female and received my first Moderna dose on 1/12. It was sore and after a three days no indication of shot. Now on 1/21 I also have a baseball size lump at the vaccine site that is itchy and hot to the touch. I am going to the dr tomorrow at 8 am. Glad to see overs are having the same reaction t I am concerned bc many people say that the second dose has more severe reactions . Not sure what to do.

  37. having the same thing with the moderna shot. Developed some small bumps day 8 near the injection site. turned into hive looking bumps which went away. One day later looks like a large red, swollen patch that is a little itchy but hot to the touch.

    1. Same thing has happened to me after the first Pfizer vaccine. The next day started chronic mild to moderate headaches (never get headaches), chronic fatigue (never experienced this before and it’s worsened as the weeks go on to the point where I’m currently out of work for 3 days), really chilled at night/shivering but no fever which started 2.5 weeks after injection, on/off mild sore throat/congestion (not bad, just annoying and I don’t have seasonal allergies), and more frequent PVCs (heart palpitations) which started two weeks in. I’ve cut out all caffiene, stay hydrated, eat relatively healthy, sleep well (but now sleep all the time), and take a multivitamin plus extra vit D and B12. I’m scheduled for the second dose this Friday and really don’t want to get it. My symptoms all match chronic fatigue syndrome which I 100% feel started due to the vaccine as I’m a healthy 37 y/o active woman. I wish I hadn’t gotten the vaccine but I’m a healthcare worker and felt pressured to do so. I’m hoping to go for bloodwork today after a zoom PCP meeting so I’ll update here if anything is discovered.

      1. Oh no! That’s my comment below……. horrible headaches after my first Pfizer dose! And now after my second dose 1/29 I’m out of work for the second week…. extreme fatigue, headaches, nausea the last 3 days, and sweats…. I’m exhausted! I’m usually a very active 56 yr old and right now I get winded taking laundry to my room! I wish I’d never got the vaccine…. but I work in a Covid clinic and was highly encouraged to do so. How are you doing now?

        1. Patty, the ‘winded’ part sounds more like a symptom of COVID. Did you happen to get tested while experiencing these symptoms or thereafter? If so, was the result negative? Curious that it would cause you to experience so many COVID-related symptoms.

  38. I had the Pfizer vaccine 1/7 and am still experiencing headaches that land me on the couch. I’ve spoken to Pfizer safety team, they said see your PCP…. thing is it’s all so new and no one really knows. I’m scared to get the second dose next week. I’ve never been a headache person and I’m exhausted.

    1. I have had similar issues, check you Blood Pressure. I have always had low BP, and since a couple of days after Moderna i have had high systolic BP, went as high as 157/70 – bad headache that day. Now on day 6 and still can feel my heart pounding and are in the 130s to 140s on the top number. Doc wants to treat me for hypertension if it is still going on after another week. The docs don’t seem to know what to expect other than the basic fever, chills, etc. I know this is a result of the vaccine, and may be part of the immune response, but no one can confirm that for me. feel very alone, I guess I will just have to wait another week to see what happens.

  39. I also got a tennis ball sized red swelling with rash 8 days after the moderna injection. For those of you with the same side effect, did it eventually go away? How long did it take and what did you do for it? Thanks

    1. I had the same….nurse recommended benadryl and that helped and eventually went away after a couple of days; I had tried cortizone and didn’t do much.

  40. Exact same thing for me as well! I got the moderna number 1 on january 14, 2021, absolutely NO side effects until 8 days later. Tennis ball….hard, hot, red, and itchy. Hope this goes away. Please report back when yours subsides.

  41. Received my first Moderna dose on 01/15. I had a very sore arm at night and second day. One strange thing is after about 20 min of the injection, suddenly one of my eyes start to see mang tiny tiny dot floating. It is all over the whole one eye vision. It really bothers me. I am not sure if it is because of the vaccine. But it did happen about 20 min after the vaccine. Since Moderna can be storage at -20 degrees which means this RNA might have more Lipid Nanoparticles to stabilize the mRNA. I wonder if the small lipid particles can enter the Aqueous Humor Circulation. One week after the vaccine, the dot becomes light and gradually reduced now.

  42. I greatly appreciate this side-effect tracker. I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine 48 hours ago. Within an hour my shoulder felt as if it had been punched hard, and remained extremely sore for 36 hours. Now, two days after the shot, I’ve developed extreme fatigue/exhaustion to the point I’ve been laying down all day. Will update again when things resolve.

  43. Got my first moderna shot 1/14 and one week later got a large red patch at the injection site and it itched mildly. The red area has gotten bigger, but the itching a bright redness and the hot feeling have subsided. This is only the second day after the initial reaction, so so far, it didn’t last long. Used Benadryl cream to help itching. A little leary of the second shot. I’m 73

  44. I received the Pfizer vaccine and immediately felt like I had a tennis ball in my throat. The sensation has not gone away, day 2. However, I never had any problems breathing. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

    1. I’ve had that a few times in my life. It is a muscle cramp, basically. It isn’t harmful and has always gone away for me eventually. Stress brings mine on.

  45. I’m so glad I found this comment space! I received my first dose of Moderna on 1/15. Everything has been totally fine, and this morning I woke up with a welt on the injection site arm, super red, itchy (not crazy) and hard. I fully intend to get the second dose but this is weird! Let’s keep each other posted.

  46. Same red, hot skin here. Mine keeps spreading and covered most of my arm (elbow to shoulder). Original spots healed turning from red to yellow after a week. Histamine blocker, antibiotics, and ointments. 4 Dr’s no real diagnosis. How has the healing process been for you?

  47. I had moderna vaccine 10 days ago and was fine til tonight when I noticed a rash that is hot to the touch. I applied an over the counter cortisone cream on it but after reading all your information i don’t know what to expect will happen next. I will take all your advice and see what works. I hope it goes away before I have my second shot. Please keep letting us know how long it takes to go away.

    1. Update on my first vaccine. Called the doctor after having rash on my arm for 6 days. She told me to take Zyrtec or Claritin for a week and use cortisone cream on rash. It is now day 10 and rash is fading and almost gone. She said take Claritin day before next vaccine and continue it for another week. I might just continue Claritin until my next shot which is Feb. 13th.

  48. I had my first vaccine on 1/15 and had pain and soreness at the injection site for a few days. I also had a low grade fever and a headache that lasted for 3 days. Now it’s day 8 and I have a red itchy rash at the injection site and feel a little dizzy. I would really love some answers bc I’m not comfortable taking the second dose.

  49. I received my first dose of Pfizer’s Ccovid-19 vaccine today and within 15 minutes of the shot being administered, I started feeling dizzy. Fortunately, the clinic was next to a hospital (Lincolnton, NC). The medics who initially responded checked blood pressure sitting and standing. There was a 20 point drop between sitting and standing. I spent the afternoon in the Emergency Room while they did bloodwork and a CAT Scan – no problems found. From what research I’ve done, it appears that I had a mild (?) anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. Knowing that the second shot typically has a strong reaction, I need to find out what to do. Do I get the second shot?

    1. Michael, I had the Pfizer first dose 2/5/2021 at a mass vaccination site and immediately started feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseated. They took my blood pressure while I sat in my car. It was 110/64… unusually low for me. Even though they offered to drive me, I was able to drive a short distance to an observation area after waiting about 15 minutes. I was still lightheaded and nauseated. I was in observation for at least 45 minutes. My blood pressure then was 138/70. Waited a bit more before cautiously driving the 9 miles to home. I was very tired and the nausea and occasional dizziness continued off and on for a couple of days more. I had pain from my shoulder up to my jaw on the side shot was given. And, pain in my opposite shoulder. I didn’t attribute the blurry vision to the vaccine, but others have mentioned it herein. I’ve also wondered if I had a mild anaphylactic reaction. I’ve been researching, too, as I was leery of having a worse reaction with a 2nd dose. I’ve canceled 2 appointments for the 2nd dose, and, at present do not plan to get it. Israeli studies (“real world” not clinical trial) have shown that a single dose of Pfizer has an efficacy rate of 92.6% after 2 weeks. I also have Type O Negative blood, which is supposed to afford some protection against Covid, as well. Did you get the 2nd dose? If so, how did it go?

  50. Like so many others it is my 10 day from moderna and a huge growing swollen red solid hive at site of rash I see many people questioning if they will get 2nd dose I wonder is anyone has gone through this and then had second dose

  51. I got the tennis ball sized itchy rash on day 6 at the injection site. No other noticeable effects. It’s gone down now to almost normal on day 11.

  52. I received my first shot of the Moderna vaccine on Jan. 14. I had no side effects other than a slightly sore area at the injection site. On Jan. 22 – 8 days later – I too began to experience a redness at the injection site,. The area was very warm to the touch and developed a hard lump at the injection site. On the second day after this began, I took a small amount of Benadryl which seemed to help with the lump. By today, the redness has diminished somewhat, the swelling is considerably better and the arm is not nearly as warm to the touch any longer.
    I am very interested to find out if other people who have experienced this ‘on the 8th day….’ occurrence have gotten their second shot and, if so, if they had any or different reactions. I will admit I’m a little bit concerned about getting the 2nd shot, but will do it because I am more afraid of contracting Covid.

  53. I would like to add to my above comment that I had a very similar reaction in late October when I got my senior dose flu shot, but the reaction was the very next day, not 8 days later. My arm got red, hot to the touch and hard.

  54. Adding my comments. I had COVID in November, and just had the COVID vaccine (Moderna) on 1/14. Initially had symptoms similar to having COVID and redness and itchiness at the injection site. All subsided within a few days. This morning (1/25) I noticed itchiness at the shot site again and realized I now have a rash (not as bad as some of you are report, but I am concerned). I will be reporting this on VAERS site too. Too many of us are having this reaction (or whatever it is). Not sure if I’ll get the 2nd vaccine. I hear reaction for the 2nd one is worse.

    1. My husband has had Bell’s Palsy 3 times (he is 70). He received the Moderna vaccine on 2/5/21 and other than a slightly sore arm for a day or two has not had any adverse reactions.

    2. I had bell’s palsy in 2009, after receiving the flu shot. No one has been able to tell me if it was related to the flu shot, but I haven’t had a vaccination since. I had the Bell’s Palsy for over a year, which is unusual. I brought this up as I was concerned about getting the Covid-19 vaccine. My doctor told me I should go ahead with it, so I had the Moderna vaccine a week ago, on March 2. I had no symptoms the first day, other than a slightly sore arm. I felt a slight tingling in my tongue, but that might have been paranoia as that is how my previous Bell’s Palsy came on. But the following days brought on nausea, weakness, diarrhea, and that was followed by a very mild itching over my body, as if I was about to get hives, and I did get a few bumps. This lasted a couple of days, until I took an antihistamine. With my history of Bell’s Palsy, a history of hives, and this reaction, I am worried about getting the second shot.

  55. Anyone having lymph node issues? I’m a week out with Moderna and just got an enlarged, tender lymph node above my collarbone on the same side I had the injection.

    1. I have the same thing. I got my Moderna vaccine on Jan 13 and yesterday noticed a lymph node above my collarbone is enlarged. Also, my injection site started swelling again after going away a week ago and is red and itchy. I’ve also had really bad back pain for the past 5 days which could be completely unrelated since I’m prone to lower back pain. However this pain is worse than usual.

      1. Hi Karine,
        My daughter who’s a nurse also has a lump below clavicle and noticed a couple of days after. Still there after 3 weeks and just got the 2nd shot with no lump yet.

        1. Shortly after my first shot, Moderna, I developed a small lump on my breast. It’s not on the same side where I got the injection. It’s a weird feeling and not painful at all. Yesterday was 3 weeks since my second shot. I’m extremely fatigued today. Has anyone else experience this?

    2. Andrea my daughter has exactly what your describing after a couple of days . Is yours still there. My daughters has been there for 30 days

      1. How your daughter was doing with the lump below her clavicle. I know someone who had something similar. Did she get it checked out?

    3. Almost a week later after Moderna shot I have swollen lymph node under chin on left side (injection side) and on right side of my throat. Now 5 days later they appear to be less swollen. I have RA . Going to Dr. tomorrow.

    4. My lymph node under my arm on same side as injection site swelled up the next day after my second shot. But the first shot a few days after I got a small non itchy circular rash on my forearm that went away with Cortizone a week or so later. My second shot I got the swollen lymph node, more rashes kinda like eczema which I dont believe I’ve ever had. The rash is on my top of hands and top of forearms. The rashes are what’s killing me since I usually don’t have them especially this long been around 9 days since 2nd shot.

      1. Hi John – which vaccine did you get? Most people are reporting a rash from Moderna but I’m experinecing a rash on my torso from the Pfizer

        1. Pfizer – sore arm (no rash or swelling) after first dose on 2/27. Second dose (3/20), had joint aches & fatigue on day 2 but it went away nicely. Day three started with fine rash on neck, arms, chest, torso, and a little on parts of legs. It’s not terrible – slightly itchy, but I looked everywhere to see if this is a reported side effect. So glad I’ve found this site…I see I’m not alone. Have reported to CDC.

  56. Hi,
    I got my first dose Moderna Dec. 28th. 8 days later, Jan. 5th, I developed a red area at injection site that grew for 3 days larger than softball, with the inner area more pale and a red ring around it, very hot, and very itchy. Not painful, except when I itched it. I went to the doctor and they gave a steroid cream. It really helped me. Went away after about 5 days. It’s been 20 days since it showed up and I still have skin discoloration on my arm but swelling, redness, and itching is all gone. On Jan. 11th, I developed bad temporal headaches. I am not a headache person. I still get headaches almost every day since. I also started having right eye problems like there is something on my eye but goes away sometimes.. I can’t figure it out like why it’s coming and going.. I’m supposed to get my second shot in the morning. Not sure if I will. Anyone else experiencing the headaches and vision issues?

    1. I experienced the same eye symptoms mostly in my left eye but little it my right too. The eye pain with the feeling of something in my eye comes and goes like you. The optomologist thought she saw a hair in my eye but said she lost it and didn’t end up taking it out. She also said I had allergies and dry eye bilaterally in addition. I did get my second shot. The eye problems have remained for now but didn’t get worse from the second shot. Not sure if the eye issue is related or not, though I’m aware people with Covid-19 can have eye issues.

  57. I got my Moderna on Jan 16 morning, first 2day I had pain on my arm but it went away. On Jan 23 night injection area become red, swelling and hot. Today is Jan. 26, seems getting better, I will keep monitor

  58. I had the Moderna first dose, on 1/18, with soreness on the arm and swollen lymph nodes the second day. Took Tylenol and the soreness subsided after third day. Then on the 7th and 8th day, 1/25 and 1/26 I developed an rash and itch on the site of the shot. I used a topical itch cream and took a Claratin. Itch has stopped…will monitor over the next day or so.

  59. I had my first Pfizer dose Jan 7. I had my second dose Jan 17th. First one -I had arm tenderness. Felt off for a couple days but not unexpected. Flu shots make me drag for a couple days also. This last one- terribly dizzy that night. Uncomfortable. Could not sleep even though I felt exhausted. Tylenol and more Tylenol. Starting yesterday I began itching! Benadryl helped for a few hours but it’s coming back already. Been taking one aspirin everyday to try to prevent blood clots that have killed a few people. God Bless everyone. Good luck!

  60. Same for me – glad I am not alone. Got my first shot 2 weeks ago and yesterday noticed a rash where I had received the shot, it’s about 4 1/2 inches across and 2 1/2 inches wide – and it is warm to the touch, itches a little but I only notice the itch once every couple of hours it’s not painful and doesn’t make me want to scratch. I did contact my dr yesterday and left a message on my health board with a picture. They want me to come in tomorrow to check it out. I can post later what they said and had me do.

  61. 1/18/21–1st Moderna vaccine. I had a sore arm with a small lump for 2 days but no further symptoms. Today, 1/26/21–day 8–I have a large, hard red lump at the injection site. It has been slightly itchy. It doesn’t hurt but does feel hot. Also, today—day 8, have had some stomach pain and upset. Anyone else having any stomach issues after vaccine? It could be unrelated but seems ironic that it started on the same day as the rash and lump at injection site. Please let me know if you’ve had stomach issues.

  62. Update 1/26/21…went to my doctor with itchy arm after 7 to 8 days..The doctor said it was a localized reaction. Recommended Zyrtec or Claritin with topical ointment. Said she could prescribe steroid, prednisone, but did not know if would effect efficacy of the vaccine…I did the former. She said it should clear up in three days and was safe for the second the vaccine through Moderna.

  63. I too had Moderna reaction as above starting on day 8 and went away by today (day11). Looks like it’s been noted in trials…
    Found this “In the mRNA-1273 group, injection-site events were mainly grade 1 or 2 in severity and lasted a mean of 2.6 and 3.2 days after the first and second doses, respectively. The most common injection-site event was pain after injection (86.0%). Delayed injection-site reactions (those with onset on or after day 8) were noted in 244 participants (0.8%) after the first dose and in 68 participants (0.2%) after the second dose. Reactions were characterized by erythema, induration, and tenderness, and they resolved over the following 4 to 5 days.” in this site:

    1. Just had 2nd dose of Moderna 2 hours ago in right arm (1st dose was in left). So far so good although I’m prepared for side effects. For info: “In the FDA report published in December, the most common side effects were pain at injection site (91.6% of patients), fatigue (68.5%), headache (63.0%), muscle pain (59.6%), joint pain (44.8%), and chills (43.4%). Three patients experienced Bell’s Palsy, a sudden, and usually temporary, weakening or paralysis of the facial muscles. ” from this website – so likely to feel something. Will post again if anything severe.

  64. I had the same exact problem . I received the Moderna vaccine 1-15, then 8 days later I developed a gold ball sized red hot bumpy welt, which then the next day it was the size of a softball, took over my entire arm. I also have a tons of little itchy bump the size of mosquito bites, all over my arms, my legs and some on my feet and hands. I feel like I got eaten alive by bugs, and have poison oak on my arm. I am going to ask my doctor for steroids. I’m terriefied of getting the second shot, as anaphylaxis happens when your body keeps coming into to contact with what made it react initially. If anyone gets there second, please let us know how that went. I work in the medical field and would really like to by fully vaccinated.

    1. I had the identical experience. Itchy Rash/hives appeared all over my body, palms, feet, scalp 7 days after injection. I’m now on day 9 of hives. A bit of improvement, but it seems to come in waves.

      1. I have the same experience. Itchy rash/hives all over my body 6 days after my 1st Pfizer shot. Today is day 11 post vaccination (day 5 of hives) and it’s finally getting better. The hives come in waves.

    2. I am most concerned about this as well. Can you give an update?Did you have the second shot? I had my Moderna shot a week ago, and had the beginnings of a hive outbreak all over, although only mildly with just a few bumps, but I have had hives before and know what it feels like when it is coming on. This hit on day 4 and was slightly itchy, and by end of day 5 took an antihistamine and it went away. I am only a week out, so haven’t yet experienced an injection site rash and hopefully won’t, but I am also worried about whether to take the second dose, being that this (I think) is an anaphylaxis reaction. I will be reaching out to my doctor and also an allergist out of precaution.

  65. I got the Moderna first dose on 1/16 and had no reaction. On 1/23, the injection site was hard and swollen and itchy. The next day it was worse, about softball size and small blisters. The area of redness increased all around the arm. Benadryl did not help. I saw my doctor yesterday and she advised 3 ibuprofen tablets 3xday and prescribed a topical steroid. It’s finally getting better but still a large red area and itchiness.

  66. I received Moderna vaccine on 1/19. This morning 1/26 I started experiencing the same redness & itching described above. Has anyone on this thread received the second dose? If so, anything unusual?

  67. I am 77 years old and got my first Moderna vaccine 2 weeks ago. The site on my arm is still feverish and red. Is this okay? I want to make sure before getting my second shot in 2 more weeks.

  68. I received Moderna vaccine on 1/19. This morning 1/26 I started experiencing the same redness & itching described above. Has anyone on this thread received the second dose? If so, anything unusual?

  69. I am a healthcare worker who had my first Moderna Covid vaccination on January 18 with soreness at injection site for 2-3 days and chills and now 8 days later I have had a hard red itchy rash and hot at the injection site. I have called my doctor, she is to call back. Don’t know whether to have 2nd injection.

  70. I wanted to update you guys. So I reported having hand sized welt on my arm where I got my vaccine 9 days ago, now have blisters on my body; legs arms feet and hands. I was diagnosed with erythema multiforme. It goes away ok it’s own in a few weeks, and can come back. She prescribed me steroids.

    1. Hello Corrine!
      Which vaccine had you taken?
      I’m worrying because I was diagnosed with erythema multiforme. My body had overreaction episodes, and the extremely bad breakouts like yours I don’t have since 2015, so I’m afraid to take the vaccine and even more to get COVID. I take Lysine nowadays, which has helped my body to handle the skin and mucosas breakouts

  71. Received Moderna vaccine on Jan. 14. 13 days later notice warm, red, baseball size spot on my arm. No itching. No pain. Never noticed the red spot before but could have come in the last few days. My friend also got vaccinated on the same day and had the same reaction (along with a lump and itching) on day 8. Her doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Her arm is better but still hard.

  72. I got the first dose of Moderna vaccine on January 19th. My arm was very sore and I had redness around the injection site after day 1 . By day 3 it had disappeared. But last night, , 8 days later it started to itch. It was swollen and a little hard red, quite itchy, ping pongball size.. TodayiIt has gotten slightly larger (tennis ball) .. I will do what some of you have recommended and outline the area to see if it grows any more.. I have applied coritzone cream. I am also worried about whether or not I should get the second dose.

  73. I received the Moderna Covid vaccine Jan 21,2021, I just had a sore arm starting a few hours after and lasting for 3 days. I felt a little woozy the morning after the shot but otherwise was fine until day 5 when my low back/sacrum started hurting, tender to the touch, hurt to bend, stand, walk, then two days later it moved to my lumbar spine-very stiff, tender, feels like bones more than muscles as it hurts to use the foam roller on the vertebrae. Tylenol helped the first day, now I tried some ibuprofen today because the Tylenol didn’t cut it today. It also hurts on ischial tuberosity. Wondering if anyone else has had back pain this far out?

    1. Yes! Like you, I just had mild (typical) symptoms right after my Moderna Vaccine. 2 weeks later, I started having lower back pain that felt like maybe a had a kidney infection. A few days later, I started with symptoms of a UTI. I had terrible burning, urinary frequency and urgency, and the back pain worsened. I had my urine tested, and it came back negative. They suggested Gyn testing for infection, and that was negative. They repeated a urine test, and sent it to be cultured, and it still came back negative. My back pain hurt so bad that it was starting to hurt to walk. If felt like someone had punched me in the back multiple times. The pain later spread to my legs, and now it is moving into my upper back and arms. They did a CT scan of my abdomen, and everything came back normal. My bloodwork they did was normal, as well. I am miserable. My body aches all of the time now, and OTC pain meds are not helping at all. My doctor is at a loss for what could be wrong with me. That concerns me even more, because I know this isn’t normal. I can’t help but think it is related to my vaccine. I am due to get my 2nd dose next week. I highly doubt I will.

      1. Did the pain subside? I just got my first moderna on March 16th and what started as neck pain a couple days after then turned into up back pain that seems like it comes and goes. Some days are worse than others. My mom is now having the same problem after her second moderna vaccine and my sister is dealing with it after her first moderna vaccine. Ugh!

      2. I had my first Moderna on 2/24. I developed a rash at the injection site about four days later. About two weeks later, I had very bad back pain, and the UTI symptoms. The back pain lasted about three days and I developed a yeast infection. I had not had one for at least 30 years. It was cleared with an otc product. On 4/1/20, I had my 2nd shot and within hours had developed another yeast infection. The back ache returned today. Within 8 hours of getting the second
        shot I was very sick. I had the worst headache of my life, 100.4 fever, chills, and major fatigue. Today the injection site is more swollen, developed the itching and
        rash around it. I, of course , still have the yi and am miserable. I took an alka seltzer and it knocked out most of the headache. I wish I had never taken the first shot.
        I will be going to the doctor next week.

        1. My burning symptoms have decreased but they are not completely gone. At this time, I feel like it is something I will have to endure. I went to the dr. and nothing showed for a UTI.

    2. Sounds familiar! Background – young fairly healthy guy, no preexisting conditions. I had my first Pfizer shot on the Monday. Arm was a little sore but otherwise fine all week until Saturday morning I woke with crippling back pain in my sacrum / lumbar, making it hard to do anything. Taking 3 ibuprofen as often as is safe to take and using a heating pad on my lumbar are helping take the edge off, but definitely something isn’t right. I had not exerted myself physically that week in any way prior to the pain. The only thing was the shot. Did your back pain let up yet?

  74. I received the Moderna vaccine on Jan 18th, it was very tender at the injection site for 3-4 days. I have also been experiencing extreme fatigue. I have been getting more sleep at night but some days I really have to push myself to do daily things and am really dragging. I have been going to rehab for neck issues which were a little better until this past weekend and now seem worse again. Reading about the swollen lymph nodes on the side of the injection site and wonder if it is from the vaccine and not from my other neck issues since it has become more pronounced. Please can anyone say how long before this extreme fatigue goes away.

  75. I had my first Moderna vaccination on Jan. 20th. The next day I had redness and swelling at injection site. This is still true today, Jan. 27th. I noticed yesterday that I am itching badly at the site mostly but also iin my other arm. I am taking benadryl and ibuprofen, but this has not been helping much. I will keep watch of my symptoms to see if this continues . I am allergic to penicillin, but from what I have read, this should not be affecting it.

  76. I received the Moderna vaccination on 01/17/21 and have had the following reactions: chills (on day one and day 10), fatigue, extreme headache (and missed work), sleep disturbance, feeling run down, and on day 10, a rash on my arm. I hope people will post what happens after they get the second injection. My symptoms are severe enough that I’m concerned about getting the second dose (despite the medical community saying that I should). I’m not sure what to do.

  77. I received the Moderna vaccine on Jan. 26th no immediate reaction But today I have swirling red blotches on both arms and some itching. leg are clear. I am seriously allergic to the drug Diclofenac where my heart would race and my legs and feet would madly itch even fainted , real panic attack scenario. Strangely no symptoms at the injection site.

  78. Hello, I received the Pfizer vaccine on January 8th. Within 10 minutes of receiving the vaccine, my heart rate went up and my mouth and throat started to get swollen and itchy. I work at a hospital so they took me to the emergency room and they treated me for an allergic reaction with Antihistamines and steroids. I was discharged after 6 hours with medicines for the next 5 days. On day 2 post vaccine I started feeling sick with muscle pain, extreme fatigue, headache and low grade fever. The fever went away in one day but all other symptoms stay. At day 3, I developed muscle twitching on my legs. Since I was still feeling very sick, I went to the doctor. They said beside having the allergic reaction, I had an immune reaction to the vaccine. I am on day 18 post vaccine and still feeling pretty sick. No energy, daily headaches and just and overall feeling of my body being out of sort. The blood work showed, my liver enzymes were elevated as well as some immune markers.

  79. I posted earlier that I too have gotten that itchy, red patch at the injection site 7 days after my first dose of the Moderna Vaccine. I see that many of the posts are similar to mine. I have investigated and found this site that should ease our minds. Apparently this is a common side effect of the Moderna Vaccine. Dermatologists are calling it Covid Arm. -They are sayin g here that it is not considered serious and that we should not be afraid of getting the second dose. Check it out.

    1. Thank you for this link Patty. MedShadow is also in the process of reaching out to experts to get more information about these effects.

      1. My issue is how long is too long to still have the rash?
        I am on day 8 of the rash..slightly increasing in size, but it is flat. It is hot.

    2. Thanks so much for posting this, Patty. While I’d posted a link above to phase 3 clinical trial results showing .8% of folks experienced the delayed reaction – it sure seems to be more widespread than that.

  80. I, too, am concerned about folks with autoimmune diseases possibly having exacerbations of their primary disease. A friend with Lupus was advised by her doctor to get the vaccine, especially since she is a health care worker. It is my understanding that Phase 4 trials study specific populations with pre-existing conditions, although whether or not we ever get there remains to be seen.

  81. Ditto to this and all the responses below. This is the first time I have seen discussion about the delayed local reaction. Mine started about day 10, and now, on day 16, the rash is still quite apparent, but no longer spreading, less red, and not itchy. I have had no systemic symptoms (fever, etc). I plan to get my second dose on schedule, at 4 weeks. Since some of these folks got their’s earlier than I, I’d appreciate follow up from them about their reactions to the second dose. I hope that this local reaction is an indicator that my body is mounting a good response, or could it mean that I/we had come in contact with a similar virus in the past, and are now mounting an amnestic response?

  82. Thanks! When I first went to that site, I thought it was talking about acute rashes, but after reading the entire thing , it is EXACTLY what we are all describing. I had planned to get my second shot anyway, but this is reassuring. What will be even more so is when you all (and I) report how we did with the second.

  83. My Mother received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and within 20 minutes she began to sweat profusely and her blood pressure sky rocketed. The medical professionals there wanted to send her to the emergency room, but she refused to go for fear of catching covid in the hospital. She was very near having a stroke. It took almost a day and half before her blood pressure went back to normal. She had very little reaction to the first dose other than sore at the injection spot.

  84. I received the Moderna vaccine on Jan 19, felt exhausted and sore the day of but the next day my side effects were gone and I felt fine. However, like many people have commented, 9 days later I got a baseball size red rash around the injection site that was hard to the touch. Also, my lymph glands were swollen in my left arm pit, the side I received the injection. These symptoms weren’t too concerning to me, as many others have had similar side effects. However, around this same time I started becoming hypersensitive to any topical skin care product, many of which I have used without issue for months if not years. I ended up with hives on my entire face and a red rash that was only subdued with benadryl. For 24 hours, if I didn’t keep taking benadryl, the hives started to come back. I have only been able to put water on my face for the past few days, as anything else will cause the reaction to start again. Is anyone else experiencing topical sensitivity? I’m a 32 year old female.

  85. I am 55 and had the Pfizer vaccine 3 days ago, yesterday I was weak, dizzy and had a slight fever and a little short of breath, today I am still weak and a bit nauseas, but it seems to be getting better. I do not usually get any vaccines, such as the flu shot or any other one’s. This is why I believe I had all the side effects. My Mom who is 80 had the shot with me and she has had NO side effects at all, however she gets all the vaccines . It is possible, that if your body is already used to getting vaccines it may fair better than us that do not. I will update once I get the 2nd shot.

  86. I just had my second Moderna vaccine dose this past Tuesday. Today, Friday, I have several fever blisters forming on my lips. Did yours go away? Did you call your doctor? I’m worried. Thank you!

    1. I had my second Moderna shot February 3. I just had sore arm for about 4 days (only 2 days with first shot) and neck ache. One week later, I developed a fever blister on my upper lip. I haven’t had a fever blister in 40 years! Could it be related to the vaccine? I plan to talk to my doctor about it. I am 77 years old, in good health, and did not have a fever after the shot.

  87. I had my first moderna shot on 1/16. After 20 minutes I broke into a full sweat. My vitals were good. I still have chest anxiety. My doctor gave me an antihistamine and tranquilizer. I am trying to find out if I should take the next shot?

  88. I received the first dose of Moderna on 1/14. The next day, I had the expected mild side effects with a very sore arm. From day 3-5, I experienced severe fatigue which felt like a hayfever attack. I didn’t expect that my arm would hurt again on day 8. It felt like a bee sting deep in the muscle. Now at day 16, I still have arm pain. No infection, swelling, or redness. I hope it goes away. I’m reluctant to go for shot 2.

  89. The comparison that needs to be made is effectiveness vs side effects. Reguardless how effective a vaccine is, if death is a side effect that vaccine gets a low rating.
    A vaccine that is effective with low rating gets high marks. Remember when Fauci said 50 % was his goal initially now creeping up to 70,80,95. Which shows he is a blind man stumbling around in a dark room and industry is turning the lights on for him. Side effect make themselves know with use and Fauci has no idea how this will go.
    So collect the data and retroactively report effectiveness vs side effects to make an informed decision.

  90. Has anyone who had the rash/swelling/ bumps or other side effects had their second vaccine? I’m allergic to many meds and am worried about the vaccine. My pharmacist said that I should get Moderna, but I wonder. Thanks.


    1. I also had the moderna vaccine. First one I just had a sore arm and some brain fog. Got my second one 2 days ago and had a fever and body aches that lasted about 20 hours and then I felt fine but now have hives all over my chest, stomach, back and upper arms. I have never had any allergies to anything before and have never had hives. The doctor isn’t sure what’s going on.

      1. I have something similar – Eight days after I got the first Moderna shot, I started having a red rash that looked like hives around my elbow on the arm that got the injection. The injection site was red, but not a big as the “COVID arm” pictures I see online. When I looked more, I realized I had the rash/hives all over my legs, especially on my upper thighs, and behind my knees, with a few spots on my chest, face, hands, and feet. It became really, really itchy around days 9-10.

        Urgent care and primary care doctor did not think it was from the vaccine. Urgent care prescribed prednisone and benadryl, and the hives seem to have peaked around day 10 and are slightly better today (day 11).

        1. I got Pfizer 14.01 and 5.02. After 1 shot i developed severe sore of my arm (i couldnt move) for 2 days, shooting pain in my right hand and leg (first night), dizziness (around 5 days), diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetie. And the worse 2 days later – hives and rash on my chest. Second shot – blood pressure 170/120 (24 hours after lasted few hours and then low blood pressure and saturation 86 for a short time), body aches. All these symptomes gone next day. And 2 days later itching severe hives all over my body (my legs, my back, arms, everywhere). I got Telfast and Advantan. Its better now. But itching is still annoying and i dont know what to do. I go to doctor this wednesday and im curious what she will say..

      2. I got the Moderna shot with just a sore arm, until a week later when I broke out in intensely itchy hives all over my body. I still have them 11 days later. They seem to be lightening up, but return in waves and itch like crazy.

    2. I got intensely itchy rash/hives 7 days after Moderna #1. This was debilitating for first few days. Now I’ve had the hives for 9 days. It seems to be fading a bit and a bit less itchy, but still intense at night. Can’t sleep. I’m trying to wean my 24-hour use of antihistamines and topical steroids. Pretty miserable and not sure I can go through this again for #2.

    3. My daughter had the 1st Moderna shot 5 days ago and is getting itchy hives on arms, legs and abdomen. She said it started day 1 but is getting worse. I’m not sure if she should get the second shot. I am worried.

      1. Mary,
        How is your daughter doing? I had full body rash for days, finally calmed down with antihistamines. Is she going to get the second shot? I am anxious to know how everyone is doing now.

  92. I received the Moderna vaccine on January 20th and am still experiencing neck/arm, and back pain on the side where I received the injection.

    1. I received my moderna dose of Feb 4. I developed a small rash on on hip on same
      Side of injection which went away. 3 days later on same arm I got Injected I got a pain from my armpit down through my bicep muscle that feels like a tugging or pulling pain. I still have the arm pain especially when I lift my arm. It’s been at least 7 days now.

      1. I’ve experienced a very similar reaction. Minor injection site pain within 18 hours but then arm started to pull up at elbow and sharp nerve pain in wrist began on extension of arm. Slowly increased in frequency and intensity along with pressure in the arm and then day 4 woke up in extreme pain unable to move the arm. Pain through biceps, in elbow joint, forearm down through wrist. Numbness behind thumb. Used nsaids, tylenol and ice to moderate pain, then received steroid pack on day 10 at urgent care as pain would not abate. Now on day 17, minor/ occasionally moderate pain overall in a resting position until extending arm (including trying to walk normally with arm swing) which causes biceps, forearm pain and shock feeling along nerve. Elbow area remains swollen and numbness grew to include 3/4 of underside of arm from wrist to elbow and the back of the hand.

  93. I’m 10 days out from receiving my first covid vaccine from Pfizer. I am still battling some dizziness. I had all the symptoms of muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, headaches, chills and ended up in the ER. All lab work has come back normal, but still battling the dizziness.

  94. DELAYED REACTION (6 days post 1st Moderna injection)Received Moderna #1 on 1/22, typical slight soreness for 12 hrs. Six days later, small red rash on injection arm, next morning much larger, itchy and lymph node discomfort/under arm. Rash starting to calm down after 24hrs, then chills with low grade fever (100.5) and bad headache for 8 hours (couldn’t really get out of bed). Headache much better next day, rash almost gone, swollen lymph node much better, residual lower back ache and injection shoulder area. Much better after 4 days. Like all of you, I didn’t know about these side effects and was very concerned while they were present. Now, we all face the same dilemma, what will happen to us with the 2nd injection? Will the reaction be worse, will side effect be delayed or perhaps milder because we already have been through this rough patch? We need to hear from Shot #2 folks. Please post. I did read we should get shot#2 in the other arm! We need to stay strong.

  95. I have had both vaccines for Moderna – I had a fever the night of the second vax- very fatigued the next day. Now 10 days after the second I feel fine- no problems.

  96. I received the Pfizer – typical side effects at first (I normally have more of a reaction to the flu vaccine, and am down for 1-2 days afterward-same with Pfizer covid vaccine). Subsided after 2 days. Then on day 7/8, noticed red skin at injection site, with dryness in the shape of a circle about the size of the needle. The dry skin peeled outward and got bigger in diameter, but remained circular in shape. Surrounding skin is somewhat raised. Redness and swelling has gotten larger in diameter and has not subsided (now on day 20 since vaccine admin). No pus or leakage – looks dry more than anything – have been applying vitamin e oil and Neosporin. On day 18 I noticed systemic inflammation (swollen gums, subtle swelling of sinuses, which is typical of my seasonal allergies – I take Claritin daily). Thought it was just allergies, though it has not subsided. On day 19, I had a strange rash brake out on my body, small red dots with red inflammation around them, slightly itchy but not bad – look somewhat like chicken pocks but is not covering my body, just small to medium sized clusters in random locations. Clusters appeared above my left armpit, on my right forearm, stomach, back, and less so on my legs. Nothing new in my routine (food and soap wise). Have not been exposed to COVID and have no other symptoms. My partner lives with me and has yet to get the vaccine (not in healthcare), is not experiencing any of my symptoms (so we know it’s likely not contagious and definitely not due to a pest) I showered to ensure it was not contact dermatitis and took 2 Benadryl. On day 20 (today), rash looks about the same – hasn’t noticeably spread further. Scheduled to get my second dose in 5 days (a little beyond the 21 day mark). I have had rashes after long periods of penicillin based meds, after which doctors deemed me allergic to penicillin. Doubt that has much to do with it. Has anyone else had a rash like this that is clearly distinct from the injection site and was extremely delayed?

    1. No reaction except a slightly sore arm after first Pfizer dose on 1/13/21. Then on day 17 (1/30), I started getting a shingles rash under my opposite arm. It spread onto my chest and back the next day and I was put on an antiviral. I had my second dose on 2/3 with no issues. I’ve had shingles before on the other side, so it might be a coincidence. It is improving, but not gone yet. I had one spot on the other side of my back which doesn’t make sense in shingles.

      1. UPDATE: I was subsequently seen by a COVID and COVID Vax Dermatologist specialist. Reaction was diagnosed as an extremely rare (Thus far, reported by ~.006% of individuals at our medical hospital) reaction to the vaccine – pityriasis rosea – which is a rash that sometimes develops after a viral infection. Given that I have no viral infection, this was an immune response to one of the COVID virus-related component of the vaccine. The rash is diffuse and still popping up in new locations (not on face, hands, or feet, which is typical of this kind of rash) and has become more itchy over time. I was advised to take Allegra twice a day and was prescribed a topical steroid cream to manage the itching – antivirals could be used if unbearable but would reduce the efficacy of the vaccine so the doctor. I received the second vaccine on schedule (2/9/2021) and we are tracking the progression of the rash – thus far, no complications from dose 2, as expected given no immediate reaction to dose 1. The dermatologist also diagnosed the injection site reaction as annular erythema (i.e. trailing scale).

        1. Dear LH, thank you for sharing your experience!
          I’m dealing with delayed allergic reactions and was hesitant get my second shot. After reading your posts I think I’ll keep my appointment.
          I hope the 2nd shot wouldn’t trigger a stronger side effect…

          1. Good luck RZ! I am still doing well 8 days out from dose 2 – other than the ongoing rash, which is annoying but certainly worth it for me!

          2. Dear LH.
            I got my second shot 2 wks ago, and so far everything is good! I had mild a rash on my hands, but it subsided in 2 days. Thank you for sharing your experiences! It definitely gave me the courage to get my 2nd shot!

        2. Thank you for sharing, I too developed a bad rash about 36 hours after my 2nd Moderna Vax that lasted about 2 days. It appeared on my chest, back and up to my neck. I shared the info via the CDC vsafe site but also had a virtual doc appt. I had tried to find out if this was a common side affect but found no info anywhere. Prior to the rash, I had a fever of 101.5 about 20 hours after the vax. My doc thought it was an allergic reaction but I was skeptical of that diagnosis as it did not appear immediately. I also have had shingles.

  97. I received my first shot of the Pziser vaccine on Saturday, January 30. I felt very modest soreness at the point of the injection the following morning. A full 4 days later, I suddenly felt significant joint main throughout my body prior to going to bed for the night. I woke up this morning feeling a little woozy, but quickly felt like I was back to normal. I believe this was a result of the vaccine. However the four day delay has made me curious. Is that a normal reaction?

  98. I received the Moderna 1st shot on January 26. After about 7 hours my arm began to hurt when I lifted it. Only lasted a couple days then went away. Then on day 9 I woke with a itchy arm around the injection site. It’s been itchy all day and now I feel hard lumps under the skin and it feels hot. I read on another site that if you get the 2nd shot to have it done in the opposite arm.

  99. Day 21, I still have arm pain but less. 4 days ago, I was examined and a small lump was found 1 inch below the injection site , very tender to palpation, and mild swelling surrounding the lump. I was told to take ibuprofen and ice. They’re not sure if it’s delayed hypersensitivity but did mention possible allergic reaction. I won’t be getting shot #2 until more is known.

  100. After 9 days my arm where I got shot turned red and swollen and is hot. No problems except some minor joint aches the second day… until today.

  101. I am 63 years old and got my first vaccine shot on January 31. I was hesitant about getting it but finally agreed. Today, 3 days later, I had to go see my doctor. My injection site has increasingly grown larger, redder, hot and more painful. I have also been physically exhausted. I was given the same advice, rest, mild movement, ice bags and Tylenol. Then I was told if it doesn’t get better in 3 or 4 days to go to the emergency. The doctor said the symptoms could last up to two weeks and I’d probably get the same reaction with the second dose! My arm is red, swollen, itchy and very painful to move. I personally think they should have been more open about the side effects. As for getting Covid, I already had it last April and was hospitalized for ten days on oxygen. It left me with permanent heart damage and changed blood pressure. I still shake and haven’t recovered my strength. Having Covid gave me some immunity and I’ll be honest, I’m still wondering if I should have had the vaccine.

  102. I received the first Moderna shot on January 5th. Two days after my arm became hot and tender at the injection site and remained that way for about 2 weeks. I received the second shot on February 2nd. Within 12 hours I developed a fever of 102, chills and a headache. and a very sore, hot arm at the injection site. That lasted about 24 hours. I thought it was over, but then yesterday evening the fever came back, much lower though, along with lightheadedness and nausea, like I was going to pass out. I took acetominophen and went to bed. Woke up without fever this morning, but if I walk around I’m getting lightheaded and the nausea returns.

  103. I got the Moderna vaccine January 16. Day one sore arm, day 2, slight nausea throughout the day, day 3, fatigue, day 4 felt fine so my thoughts were…that wasn’t bad! Day 6 Covid Arm…baseball sized hot swollen red rash at injection site. Day 7 rash, redness and swelling covered the whole top of my arm all the way around! I was tired and nauseous. Went to my Dr. who said it was a severe allergic reaction to something in the vaccine. She put me on MethylPREDNISolone tablets 4mg for 6 days and Mometasone Furoate Cream 0.1% twice a day. Plus she told me to take Benadryl. Today is 16 days since I got my vaccine and it’s still a bit pink but swelling and rash are gone, no longer hot to the touch. She told me DO NOT get the second shot! I am 72 years old, allergic to penicillin and Vicodin and have two autoimmune diseases, diabetes and lupus. My thoughts are if you have an autoimmune disease you should first check with your Dr. as to if you should get it or not. I wish I would have! Hope this helps someone.

  104. I’m glad I found this forum. I thought I was going crazy because I have been reading on the CDC site that most people have mild symptoms like 0.2 percent have swollen lymph nodes and that it is very rare to have all the symptoms like I have experienced. Baseball size swelling along with redness. Fever greater than 103. Body aches and chills. Low back pain. The glands in my neck were very enlarged and painful (which I don’t even see on the CDC site). I am on day 4 after getting the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. The symptoms continue. I only had a sore arm after the first dose. All the reputable sites state that 1-2 days of mild symptoms like a sore arm is all you will experience and that a few may have muscle aches and fatigue and though very rare you may run a fever for 1-2 days. The Moderna site states that the odds of running a fever are pretty rare around 10 percent. The CDC site doesn’t mention potential effects like mentioned in so many comments like the return of the swelling of the arm days after its initial reduction. I think its because they do not want to deter people from getting the vaccine but I feel a little transparency would be nice. Makes me wonder what else is being hidden from the public.

    1. I too wonder what else is being hidden from the public. Seems very strange so many people have all these side effects and are suffering day after day, yet no word of these severe side effects on any news stations? They just report if you have side effects that your immune system is working??

  105. On the morning of February 4, I got the first shot of Covishield AstraZeneca. By night time, I was felt cold and had a fever. There is also a hard red lump on the site of the injection, about an inch in diameter, it feels hot and a bit itchy, it seems to be growing, but hope it goes away in the next few days. It’s the third day now and I still feel feverish.

  106. Well dang. I’m so sorry to hear all of these S/E’s!
    I wanted to post something positive, because I want others to know that it isn’t all bad for everyone.

    53, F, first Moderna Jan 4. For whatever reason, my second was late and today, Feb 6. (I have no control over that).
    My arm was a tiny bit sore after the first. So far it’s been 7.5 hrs since the second. I had an RN today tell me to take Tylenol and Benadryl as a precaution. I have the 8hr Tylenol arthritis & took that while I was waiting for the shot, and Allegra around 3 hrs after (I don’t like Benadryl). Right now I feel perfectly normal. I’ll stop back to this site if anything changes.

    Again, I’m so sorry for those who are suffering (I did I after both Shingrix) and please report ALL issues to VAERS at the CDC.

    Please get the COVID Vax if you can! We need to get put of this mess together.

  107. Thank you everyone for sharing these incredibly helpful comments. I am a physical therapist and received my first dose of Moderna on 1/6. I have no health issues and am 51 y/o. Within 2-3 minutes of vaccination I experienced rapid heart palpitations which lasted a couple minutes, I thought I might die. Was it a stress reaction? I have no history of adverse reactions to vaccines. My heart rate remained elevated about 20 beats above normal for the 30 minute observation period and was still elevated and irregular that evening. I was unable to sleep. The next day my heart was back to near normal but I had to take off work a couple days due to feeling crappy I reported it on VAERS. My primary care doc referred me to an allergist but I did not follow up on it. On 2/4 I returned for my 2nd dose but was refused based on my reaction as the site had no medical backup. I was told to schedule at a hospital which tonight told me they ran out of the 2nd doses and would not be able to schedule me at their site due to the rules which state you can only get your second dose at the same location of the first dose…. It looks like the Spirits do not want me to take the 2nd dose and I am fine with that. I’ll be waiting for the J and J.

    1. I had the exact same reaction, but with Pfizer, even down to my heart beating about 20 bpm over normal while in observation. Only a couple of minutes after receiving my first dose, my heart started racing and beating very hard, which also scared me enough I thought it was the end. LOL. I didn’t realize people could take the J&J shot after 1 dose of an the other types. Perhaps I should do the same. I went to a mass vax site and while I fully trust the medical staff there, I don’t think an ambulance could get to me in time due to the crowd of cars.

  108. I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on January 18, within about 15-20 minutes I started to feel lightheaded & nauseated. They made me stay about 45 minutes to make sure it wasn’t an allergic reaction & took my blood pressure twice, which was about normal for me. I went home & the lightheadedness went away but the nausea persisted for about 4 days, then it started to resolve, although my stomach was still sensitive- had some indigestion & reflux. At exactly the 2 week mark the nausea returned along with dizziness, which I have every day, most of the day. I’m scheduled to get my 2nd dose tomorrow morning, am going to call the vaccine site tomorrow for guidance & also my PCP. Not sure if I should delay the 2nd dose but still haven’t gotten over the first one. I am so disappointed as I really wanted to be fully vaccinated but am scared I will feel this way for a long time. I have gotten the shingles vaccine, also MMR & Tdap boosters without serious side effects (except for a frozen arm for 1 week after the Tdap), but I once had a long term reaction to a flu vaccine which caused shortness of breath for many months. Maybe I’m just sensitive to the effects of some vaccines.

    1. @claire I am feeling exactly what you described. I’m 15 days out from my first Pfizer vaccine and am experiencing dizziness and fatigue. The doctors I have spoke to have advised me not to get the second dose.

      1. I was extremely lightheaded for 2 weeks and am only now finding others who experienced the same thing. I’m due for my next shot of Moderna on Monday and after a week of being fine (although still fatigued) I got the chills and became achy for one night and tonight the lightheaded dizzy feeling came back. I wouldn’t think the vaccine effects would last this long and keep wondering if it’s a coincidence. I did have a strong reaction for two days to the first one.

  109. I got the Moderna vaccine (dose 1) last week as I felt the moral obligation to do so). I was really sick – fever, chills, whole-body ache + weird localized neck and back pains (arthralgias, myalgias perhaps), and curled up in bed. I was not sure if i would overcome the symptoms. I did overcome it in 1.5 days. But, I had not expected such a strong reaction and was caught completely off-guard. Most people get this response after dose 2. Our vaccination practices should include getting antibody titer levels after the 1st shot to determine if people need another shot. There is a shortage of vaccine; having a fixed dosing schedule does not make sense for people who already have the necessary immunity. I felt my reactions were close to what is described in this article, but i never had COVID before. I am hesitant to take the second shot, but still considering and looking for more data apart from the two papers listed this article.

  110. 5 days after COVID shot: palms turned fire red and started itching, followed by feet and ears turning red, then tiny red spots on legs and torso. I took 2 Benadryl. Itching improved, but redness and spots stayed for about 4 hours, then started to fade in the same order they appeared. No food or contact with anything new. Could this be reaction to shot or, or as I’ve read, could I have COVID?

  111. I am a 48 year old female. I got my 1st dose of Moderna on 1/21/2020. Day 1: sore arm and fatigue Day 2: Bad arm pain (like someone shot me with a shotgun through my arm and then was beating the wound with a bat), mild chills, mild nausea, and fatigue By end of Day 3: Felt fine except for mild arm soreness. Days 4-5: felt fine Day 6: Began to wonder if I was imagining armpit soreness (in injected arm). Day 7: Golf ball size swelling in lymph note under the arm that was injected and a 2 inch hot rash at injection site. Days 7 – 17: initially brutal swelling, underarm pain, and arm rash that got worse before it gradually resolved over the course of these ten days. I feel entirely OK now but I am scared about getting the second shot. CDC has said if you had lymph node swelling in the injected armpit and/or “covid arm rash” get the second vaccine in the other arm. I don’t know what is the safest or best thing to do with respect to the second vaccine. I have had a systemic allergic reaction with full body hives and lip swelling once in my life (perhaps six years ago) but the causal agent was never found. Never had any problems with other vaccines. Please post your 2nd vaccine decisions and/or experiences. Grateful for all the info posted here as we all navigate this important situation.

    1. I had my first dose on 2/12. Injection site pain was intense but took advil and iced it. Felt better. Woke up Day 7 post injection with a lump on my arm and by the morning of Day8 it was HUGE red, swollen, itchy…it has gotten bigger and smaller with today -Day14- being the worst. I saw my Doc on Day 10 and she said it was nothing to worry about and to get my second shot in my other arm. I feel like i am itchy all over too. I have taken benadryl at night but nothing really seems to be helping.

  112. After the first vax on 1/7 I was super sick. Pain, fevers, myalgia, unable to work, exercise. I lost rapid weight because I had no energy or desire to eat. By far the two worst symptoms were strange and painful neck ache leading to migraines, and bizarre tingling ALL over my body. Both of the soles of my feet became numb about 6 hours after the vax, but that went away. For 25 days, I had insane migraines on and off, all of them originating in the back of my neck. It would start with a hot flash, usually brought on by something like the heat going on in the house. My neck would feel ON FIRE, then within minutes if I didn’t grab an ice pack, I was knee-deep in a migraine. This got so bad I had to shut all the blinds and curtains in my entire house for weeks. The tingling faded with time to tolerable levels. I decided to get the second vax anyway and got in on 2/4. Within 8 minutes, the crazy hot burning strangesness overcame my neck on the left side, up and over my head to my temple. It didn’t result in a migraine that time, and my headaches actually subsided for a few days. It’s 4 days later and the headaches have returned, mainly when I turn my head too far left or right, it triggers an immediate migraine. I constantly have to have icepacks ready. I rotate between Tylenol (mainly), Excedrin, and NSAIDs, with caution. The full body tingling returns on and off but I can handle that. I don’t regret getting the vaccines (yet!), but I’m not the only one to experience this stuff. I got vaccinated with the same group of 50 employees at my job. I was one of the ONLY people to get super sick with these symptoms after the first shot. The second shot was mild for me, but a MAJORITY of them complained of neck pain, migraines, headaches, and tingling. The tingling is definitely connected to when I get a migraine. Of note, I have fibromyalgia and an autoimmune disease (ankylosing spondylitis) . Inflammation is my kryptonite and I have been completely devastated by relapse of both syndromes simultaneously. I take NO MEDICATION for these disorders, save for Pepcid (mild GERD), and the above described main relievers. Most of the time, my neck and back of my head is so sensitive that I cannot have ANY clothes, hats, scarves, or even my hair down. Anything that could POSSIBLY make my neck warm is just intolerable. With so many people in my vax group experiencing this, I find it highly impossible that no one in the control groups experienced this in the original study. I don’t care if this is something that resolves in a few weeks. It’ll still be worth it not to die from Covid. But if this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life, or even every year for each vaccine, I might decide to become a recluse or live in a bubble. A life of chronic pain is not a quality existence. We should’ve been told this could happen with such intensity. We are the control group, it seems.

    1. I am so sorry you are having continued problems for so many days. That is why i decided to wait on dose 2 and read more on people’s experiences. I have my symptoms from does 1 posted above. Many physicians and experts have said the same thing, “Why weren’t we informed that it could get this bad. How this is an acceptable reaction? I know benefits outweigh the risk of having COVID. But these reactions are so extreme. I too don’t think i can do this each year.
      Please read this article on how people with inherent COVID immunity (due to past COVID infection) may react strongly to the vaccine:
      I think everyone will have to choose between – short-term vaccine-related illness and the greater good of society/risk r of contracting COVID. In a year or two there might be more vaccine options and lower dosing choices available. That might help make it more tolerable…Reading this made me realize my symptoms felt worse to me but there have been many more significant symptoms others have had and that could occur in my case with dose 2…Still trying to read more and make a decision about dose 2. Please take care. I hope you are relieved of your symptoms and are back to work soon. 🙂

      1. I have had a similar neurological reaction to yours and I have been very ill for nine weeks since receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I have a hard time believing that these reactions have not been reported to the appropriate agencies. I do not understand why they are not being publicized. I too would have a hard time living with these symptoms if they do not resolved.

  113. After my first injection of the Moderna vaccine, the day after I felt moderate arm soreness and around mid-day through day three moderate fatigue. After my second shot, that same evening I already felt moderate arm soreness and fatigue, and throughout the following day also felt moderate body aches and chills, off and on fever, headache, a mild nausea. On day three the fever and headache lingered but mild, lots of sweating from breaking fever. Now on day four and most of my energy is back but I still have a headache and have developed multiple fever blisters around my mouth.

  114. Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Dose 1 & 2. First Dose was a cake walk. Mild arm pain for 3 days no fever. Mild fatigue for 3 weeks and developed some back pain. Second Dose of Pfizer 6 hour later arm pain moderate, fever 101.8, chills. Woke up next day upper back pain and fever of 100.2 for the next 2 days. Night sweats every night and upper back pain it has been 6 days and hasn’t gone away.

      1. I had the first Moderna shot on Feb 25th and 2 days later started getting severe back pains mid way up. It includes sharp pain when I move the wrong way and spasms as well. It has been 3 weeks and although it has subsided a little it is preventing me from doing anything but laying around.

  115. Jeez, after reading this lot I really don’t want the vaccine. There is a high incidence of autoimmune disease and allergy in my family as it is, without increasing my risk.

    1. Don’t be too put off! I have an ongoing full body rash after the first dose and recently got my second dose, which could ultimately make this temporary rash worse. My partner and I joke about my body calling it ‘rash ranch’…Nonetheless, I would do it all over again. If we have a reaction to the vaccine, just imagine what the virus could do (rash is also common with COVID which I have not had). I have a history of allergic reaction (not anaphylaxis) and a family history of autoimmune disease – I also have several confirmed genetic mutations (one of which is very rare and makes me susceptible to blood clot). The rash developed as delayed (see my full report above with name as LH in prior posts). I am working with some of the best specialists in the nation with regard to my reaction and they all agreed 100% with my decision to get the second dose. I have survived. FYI I got Pfizer which actually has less of the vaccine material in each dose. I read a recent article that each of Moderna’s doses has like 4 times (don’t quote me, but around this number) the dose of Pfizer’s. So if you are concerned, and have access to Pfizer, it may be the better option if you are worried about reacting. My sister and I mysteriously had less intense reactions from the second Pfizer vaccine than the first dose (i.e. just general fatigue and muscle/joint aches for 1 day post vaccine). I am usually down for 3 days after a standard flu shot so that was a pleasant surprise! Most others who I’ve spoken with that had more severe acute reactions like nausea etc. had the Moderna vaccine, including my physicians. Don’t be fooled by this forum, it’s the only one I could find that actually discussed the issues I was having, after scouring the internet for hours. I know it feels like a gamble, but we can all do our part to keep hospitals open for those who need a bed; without having to serve me, my local hospital can serve someone suffering from a heart attack or venous thrombosis (my mother has already been turned away by a hospital due to over crowding which is heart wrenching). Good luck with your decision!

      PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONTINUE MASKING AND WASHING HANDS AFTER RECEIVING YOUR VACCINE. BASED ON CURRENT KNOWLEDGE, IT DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM CONTRACTING COVID OR ASYMPTOMATICALLY SPREADING TO OTHERS (just reduces chances of severe symptoms and hospitalization, which could ultimately save a life). If we all do our part, maybe the world will be back to “normal” in a couple of decades…for the sake of a decent quality of life among future generations that permits quality interpersonal relationships and well-being as we know it.

  116. I had the Pfizer Covid-19 dose 1 on February 7th on the right arm. I experienced moderate joint and muscle pain in my legs the first couple of days. Within two days, I had pain on the back-right side of my tongue generating to my right ear. The pain site on my tongue is black. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

    1. Yes,I had tachycardia,thought my heart was going so fast it might stop.My bp was also raised.,and temp very high.Took ramapril for high bp paracetamol and cold compresses for fever.Everything eventually settled down the following day.I am not sure if I want the second dose,will discuss with the nurse when I attend.

  117. Wondering how many people have had tachycardia episodes after getting the Pfizer vaccine? Other side effects: lower back pain on left side, lethargic.

    1. Hi Ty, I recieved first dose of pizfer feb 23rd, 10 min after injection, weird feeling throughout body, heart racing light headed, nummy feeling on my side of head same side as injection side, chest pressure and then the chills,

  118. 10 Feb 2021
    After informing administrating nurse ofvprevious reaction with mango/papaya and tetanus I received first dose Moderna Covid vaccine on Feb 5, 2019. I was observed for an additional 30/ minutes with no reactions. Went home had lunch and then had tingling sensation on tongue/ mouth area. Several hours later had tingling & itching on tongue, palms and feet. Then 7 hours later took blood pressure 168/81 so went to ER (half hour drive). ER doctors said this was a “delayed reaction” to vaccine. ER administrated 25 mg Benadryl ( pill form). Blood pressure dropped to 118/68. Was released and told to take another 25 mg at midnight. Next morning everything seemed fine but have been hesitate on second dose.

  119. After 1st Moderna vaccination, my arm was sore for 4-5 days. No rash or swelling, though, and no other side effects at all. I got 2nd Moderna shot on Feb. 3. Much less arm soreness. However, it is now 8 days later on Feb. 11 and I am feeling like I’m coming down with the flu. Headache, temperature 99.5 to 100.0, fatigue and my back, legs, and knees very achey. Are these vaccine side effects, or should I get tested for COVID? (I live with my husband, who has not been vaccinated yet.) So far no chills or loss of taste or smell. I’ve read that you can still be infected with COVID up to 14 days after the 2nd Moderna shot… this true?

    1. Hi Jean,
      It is true that the vaccine doesn’t provide complete protection right away and that it’s possible to get the infection shortly after vaccination. However, the flu-like symptoms you describe are common side effects of the vaccines. MedShadow can not give individual medical advice and suggest contacting your healthcare provider for personal advice.

    2. Note that the vaccine does not “prevent” you from getting COVID regardless of how far out it is from the second dose. However, it significantly limits your reaction to getting it (e.g., mild symptoms or asymptomatic). That’s why it’s so important to continue to mask and wash hands to prevent giving it to loved ones and those in the general community who have yet to be vaccinated, which is currently, unfortunately, the majority of the world. This actually makes me nervous, since I am the only one in my household who has had access to the vaccine. Nonetheless, I’d suggest reaching out to your doctors and determining whether or not they think you should get tested.

  120. Had dose 1 of Moderna vaccine on 1/20. Had no reaction UNTIL the night of 2/8/2/9. Woke at midnight with chills, shaking and 100.4 temperature. Fever was around 100 during the day of 2/9. On 2/10, fever was down around 99-99.5. Today, 2/11, it is back down to my normal 98.3. Question: Is it possible that what I experienced the other night was a delayed reaction to dose 1 on 1/20?

  121. I had my first Moderna vaccine on 3 February; no reaction initially, other than the sore arm that showed up the next day and was pretty much gone a few days later. But today (8 days later) I have a pretty intense itch at the vaccine site, and a knot has developed there which I don’t think I had during the past week. This made me wonder about the unexplained nausea I experienced two days ago (didn’t vomit but it was close), which I’m still noticing (though less acutely), and the great fatigue which accompanied it. It mystified me, since I live alone, have almost no contact with other people, and have been wearing two masks plus gloves on my rare trips to the grocery– like, how could I have caught any illness under these conditions? I decided it must have been something I ate. But now that my arm itches so much, I’m wondering if it’s a vaccine reaction, too.

    1. I am having a similar reaction. Received 1st dose 6: 30 pm Feb 16, injection site pain 24 hours later (also had short round of chills, aches for about 30 minutes), then knot developed a few days later. Eight days later now the itching is getting intense, with the knot warm at times. Occasional off and on nausea, sometimes intense but passes.

  122. I received the Moderna vaccine (first dose) on February 8th. I had some soreness in my arm for 2 days which is typical for vaccines and wasn’t too bad. The only other symptom I’ve had is constant twitching / muscle spasms in my left leg. I know it’s related to the vaccine because I have never had this symptom before, and it started in the evening after I received the vaccine. I’ve had it on and off for the last three days and while it’s not necessarily painful, it’s definitely a nuisance. I only saw one other person say they experienced muscle twitching from the vaccine but I’m wondering if there are others who have noticed this symptom as well.

    1. Hi Claire! I got my first shot on February 8th (Pfizer) and experienced some muscle twitching in both legs while I was falling asleep but I haven’t had them since so I’m guessing it was a minor side effect to the shot. I was exhausted all of Monday and partially Tuesday and had a headache but that was about it. I have a few hives but it was expected, I have major allergies. I feel good now.

    2. So far, I’ve read about 15 or so people reporting the twitching. For some of them, it’s now been weeks and the twitching hasn’t stopped. The others, I don’t know how long it lasted or if it’s still ongoing. I’m sure there are many more people that this has happened to – these are just people that I’ve happened to come across on the internet. Some have all-over body twitches, only from the waist down, one arm, one leg, one hand, etc. I have not searched the VAERS Database to see how many more instances of twitching have been reported. I also would like to know what is causing this particular side-effect in some people.

      1. It’s been a month since my 2nd Pfeizer does and I still have twitching… mostly in arm. 39/male Anyone have shingles prior?

      2. Six weeks later and I am still having twitching mainly in my calf muscles and deltoids ( especially the side where I received the vaccine) and mainly at nights. I am also getting headaches in the evenings.

      3. I had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on 3/12 and on 3/16 a muscle in my right hand started twitching. It’s been a week and it hasn’t stopped twitching for more than 10 seconds. I’m curious how prevalent this is, which is why I’m reading up on others’ symptoms on here. I had a rough 4 days after getting the vaccine with many side effects, all of which went away just as the twitching started up.

    3. Hi Claire,
      I received first dose of moderna on January 29th. Experienced muscle twitches in both legs, primarily calves and feet. I still have them. They have improved but I can definitely feel them still. I haven’t heard of many people having this side effect, and I even asked my PCP. He has not heard of this as a side effect. I’m wondering if I should even get the second dose?

    4. Hi Claire. I received my first Moderna vaccine at 4:30 PM. I went to bed at 10:30 PM and the twitching started. I had it in my legs, arms, shoulder and even my head! I could not sleep all night as it felt as though someone was trying to jerk my arm, etc. to try to wake me up. It has improved, but 4 weeks later I still have them in a nightly basis. On day 9 after the vaccine I developed a horrible headache and dizziness (brain zaps). I have had the headache and brain zaps EVERY DAY now for 3 weeks. I will not be getting a second vaccine.

  123. I had my first Pfizer shot yesterday afternoon. I have pain at the injection site, but that’s it! I hope it resolves soon.

  124. I got my first vaccine 1/14, Moderna. I had pain in the injection site but nothing remarkable. Within 3-4 hours my heart was racing, I had difficulty breathing and just felt unwell which lasted 72 hours.. A couple of weeks later, I had eye swelling and watering , felt like pink eye, that lasted 4-5 days. Now I am getting large lumps under the skin on my face. I never have issues like this so I believe it is due to the vaccine. I will not be getting the second vaccine, I am afraid it will be much worse and I do not want to have to go to the ER. Maybe I can get the Johnson &Johnson vaccine when it comes out since it is a different type of vaccine. I have had several people I know that have had to go to ER after the second dose including my 80 year old brother who is in the hospital now after getting his second vaccine.

  125. I had the first dose of Moderna vaccine 3 weeks after having had the actual virus. I had a VERY miserable night of chills, which were gone the next morning. No other side effects. But the chills were off the scale.
    I’m concerned about the second shot, which is said to cause way more side effects.
    The only thing I could find re: when to vaccinate after getting the virus is that you should wait 90 days for vaccine if you had monoclonal antibodies or blood plasma.
    Should I wait awhile beyond 4 weeks for the second Moderna shot or just stay on schedule?
    So much is unknown! Thanks. Jon

  126. I had moderna dose 1 January 14th and scheduled for dose 2 2/24. The day after dose 1, I had chills and a day of diarrhea, then a day of nausea and all seemed resolved. About a week ago, on 2/7, I started getting headache in the back by the base of my head which feel like air is being inflated into my head. Some of these headaches are accompanied by nausea a d dizziness. I have never been prone to headaches before and do not have underlying conditions but I am pre-diabetic. Has/Is anyone experiencing this? I have been logging my weekly report on the VSafe site with the cdc but cannot find any anecdotal research on a delayed side effect… but it’s all so new so who knows?

    1. The description of your symptoms is interesting and it brought to mind something that I’d read from two other vaccine recipients. See Claire’s post above re: twitching. I do remember two of the people who had twitching after-effect have now found out they have swollen brain stems. Could this possibly be something along the same lines (headache at the base of the skull; feels like air being inflated into your head)? I don’t know, but thought I’d mention it because it may give you an avenue to search for and possibly resolve your problem.

  127. I got 1st dose of Sinopham on 25Dec2020 & 2nd dose on 15Jan2021 in UAE-Abu Dhabi.
    Not eperianced any mild side effects.
    Thanks God, hope I am protected from Covid-19.

  128. I had Pfizer shot on Wednesday & on Friday started with diarhhia which has continued on Saturday. After a while it stopped after taking Immodium. No other side affects.

  129. I’m a 66 year old male that has received the first Moderna shot. Within 5 minutes after injection, I felt my heart rate increase probably to ~95 BPM, and that subsided after 5 minutes or so. No other reactions other than a few days of soreness. I’m reluctant to report this just before my second shot because they might not want to administer the second shot because of the one 5 minute symptom. Can anyone advise me on this? Any professional advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I received my second dose (Pfizer, not Moderna) through my work at a large hospital. The nurses kept me for 30 minutes of observation because of a delayed rash from dose 1. When they came over to ask how I was doing, I was taking my pulse as it was much higher than normal. The nurse told me that high pulse and blood pressure are to be expected as an immune reaction. Not sure it would occur that fast, but they seemed to brush it off so I doubt it would prevent you from getting a second dose, assuming you have educated medical personnel administering the dose and that you did not have anaphylaxis with the first dose. Good luck!

      1. Thanks for replying. My PCP said the same thing when I messaged him last week. Anyway, I had my 2nd Moderna shot yesterday (3-4-2021), and I did not experience the same elevated heart rate like I did from the first shot. No other reactions at this point, just a sore arm at the puncture area. I just thought I would follow up after receiving the second shot.

  130. I had Moderna #1 January 28, with no reaction other than soreness at injection site. But a week later I broke out in itchy purple splotches, welts and rash all over my legs, arms, torso, palms, scalp. My doctor has me taking antihistamines round the clock and using topical steroid cream. Also prescribed oral prednisone, but said if I take it that will negate or reduce the vaccine effectiveness, so I didn’t take those. I’m now 10 days Into the full body rash. It has faded just a tiny bit, still itches like heck (especially at night–no sleep). Doc still advises I get shot #2, but wants me to take antihistamines until 2 weeks after.

    1. I’m in the same boat. Full body rash/hives started 6 days after my 1st shot. Benadryl seems to help.
      I’m so scared for shot #2, especially with several deadlines coming up around the same time. I would REALLY appreciate it if you could report back if you do get your shot #2. I hope it’s not as bad as the first shot. THANK YOU.

  131. There seemed to be no reaction after receiving my first Moderna vaccine on Tuesday February 9 but on the second day I noticed a tightness in my chest, especially when breathing deeply. After rising early on the morning of the third day I felt an increase in chest pressure and my blood pressure was up. I was concerned and went to the ER. The EKG and blood tests showed no heart attack and they sent me home after several hours. I saw my cardiologist on Thursday and made appointments for heart imaging and a stress test. My blood pressure was up to 185/110 which is unusually high for me. I arose early Friday morning because the chest pain had shifted to the left side of my chest to the degree of not being able to lay on it, and there was a pain under my left armpit. I thought it was a heart attack and went to the ER again. There was a slight change in the EKG, but nothing revealed by the blood tests, so they admitted me for observation. An angiogram was performed that showed no blockage, so I was released to go home. Today there is a slight tightness in my chest when I breath deeply, but my blood pressure is normal. I cannot say my experience was brought on by the covid vaccine, but I have never an experience like that before, that seemed to begin the day after my first shot of the Covid vaccine. I still intend to go through with the second shot after first consulting with my physical. Take care, any may GOD bless.

    1. I’m feeling symptoms almost exactly similar to yours. Yesterday, I noticed an elevated heart rate (for me) and chest pressure, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. This is day 2 after my shot.
      Thanks for posting this, and hope my message helps you understand you’re not alone out there with these symptoms,

      1. Pfizer dose 1 – Feb 27th.
        Since the following day I’ve had chest pain and tightness, elevated heart rate and back pain. All tests are clear.
        Anyone experiencing the same?

    2. on day 2 after. my shot my blood pressure went up to 153/69 and day 3 up to 157/70 with bad headache. Called doc on after hours line, indicated not a dangerous level and to monitor. Said it could be due to immune response. On day 6 now and still have elevated BP, in the 137. not sure how long this will last and definitely makes me concerned to take the 2nd shot.

  132. I had Moderno #1 11 days ago. I still have a large (~3″ x 2″) on an area of my arm about 1″ below the injection site. I wasn’t watching the site at all until I felt strong itching and noticed I kept scratching. I was surprised that I was having a reaction so long after the injection. Makes me nervous to take the second dose.

  133. 48 hours after 2nd dose – did experience pain at injection site, mild headache, low-grade and middle grade (up to 101.6) fever,. Covid arm is back – got injection in right arm – (first time was in left with covid arm 8 days later;) this time have baseball size redness with some heat, and tenderness – not as much swelling as first dose. Except for covid arm – all other side effects have resolved.

  134. I had my first dose of Pfizer yesterday morning, and in the evening I had a head splitting headache, slight fever, dizziness, and nausea ! Today, am feeling tired and a bit dizzy. However, that first night I felt I was going to die , I have never experienced anything like it! Therefore, I have second thoughts about getting my second dose.

  135. I am a health care worker and had both Pfizer vaccines. Second one 2/1. Slightly sore arm same as first shot. Developed low grade temp, 99, body ache and fatigue with the second shot. Lasted less than 24 hours. Today, 13 days after the second vaccine I had severe chills, shakes, fever 101, body ache and fatigue .Getting a covid test. Has anyone had this delayed reaction?

  136. I had my first injection on Jan. 15. On the 26th. I felt itching and a red splotch at the site. On Feb. 12th. I had my second injection. I’m interested in seeing what develops aside from the Fever, aches, etc. I’ve already had.

  137. My husband had his second moderne shot on Friday. Today, Sunday he lost his sense of taste. Could that be a side effect?

  138. I had Moderna vaccine. At day 4 dizziness began and I developed several canker sores in mouth. The dizziness lasted several days, it comes and goes and it has been 14 days. The canker sores cleared up in a week and now I have another canker sore. I had injection site pain, headache and body aches for 48 hours.

    1. I have had canker sores for about three days now (today is day 4 after Moderna shot #2). I’ve also had some sinusitis, mostly on the opposite side from the shot.

      1. It’s been about 4 weeks since the first moderna shot (due for 2nd dose tomorrow) and I have canker sores showing up very randomly. I currently have 3 in mouth

    2. A nurse friend of mine had Moderna but she also had Covid a few months prior as did 3 of 4 members in the family. The children and husband did not get vaccinated. However, the three that did have covid developed canker sores later. She said she believes covid is reactivating HPV in people. Did you have Covid in the past?

    3. I am 20 days out from 1st Moderna shot. I am continuing to get canker sores, not too bad now just one at a time.. Overall I am back to feeling normal other than the mouth sores. Looking forward to getting second shot in 9 days. Preparing by eating well, getting proper rest and drinking lots of water.

      1. Moderna vaccine was first taken 01/26/2021. I had same symptoms as everyone. Soreness in the arm noticeable after 4 hours. It took 8 hours total to feel the chills and aches like a flu. Slight 100.2 fever, I was able to control it with a 500mg Tylenol. Rested and slept stayed hydrated and was fine next day. Definitely take off work the next day. Perhaps 2 days actually. Made the mistake doing my daily tasks going back to work next day. The symptoms persisted until I just took complete rest serious and about 5 days total I was getting back to normal. The arm soreness lasted a good 2 weeks. I got my final shot 02/24/2021 and felt no soreness as bad as 1st shot in my arm. Still sore. I didn’t show any aches or chills until 24 hours later and last night it actually had me climbing under the blankets immediately. Now I’ve got some soreness across my left pectoral area to my arm where injection was contacted at.. It’s noticeable when i move my arm in a certain way. I’m hoping its just nerves. I did feel dizzy slightly but I’ve had nerve issues in the past. My back has a factor in that. I hope everyone has a good experience to light. My parents didn’t show any effects. I’m glad! seems maybe stocking on vitamins beforehand might reduce the issues however I’m no medical specialist and don’t take my words to heart, but it could have helped? I just drink a lot of water and hope I can flush whatever out.. mRNA is designed to disappear, it’s like a post-it note essentially and RNA destroys itself regularly.

  139. This is in regards to my daughter who received the Moderna vaccine Friday feb 12…she is a healthy 33 yo. On Sunday feb 14, after doing a 18 hour shift was removing her clothes to shower and get some sleep to return to work at 5pm…when she noticed a rash on both legs from the knee down…she called her father and I to show us, we advised her to go to the Emergency Room immediately, the rash looked like 100s of eraser size purple bruises, which she informed us were starting to blister…long story shot got to the hospital was seen by two doctors that diagnosed her with PUPURA an auto immune reaction…they immediately did comprehensive blood work to rule out all kinds of diseases….they suspect it was from the vaccine, because she has never had anything like this before…Has anyone else had this diagnosis. It is very scary to read about PUPURA…ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED

    1. You might want to google Immune thrombocytopenia. I’m sure your daughter’s blood tests checked her platelet count but this info might help you understand her reaction.

  140. Female, 75, had 1st Moderna on Jan 29. No noticeable reaction. 2 weeks later, Feb 12, developed itch and swelling at injection site. 14 days later woke up very dizzy. Wonder if the dizziness is related? Somewhat less itching now .

    1. Almost 3 weeks after 1st Moderna vaccine I woke up dizzy and slightly nauseated with a vague headache. These symptoms lasted about 24 hours and then i was fine. I go nowhere so couldn’t figure out if or how I might have contracted some bug. I thought nothing more of them until speaking to a neighbor today who also felt these symptoms about 3 weeks after her initial shot. Neither of us had anything other than a sore arm immediately after the vaccine.

  141. Had the Pfyzer and similar reaction about 10 days later, dizzy, back pain, lethargic. Feeling a little better now but not sure about second shot now.

    1. My son had his 1st Pfizer vaccine w/only soreness at the injection site. Six days later he started getting dizzy (w/motion sickness or vertigo-like symptoms). On the 7th day, he could not hold down any food. The nausea/vomiting lasted only one day but he still has episodes of dizziness throughout the day. It has been 12 days since his shot. Has anyone continued w/their 2nd shot after episodes of prolonged dizziness/vertigo?

      1. Yes. I had the Pfizer on 1/24 and had dizziness about 4 days after the shot. It’s been a month and I’m not as dizzy but feel off balance 🙁

      2. Same here, had first shot of pfyzer on 2/1, slightly dizzy about 3 mins later which went away but about the 10th day dizziness, nausea muscle soreness and fatigue which lasted about 2days while the dizziness and nausea on and off until 2/25. Much better the last few days but I have not taken the second shot yet as I needed to feel whole before doing this. I did not hear of anyone else with this experience for dose 1 so I feel much better that I am not the only one. I really wish there was also another site where we could compare others reactions. Thanks as this put my mind at peace because I was starting to worry.

  142. I had the Moderna vaccine on Feb 12th. Noticed after two hrs an intense tingling on my face and along my jawline. Later in day noticed headache along my left temple and head area and pain in my lower left leg going down into my foot area. Shot was on my left arm. Shot site was a little sore but that is subsiding. Feb 17th still having the headache on left side and pain in my lower leg and foot.

  143. Kent, I have the exact same symptoms as you. My blood pressure didn’t go up very high, but it did slightly. I ended up in Urgent care and they did all the tests, xrays and found nothing wrong. After my followup with my physician I told her that I got the first dose of the vaccine and she said that there are more people reporting chest pain and swollen lymph nodes after the vaccine.
    It’s been about a week and I am pretty much back to normal. I hope you are well.

  144. I received the first AstraZeneca vaccine on February 14. 30 minutes after receiving vaccine, I experienced a strange smell and taste. Five days later and I still experience this symptom. I am unsure if this is relevant, but I lost my smell and taste after fracturing my skull a number of months ago. I have not noticed anyone else discuss this feature of the post vaccine symptom. Is this experience unusual?

  145. The second dose of the Moderna vaccine on Saturday, February 13. Woke up at 1 AM with a baseball size swollen shoulder severe chills splitting headache and dizziness. Diarrhea ensued for most of Sunday but resolved. Slept about 18 hours was physically exhausted. Woke up Monday morning at 5 AM went to work with still a sore shoulder but the swelling went down. No diarrhea or exhaustion however the same headache and dizziness that I had since Saturday morning. Was not overly concerned as it was the same two symptoms that I had the most issue with after the first dose. The headache and dizziness continue Tuesday into Wednesday morning. I was driving home from work when I had or could be best described as a severe vertigo attack. Luckily an emergency room was directly off the exit I got off to return home. When I pulled into the parking lot and turned off my car the GMC suburban that was in front of me it looked like it was doing somersaults. I stumbled out of my car was immediately walked into the ER and within minutes was told I was having a stroke. After three CAT scans a brain MRI three EKG tests multiple vials of blood and an echocardiogram the most they found was slightly elevated cholesterol . Even though none of the tests showed I had a stroke they are still classifying me as a acute stroke patient based on the symptoms from when I first presented. Was released from the hospital this evening with the same headache and dizziness I had from after the Covid shot.

    1. I had a severe bout of vertigo 9 days post injection of Moderna dose #1. Day 8 i woke up with a huge rash on my arm…swollen, tender, hot and itchy. I went to the ER for the vertigo but the dr didn’t think it was related to the vaccine. Now reading your story, i am beginning to wonder! My dizziness started Sunday afternoon, kind off and on and then progressively got worse. They gave me meclizine and valium in the ER and that helped with the dizziness but makes me sleep. I saw my PCP for my arm and she said it should go away soon..i am now on Day 7 of the rash. Very nervous to get dose #2.

      1. It’s almost 3 weeks since the shot and my headaches have just gone away yet I have to be careful how I move or a dizzy spell will ensue. In the last week I have seen a cardiologist,
        and a neurologist for a second opinion, . Except for suggesting I lose some weight they can’t find anything wrong after reviewing and performing a myriad of tests. While they can’t confirm for certain they both believe and that it was a reaction from the vaccine. A colleague of mine had Covid two months ago. After her first Pfizer vaccine she couldn’t leave the house because her vertigo symptoms were so severe for about four days after

        1. And then you have my parents my dad is 86 and my mom is 81. Both have had both their vaccines and barely a sore arm

  146. I received first Pfizer vaccine on Feb 8, no pain at injection, nor any redness, swelling, etc. After a week feeling arm pain, soreness and achy upper arm. After three days, started with mouth sores, cankers and sore, swollen gums and inner cheeks. Subsiding only slightly and still present now after a week. Rash on lower back, increasing coverage over the week and a half since the vaccine. Not excessively itchy, but troublesome. Have read that oral manifestations are also a symptom of having COVID19 virus, so I surmise vaccine side effects are not unusual. Read a vaccine study in Europe which reported oral manifestations as well, and curious why it wouldn’t be included on the list of the Pfizer vaccine side effects for those getting the vaccine ? I know someone who also got canker and lip sores as well after Pfizer…..and she was relieved to hear it was a vaccine side effect….

  147. I received my 1st Moderna shot on Wed. 1/27. at 10:45am About 4:30pm I start to get itchy all over my body. No red rash or bumps, but itchy even in my hair and down to my feet. The next day the itch passed but, on Sunday, 1/31, I started to get some neurological abnormality in my body. I felt like every nerve ending in my nervous system was going crazy and I had palpitations, and exhaustion. I could barely move my body. No chills or fever, but the nervous system attack lasted 5 days. I contacted my doctor and the pharmacist who gave me the shot and both said they had not heard of these side effects and told me to report it to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, (VAERS) which I did. My both my doctor and the pharmacist advised me NOT to get the 2nd shot. I’m afraid to get it so I’m not. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Yes, I had heart palpitations which lasted about 20 hours and back pain, along with pain in arm, exhaustion and headache. I too do not think I will take the 2nd shot.

  148. after my second dose of Asrazeneca vaccine ,i developed a bit of itchy feeling near the injection site on the day of injection, next night i could not sleep a wink. no itching, no fever or any other side effect.

  149. I’ve had 2 side effects; one positive and one negative from the Moderna vaccine I received 10 days ago. The positive: an exhausting cough that has plagued me for the last 14 months mysteriously ended the evening of the first vaccine and my lungs have continued to improve… no sometimes wet and sometimes dry incessant cough and no chest heaviness now. I had visited the doctor several times with it and completed several rounds of antibiotics in late 2019 and early 2020 and been on both the non narcotic cough syrup and zyrtec trying to control it. 1 vaccine and it’s just gone. No more raised mattress or cough meds required! BUT I do have a nectarine sized sore lump on my arm with a red rash which is hot to the touch. It appears the experts believe this is suppose to subside after 1 week. Mine is going strong, if there has been any change, i believe it may be slightly worse than the initial reaction. I’m wondering how long I should wait and/or let it grow before alerting medical personnel.

  150. I had my second Pfizer vaccine shot on February 17, and I have been experiencing dizziness for the past several days. I also have developed an itchy rash along the left side of my neck and face, along with some facial swelling. I was told to put cortisone on the rash, but I have not found a successful remedy for the persistent vertigo-like symptoms and fatigure.

  151. moderna covid immunization administered on Thur afternoon. within 3-5 min arm of injection site became knumb then felt rapid heart rate. then lightheadness began. waited on nurse to ck in but then felt trouble breathing so got up and walk to door to get assistance. when went to walk to chair got real dizzy then horrible headache began. the dr came in and by this time I informed them that felt like was going to pass out. they had ck vitals and heart rate elevated blood pressure elevated blood oxygen levels low. had to give me inhaler to take puffs to help with wheezing. within 15 minutes my vitals were back to a normal level and within 30 min was able to leave with slight lightheadness and horrible headache. went home and trouble sleeping as had vivid dreams and would sleep 15-1hr then wake up type cyce all nite and next day and nite. I continued to have horrible headache now accompanied with dizziness chronic fatigue chills aches and hot flashes and nauseau. after 2 days and nites I did nothing but sleep unable to keep eyes open with prior symptoms. for 4 more days. day 6 feeling better. this was my first injection. I have health issues which consist of blood clot disorder, several blood clots in both lungs which caused eosinophillic asthma and COPD , tachycardia ,chronic migraines and hx of mini strokes, fibromyalgia, IBS, and RLS and CVI , lichen sclerousis with most recently elevated cortisol levels which has caused elevated blood pressure and pre diabetes. I am concerned about taking the second injection. my lung dr strongly advises .

  152. I received 2nd dose of moderna 2/17/21. My symptoms I would consider not too bad. Had pain in the injection site, body ache the next day and headache. After 2 days i was fine. But after 5 days, I started to experience bad headaches that would last most of the day, but it’s not every day. Something triggers it i don’t know what and had never had this problem before. Not sure how long it will last.

  153. I had my first dose of Moderna the 15th of January… arm was sore for 2 days and had slight headache for 15 hours… .. I had the 2nd dose of Moderna on the 20th of February on Wednesday the 24th in the afternoon, I started itching around the site of the injection and this morning, the 25th, it is red around the area and still itching…don’t know how long it will last.. I put on some cream… hoping won’t last long..

  154. I had a severe reaction 30 minutes after receiving the Pfizer vaccine with burning and numbness in my face, tongue, dizziness and very high blood pressure. This progressed to paresthesias throughout my body, chest tightness, weakness, dizziness, headache and tremor. These symptoms are still present 9 weeks later. I have been unable to get adequate medical care as doctors are unfamiliar with these reactions. I am now aware of multiple other people with similar neurological reactions. Why are these adverse reactions not being publicized?

    1. I’m so sorry Danice. I have been reading about these same symptoms for weeks now and have wondered myself why all of the adverse reactions are not being published and addressed…

      1. Hi Mia, Danice and Michelle,

        Two days after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I experienced sudden onset of fatigue, palpitations lasting about 15 min, severe heartburn that lasted 4 days and muscle fasciculations which persist even now, 33 days later. I experienced mild disorientation lasting a few min three days after the vaccine. My Bp was elevated on one occasion 5 days post-vaccine. Then began the muscle cramps which persist to this day as does the fatigue which is profound. I noted short-temperedness, lower limb paraesthesia and blurry vision as well. EMG/NCS and muscle enzymes are normal. ESR was mildly elevated by about 3mm/hr above the upper limit of normal.

        What I have tried:
        Vitamin D, C, magnesium
        Terramin clay which did settle the stomach aches.
        Low dose oral corticosteroids and ibuprofen which help to relieve the cramps
        Hyperbaric oxygen ( 1 session) which really helped with the mood and irritability but nothing else.
        This is really a challenging situation that we face.
        Wishing you all the best.

        1. Hello Indigo, Danice and Michelle,
          I received my first Pfizer vaccine exactly 3 weeks ago. I too experienced neurological reactions. I thought i was losing my mind and having anxiety attacks. I went to the ER twice for the attacks and got clear tests, ekg, blood pressure, blood work etc. They all came back normal. Last night I had head shivers, which I read is from anxiety. I still have dizziness, some days better than others. Has anyone’s symptoms improved yet? I am definitely not getting my second shot, I don’t trust it. I wish I never received the first one. My mom and sister both received their full vaccinations and have had no problems. I don’t understand how some people receive these reactions and others don’t. I am glad to read that I am not the only one going through this, but I really want to know if anyone’s has cleared up yet, or has gotten worse? Stay safe.

  155. No side effects at all first dose
    2nd dose yesterday …. felt great this AM.
    Went fishing today in 70 degree sunny weather 9-4pm
    mild sunburn, sudden small fever and chills ( first ever ) … but am dealing with it ok

  156. I got my 1st Moderna vaccine on 1/21. Eight days later I got “COVID Arm” and the next day had an itchy rash down to my elbow. The day after that I developed migrating hives in different clusters starting at my chest and working their way down to my thighs and buttocks. I’ve had them every single day now…23 days? I put hydrocortisone cream on them, take Benadryl and the doctor told me to take Claritin. The intense itching and hives usually go away in about two hours. Was told that getting a steroid shot would negate all my protection from the vaccine. Has anyone else had them for this long?

  157. I got my first dose of Moderna on 2/12. I do have a penicillin, sulfa drug and codeine allergy, so i was a bit nervous. The last vaccine i received was my tetanus booster about 7 years ago and my arm blew up with that. My dr told me to predose the night before with Benadryl and then take another one 30 min before my injection, which I did. Got the injection and was monitored, felt fine. That evening (got the injection at 10am), my arm had intense pain. I took some advil and iced my arm off and on for a couple of hours. Woke up the next morning with a little bit of sore arm but that was it. Day 5 post injection had very swollen lymph nodes in my armpit -still dealing with a slightly swollen lymph node and pain. Fast forward to 7 days post injection. As i was going to sleep i felt a pin sized lump where my injection was. Woke up at 3am with a very swollen arm at the injection site, red, hot, painful and itchy. I googled the symptoms (because that’s what you do at 3am! lol) and saw articles about “Covid Arm”…ok great that’s clearly what i have. Day 9 post injection started to get VERY dizzy. It came in waves all evening and by 11pm i was so dizzy i couldn’t walk. Husband took me to the ER where he basically had to carry me in. Doc saw my arm and said “you got the Moderna didn’t you”…clearly she had seen this a few times. Gave me valium and meclizine for the dizziness and sent me home. My arm has progressively gotten worse and i am on Day 7 of the hot itchy swollen rash 🙁 I saw my PCP at